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Bibliographia Humboldtiana

IV. Translations

Materials science

Chang, Dr. Jaemyung

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea
Field of research: Ceramics
Host: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Rödel Technische Universität Darmstadt
  • KwiIl Park, Jaemyung Chang,Suk-Joong L. Kang, KeonJae Lee: Fabrication and Characterization of Bendable Ferroelectric Capacitors on Plastic Substrates for High Performance Flexible Devices . In: Electrochem. Solid-State Lett. 13, 2010, p. G57.

  • O. Guillon, S. Cao, Jaemyung Chang, L. Wondraczek, A. R. Boccaccini : Effect of uniaxial load on the sintering behaviour of 45S5 Bioglass® powder compacts . In: Journal of the European Ceramic Society . 31, 2011, p. 999 - 1007.

Imbaby, Dr.-Ing. Mohamed

Helwan University, Egypt
Field of research: Materials science and metallurgy
Host: Prof. Dr. Kay Eberhard Gottschalk Universität Ulm
  • Mohamed Imbaby and Kay Gottschalk: Fabrication of micro pillars using multiwall carbon nanotubes/polymer nanocomposites. In: Journal of Micromechanics and microengineering. 23, 2013, p. 1 - 6 Original author: Mohamed Imbaby and Kay Gottschalk (English) [Carbon Nanotubes (CNT), PDMS, Nanocomposites].

Polavarapu, Dr. Lakshminarayana

CIC biomaGUNE, Spain
Field of research: Materials science or organic materials
Host: Prof. Dr. Jochen Feldmann Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
  • K. Simeonidis, E. Kaprara, S. Mourdikoudis, M. Mitrakas, L. Polavarapu,** : Inorganic engineered nanoparticles in drinking water treatment: A critical review. In: Environmental. Sci.: Water Research & Technology. 2, 2016, p. 43 - 70 (**Corresponding author) [Metal nanoparticles, water purification].

  • K. Koczkur, S. Mourdikoudis, Lakshminarayana Polavarapu,** Sara E. Skrabalak: Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) in Nanoparticle Synthesis. In: Dalton Transactions. 44, 2015, p. 17883 - 17905 (**Corresponding author) [PVP, Polyvinylpyrrolidone, Metal nanoparticles, Au&Ag Nanopartcles, plasmonics, Metal oxides].

  • H. He, L. Polavarapu, J. Sichert, A.S. Urban, A. L. Rogach: Colloidal Lead Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals: Synthesis, Optical Properties and Applications. In: Nature Asia Materials. In press, 2016.

  • V. A. Hintermayr, A. Richter, F. Ehart, J. Sichert, Y. Tong, M. Doblinger, W. Vanderlinden, Lakshminarayana. Polavarapu,** A. S. Urban, J. Feldmann: Tuning the Optical Properties of Perovskite Nanoplatelets through Composition and Thickness by Ligand-assisted Exfoliation. In: Advanced Materials (VIP article and cover page). 2016, p. In Press - (**Corresponding author) [Perovskites, quantum confinement, Energy, photoluminescence].

  • Y. Zhang, J. Liu, Z. Wang, Y. Xue, Q. Ou, Lakshminarayana Polavarapu, J. Zheng, X. Qi, Q. Bao: Perovskite Nanocrystals. In: Chemical Communications. 2016, p. In press.

  • Y. Tong, E. Bladt, M. Ayguler, A. Manzi, K. Z. Milowska, V. A. Hintermayr, P. Docampo, S. Bals, A. S. Urban, Lakshminarayana Polavarapu,** J. Feldmann: Inorganic perovskite nanocrystals. In: Angewandte Chemie. 2016, p. In Press - (**Corresponding author) [Perovskite nanocrystals, light emission].

  • Y. Tong, F. Ehart, W. Vanderlinden, C. Cardenas-Daw, J.K. Stolarczyk, L. Polavarapu,** A. S. Urban (** Corresponding author): Dilution-induced Formation of Hybrid Perovskite Nanoplatelets. In: ACS Nano. 2016, p. In press [Perovskites, energy, light emission and quantum confinement].

  • S. Rodal-Cedeira, V. Montes-Garcia, L. Polavarapu, D. M. Solís, H. Heidari, A. La Porta, M. Angiola, A. Martucci, J. M. Taboada, F. Obelleiro, S. Bals, J. Perez-Juste, I. Pastroiza-Santos: Plasmonic Au@Pd nanorods with boosted refractive index susceptibility and SERS efficiency: A multifunctional platform for hydrogen sensing and monitoring of catalytic reactions. In: Chemistry of Materials. 2016, p. In press [Au-Pd nanorods, plasmonics, hydrogen sensing, SERS].

  • L. Polavarapu,** B. Nickel, J. Feldmann, A.S. Urban (** corresponding author): Advances in Quantum-confinement effects of perovskite nanocrystals for optoelectronics". In: Adv. Energy. Mater. (In press) (invited news article). 2017.

  • S. Bhattacharyya, L. Polavarapu, J. Feldmann, Dina, J. K. Stolarczyk,: Materials for Solar-Fuel generation. In: ACS Catalysis (Invited review article). 2017.

  • Yu Tong, Bernhard J Bohn, Eva Bladt, Kun Wang, Peter Müller-Buschbaum, Sara Bals, Alexander S Urban, Jochen Feldmann, Lakshminarayana Polavarapu,**: Precursor Powders‐to‐CsPbX3 Perovksite Nanowires: One‐pot Synthesis, Growth Mechanism and Oriented Self‐assemblies. In: Angewandte Chemie International Edition. 2017.

Salvalaglio, Dr. Marco

Universita degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, Germany
Field of research: Materials science and metallurgy
Host: Prof. Dr. Axel Voigt Technische Universität Dresden
  • Marco Salvalaglio, Rainer Backofen, Axel Voigt: Thin-film growth dynamics with shadowing effects by a phase-field approach. In: Physical Review B. 94, 2016, p. 23543 [Thin film growth, Phase field modeling, Crystal growth, Shadowing effects].

  • Marco Salvalaglio, Roberto Bergamaschini, Rainer Backofen, Axel Voigt, Francesco Montalenti, Leo Miglio: Phase-field simulations of faceted Ge/Si-crystal arrays, merging into a suspended film. In: Applied Surface Science. 391, 2017, p. 33 - 38.

  • Marco Salvalaglio, Rainer Backofen, Axel Voigt, Ken R. Elder: Controlling the energy of defects and interfaces in the amplitude expansion of the phase-field crystal model. In: Physical Review E. 02330, 2017, [Phase-field modeling, Finite Element Method, Crystal Structure, Crystal Defects, Grain Boundaries, Interface & Surface Thermodynamics].

  • C. Frigeri, D. Scarpellini, A. Fedorov, S. Bietti, C. Somaschini, V. Grillo, L. Esposito, Marco Salvalaglio, A. Marzegalli, F. Montalenti, S. Sanguinetti: Structure, interface abruptness and strain relaxation in self-assisted grown InAs/GaAs nanowires. In: Applied Surface Science. 395, 2017, p. 29 - 39 [FEM, InAs/GaAs, TEM, Nanowires, Linear elasticity theory].

  • Yuji Yamamoto, Peter Zaumseil, Markus Andreas Schubert, Giovanni Capellini, Marco Salvalaglio, Francesco Montalenti, Thomas Schroeder, Bernd Tillack: Fully coherent Ge islands growth on Si nano-pillars by selective epitaxy. In: Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing. 70, 2017, p. 30 - 37 [Selective Ge epitaxy, Strain Relaxation, Heteroepitaxial growth, Coherent growth].

  • Fabio Isa, Arik Jung, Marco Salvalaglio, Yadira Arroyo Rojas Dasilva, Ivan Marozau, Mojmír Meduňa, Michael Barget, Anna Marzegalli, Giovanni Isella, Rolf Erni, Fabio Pezzoli, Emiliano Bonera, Philippe Niedermann, Olha Sereda, Pierangelo Gröning, Francesco Montalenti, Hans von Känel: Strain Engineering in Highly Mismatched SiGe/Si Heterostructures. In: Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing. 70, 2017, p. 117 - 122 [Strain engineering, Dislocation, Elastic relaxation, Patterned substrates, Germanium, Silicon].

  • Marco Salvalaglio, Rainer Backofen, Axel Voigt, Francesco Montalenti: Morphological Evolution of Pit-Patterned Si(001) Substrates Driven by Surface-Energy Reduction. In: Nanoscale Research Letters. 12, 2017, p. 54 [Epitaxy, Phase field, Silicon, Surface diffusion, Surface energy].

  • Meher Naffouti, Rainer Backofen, Marco Salvalaglio, Thomas Bottein, Mario Lodari, Axel Voigt, Thomas David, Abdelmalek Benkouider, Ibtissem Fraj, Luc Favre, Antoine Ronda, Isabelle Berbezier, David Grosso, Marco Abbarchi, Monica Bollani: Complex dewetting scenarios of ultrathin silicon films for large-scale nanoarchitectures. In: Science Advances. 3, 2017, p. eaao1472.

  • Marco Abbarchi, Meher Naffouti Mario Lodari, Marco Salvalaglio, Rainer Backofen, Thomas Bottein, Axel Voigt, Thomas David, Jean-Benoît Claude, Mohammed Bouabdellaoui, Abdelmalek Benkouider, Ibtissem Fraj, Luc Favre, Antoine Ronda, Isabelle Berbezier, David Grosso, Monica Bollani: Solid-state dewetting of single-crystal silicon on insulator: effect of annealing temperature and patch size. In: Microelectronic Engineering. 190, 2017, p. 1 - 6.

  • Marco Salvalaglio, Peter Zaumseil, Yuji Yamamoto, Oliver Skibitzki, Roberto Bergamaschini, Thomas Schroeder, Axel Voigt, Giovanni Capellini: Morphological evolution of Ge/Si nano-strips driven by Rayleigh-like instability. In: Applied Physics Letters. 112, 2018, p. 02210.

  • Marco Salvalaglio, Rainer Backofen, Ken R. Elder, Axel Voigt: Defects at grain boundaries: A coarse-grained, three-dimensional description by the amplitude expansion of the phase-field crystal model. In: Physical Review Materials. 2, 2018, p. 05380 [Phase-field modeling, Phase-Field Crystal, Grain Boundaries, Coarse-graining, Defects, Dislocations, Crystals].

  • Francesco Montalenti, Fabrizio Rovaris, Roberto Bergamaschini, Leo Miglio, Marco Salvalaglio, Giovanni Isella, Isa Fabio, Hans von Känel: Dislocation-Free SiGe/Si Heterostructures. In: Crystals. 8, 2018, p. 257.

  • Marco Albani, Lea Ghisalberti, Roberto Bergamaschini, Martin Friedl, Marco Salvalaglio, Axel Voigt, Francesco Montalenti,Gözde Tütüncüoglu Anna Fontcuberta i Morral Leo Miglio: Growth kinetics and morphological analysis of homoepitaxial GaAs fins by theory and experiment. In: Physical Review Material. 2, 2018, p. 093404 [Crystal growth, Surface diffusion, phase field modelingm, GaAs, III-V semiconductors, Nanomembranes].

Wang, Dr. Wendong

Field of research: Materials engineering, materials technology
Host: Prof. Dr. Metin Sitti Max-Planck-Institut für Intelligente Systeme
  • Wendong Wang, Joshua Giltinan, Svetlana Zakharchenko, and Metin Sitti: Dynamic and programmable self-assembly of micro-rafts at the air-water interface. In: Science Advances. 3, 2017, p. e1602522 [dynamic self-assembly, programmable self-assembly, soft matter, capillarity].

Zheng, Prof. Dr. Maosheng

Northwest University, People's Republic of China
Field of research: Metals physics, metallurgy, technology of metal materials
Host: Prof. Dr. Meinhard Kuna Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg
  • J. Gao, M. Zheng: Synthesis and Crystal Structure of a Rubidium Lanthanum Borate Rb3La3(BO3)4,. In: Chinese J. Struct. Chem. 28(1), 2009, p. 82 - 86.

  • M Zheng, L Li, Q Zhao, X Zhang: Influence of Heat Treatment on Corrosion Resistance of X80 Steel. In: Welded Pipe & Tube. 33(11), 2010, p. 12 - 17 Original author: 郑茂盛, 李立科, 赵青, 张霄 (Chinese).

  • M. Zheng, M.X. Tong, H.P. Cai, C.Z. Xu, M.Q. Huang: Fatigue crack initiation life of fine grain brass H62 . In: Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics. 54, 2010, p. 105 - 109 [Fine grain brass, Size effect, Fatigue, Inter-grain cracking, Energetic approach, Crack initiation].

  • LK Ji, Maosheng Zheng: Apparent strain of a pipe at plastic bending buckling state. In: Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering . 01, 2015, p. DOI: 10.1007/s40430-014-0302-4 [strain, pipe, rigid-perfect plastic, bending, buckling].

  • Maosheng Zheng: Effect of blade installation angle on power efficiency of resistance type VAWT by CFD study. In: International Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering . 10, 2014, p. DOI: 10.1007/s40095-014-0142-0 [blade installation angle, power efficiency, VAWT, CFD ].

  • Maosheng Zheng: Preparation of High Entropy Alloy Thin Film FeNiCoBiMn By Electroplating Deposition Method. In: Material Science An Indian Journal.. 10, 2014, [High Entropy Alloy, Thin Film, FeNiCoBiMn, Electroplating Deposition ].

  • Maosheng Zheng: Changes of Endothermic Peak of Expanded Graphite Based Chemical Heat Storage Materials CaxZny(OH)2(x+y). In: Applied Mechanics and Materials . 644-650, 2014, p. 4731 - 4734 [Endothermic Peak, Chemical Heat Storage, CaxZny(OH)2(x+y)].

  • Yusheng Li, Maosheng Zheng: Numerical simulation of 5-blade resistance type vertical axis wind turbines. In: Chemical Engineering (China) . 42(8), 2014, p. 51 - 55 [Numerical simulation, 5-blade VATW, region size effect, power optimized].

  • Maosheng Zheng: Assessment of fatigue damage accumulation in natural material - Seashell . In: Materials Science An Indian Journal. . 11(7), 2014, p. 256 - 259 [fatigue damage, accumulation, natural material, Seashell ].

  • Jun, Hu, Maosheng Zheng: The probabilistic life time prediction model of oil pipeline due to local corrosion crack . In: Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics . 04, 2014, [probabilistic life, prediction, oil pipeline, local corrosion crack ].

  • Jun Hu, Maosheng Zheng: Synthetizing the expanded graphite based CaxZny(OH)2(x+y): A nanocomposite solar chemical storage material by coprecipitation . In: Chinese Science Bulletin . 59(3), 2014, [expanded graphite based CaxZny(OH)2(x+y), nanocomposite, solar chemical storage, coprecipitation ].

  • Jie Yu, Maosheng Zheng: Solvent effect on antioxidant activity of Chinese ginger extracts to fats and oils . In: Natural Products an Indian journal.. 9(5), 2013, p. 209 - 212 [solvent effect, antioxidant activity, Chinese ginger extracts, fats, oils ].

  • Maosheng Zheng: Influence of Stress Wave on Evaluating Crack Arrest Toughness of High Grade Pipeline Steel . In: Welded Pipe and Tube.. 36(3), 2013, p. 5 - 10 [Stress Wave, Crack Arrest Toughness, High Grade Pipeline Steel ].

  • Hongxiang Chen, Huizhen Lu, Yu Zhou,M Zheng: Study on thermal properties of polyurethane nanocomposites based on organo-sepiolite . In: Polymer Degradation and Stability. 97(3), 2012, p. 242 - 247 [ thermal properties, polyurethane, nanocomposites, organo-sepiolite].

  • Hongxiang Chen, Danlin Zeng, Xiaoqin Xiao, Maosheng Zheng, Changmei Ke, Yanjun Li: Influence of organic modification on the structure and properties of polyurethane/sepiolite nanocomposites. In: Materials Science and Engineering A . 528(3), 2011, p. 1656 - 1661 [organic modification, structure, property, polyurethane/sepiolite nanocomposite ].

  • Hongxiang Chen, Danlin Zeng, Xiaoqin Xiao, Maosheng Zheng, Changmei Ke, Yanjun Li: Influence of organic modification on the structure and properties of polyurethane/sepiolite nanocomposites. In: Materials Science and Engineering A . 528(3), 2011, p. 1656 - 1661 [organic modification, structure, property, polyurethane/sepiolite nanocomposite ].