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Bibliographia Humboldtiana

III. Publications by Research Awardees in 2007

Materials science

Schwarz, Dr. Ricardo B.

Los Alamos National Laboratory, United States of America
Field of research: Materials science or organic materials
Host: Prof. Dr. Reiner Kirchheim Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
  • T. D. Shen, R. B. Schwarz, S. Feng, J. G. Swadener, J. Y. Huang, M. Tang, J. Z. Zhang, S.C. Vogel, and Y. S. Zhao: Effect of solute segregation on the strength of nanocrystalline alloys: Inverse Hall-Petch relation. . In: Acta Materialia. 55, 2007, p. 5007 - 5013 [solute segregation, Hall-Petch relation, nanocrystalline alloys].

  • A. Shariq, T. Al-Kassab, R. Kirchheim, and R.B. Schwarz: Exploring the next neighborhood relationship in amorphous alloys utilizing atom probe tomography. In: Ultramicroscopy. 107, 2007, p. 773 - 780 [amorphous alloys, atom probe tomography].

Sharma, Prof. Dr. Ashutosh

Department of Science and Technology, India
Field of research: Surface engineering (in materials science)
Host: Prof. Dr. Alfred Leipertz Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
  • G. Tomar, D. Gerlach, G. Biswas, N. Alleborn, A. Sharma, F. Durst and A. Delgado: Two-phase electrohydrodynamic simulations using a volume of fluid approach. In: J. Computational Physics. 227, 2007, p. 1267 - 1285 [Fluid Mechanics Electrohydrodynamics Simulation].

  • N. Alleborn, A. Sharma, and A. Delgado: Probing of thin slipping films by persistent external disturbances. In: Canadian J. Chemical Eng.. 85, 2007, p. 586 - 597 [Thin films Fluid Mechanics Stability].

Spaepen, Prof. Dr. Frans A.

Harvard University, United States of America
Field of research: Metals physics, metallurgy, technology of metal materials
Host: Prof. Dr. Knut Urban Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
  • D. Holland-Moritz, D.M. Herlach, F. Spaepen: Crystal nucleation induced by magnetic ordering in undercooled melts. In: Superlattices and Microstructures. 41, 2007, p. 196 - 203.

  • J.A. Kalb, M. Wuttig, F. Spaepen: Calorimetric measurements of structural relaxation and glass transition temperatures in sputtered films of amorphous Te alloys used for phase change recording. In: Journal of Materials Research. 22, 2007, p. 748 - 754.

  • P. Schall, D.A. Weitz, F. Spaepen: Structural rearrangements that govern flow in colloidal glasses. In: Science. 318, 2007, p. 1895 - 1899.

Zhang, Prof. Dr. Zhong

National Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, People's Republic of China
Field of research: Materials science and metallurgy
Host: Prof. Dr. Volker Altstädt Universität Bayreuth
  • Lietz S, Yang JL, Bosch E, Sandler JKW, Zhang Z, Altstädt V: Improvement of the mechanical properties and creep resistance of SBS block copolymers by nanoclay fillers. In: Macromolecular Materials and Engineering. 292, 2007, p. 23 - 32 [mechanical properties, creep, copolymers, nanoclay ].

  • Song L, Zhang H, Zhang Z, Xie S-S: Processing and mechanical performance of SWNT paper reinforced PEEK nanocomposites. In: Composites Part A. 38, 2007, p. 388 - 392.

  • Zhang H, Zhang Z, Friedrich K: Effect of fibre length on the wear resistance of short carbon fibre reinforced epoxy composites. In: Composites Science and Technology. 67, 2007, p. 222 - 230.

  • Jiang ZY, Zhang Z, Friedrich K: Prediction on wear properties of polymer composites with artificial neural networks. In: Composites Science and Technology. 67, 2007, p. 168 - 176.

  • Chang L, Zhang Z, Ye L, Friedrich K: Tribological properties of epoxy nanocomposites: III. Characterisation of transfer films. In: Wear. 262, 2007, p. 699 - 706.

  • Chang L, Zhang Z, Ye L, Friedrich K: Tribological properties of high temperature resistant polymer composites with fine particles. In: Tribology International . 40, 2007, p. 1170 - 1178.

  • Yang JL, Zhang Z, Friedrich K, Schlarb AK: Creep resistant polymer nanocomposites reinforced with multiwalled carbon nanotubes. In: Macromolecule Rapid Communication. 28, 2007, p. 955 - 961 [creep, nanocomposites, CNT].

  • Zhou TH, Ruan WH, Yang JL, Rong MZ, Zhang MQ, Zhang Z: A novel route for improving creep resistance of polymers using nanoparticles. In: Composites Science and Technology. 67, 2007, p. 2297 - 2302.

  • Yang JL, Zhang Z, Friedrich K, Schlarb AK: Resistance to time-dependent deformation of nanoparticle/polymer composites. In: Applied Physics Letters. 91, 2007, p. 011901.

  • Starkova O, Yang JL, Zhang Z: Application of time-stress superposition to nonlinear creep of polyamide 66 filled with various sizes of nanoparticles. In: Composites Science and Technology. 67, 2007, p. 2691 - 2698.

  • Zhang H, Zhang Z: Impact behaviour of polypropylene filled with multi-walled carbon nano-tubes. In: European Polymer Journal. 43, 2007, p. 3197 - 3207.