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Publications in 2008


Ali, Dr. Mohammad Javed

L V Prasad Eye Institute, Germany
Field of research: Eye microsurgery
Host: Prof. Dr. Friedrich Paulsen Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
  • Subrahmanyam M, Mohammad Javed Ali: Vascular lesions of the orbit. In: Surgical atlas of orbital diseases. (Ed. Subrahmanyam M) New Delhi: Jaypee Publishers, 2008, p. 151 - 161 [Vascular tumors, orbit].

  • Golam Haider, Mohammad Javed Ali, Subrahmanyam M: Cystic lesions of the Orbit. In: Surgical atlas of orbital diseases. (Ed. Subrahmanyam M) New Delhi: Jaypee, 2008, p. 199 - 206 [Cystic lesions, Orbit].

  • Subrahmanyam M, Mohammad Javed Ali: Medical management of proptosis. In: Surgical atlas of orbital diseases. (Ed. Subrahmanyam M) New delhi: Jaypee, 2008, p. 337 - 343 [Proptosis, Medical management].

  • Subrahmanyam M, Mohammad Javed Ali: Ocular and systemic associations of proptosis. In: Surgical atlas of orbital diseases. (Ed. Subrahmanyam M) New Delhi: Jaypee, 2008, p. 366 - 368 [Syndrome, Orbit].

Allegrini, Dr. Sergio

Nuclear Energy Research Institute (IPEN), Brazil
Field of research: Orthodontics
Host: Prof. Dr. Jochen Fanghänel Universität Greifswald
  • Sergio Allegrini: A review of bone grafting materials used to preserve or minimise loss of the post-extraction alveolar ridge. In: prace pogladowe. 1, 2008, p. 41 - 47.

  • Sergio Allegrini: Alveolar Ridge Sockets Preservation with Bone Grafting. In: Annales Academiae Medicae Stetinensis. 54, 2008, p. 70 - 81.

  • Sergio Allegrini; Marcelo Yoshimoto, Bruno König jr, Paulo G. Coelho, Fabio Franceschini Mitri Luiz: A Light and Scanning Electron Microscopy Study of Bone healing Following Inferior Alveolar Nerve Lateralization: An Experimental Study in Rabbits. In: Quintessence Publishing. 23, 2008, p. 457 - 462.

  • Sergio Allegrini; C.C. Guedes e Silva, B. König jr, M.J. Carbonari, M. Yoshimoto, J.C. Bressiani: Bone growth around silicon nitride implants - An evaluation by scanning electron microscopy. In: Materials Characterization. 59, 2008, p. 1339 - 1341.

Belavy, Dr. Daniel L.

Deakin University, Australia
Field of research: Aerospace medicine
Host: Prof. Dr. Dieter Felsenberg Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
  • Daniel L. Belavý, Julie A. Hides, Stephen J. Wilson, Fernando Dimeo, Jörn Rittweger, Dieter Felsenberg, Carolyn A. Richardson: Resistive simulated weightbearing exercise with whole body vibration reduces lumbar spine deconditioning in bed-rest. In: Spine. 33, 2008, p. E121 - E131 [microgravity spaceflight multifidus muscle magnetic resonance imaging back pain intervertebral disc abdominal erector spinae].

Bouzari, Prof. Dr. Saeid

Institut Pasteur, Iran
Field of research: Medical microbiology
Host: Prof. Dr. Trinad Chakraborty Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen
  • Oloomi M, Bouzari S, Ajdary S, : . Immune response of mice immunized with active recombinant Shiga Toxin and its derivatives. In: Iran J Allergy Asthema Immunol. 7(2), 2008, p. 53 - 60.

  • Mohammed A. Khan, Saeid Bouzari,1 Caixia Ma, Carrie M. Rosenberger, Kirk S. B. Bergstrom, Deanna L. Gibson, Theodore S. Steiner, and Bruce A. Vallance : Flagellin-dependent and -independent inflammatory responses following infection by enteropathogenic Escherichia coli (EPEC) and Citrobacter rodentium. In: Infect Immun. 76 (4), 2008, p. 1410 - 1422.

  • Bergstrom KS, Guttman JA, Rumi M, Ma C, Bouzari S, Khan MA, Gibson DL, Vogl AW, Vallance BA : . Modulations of intestinal goblet cell function during infection by an attaching and effacing bacterial pathogen. In: Infect. Immun. 76 (2), 2008, p. 796 - 811.

  • M Oloomi, S Bouzari: Molecular profile and genetic diversity of cytolethal distending toxin (CDT)-producing Escherichia coli isolates from diarrheal patients. In: APMIS.. 116 (2), 2008, p. 125 - 32.

  • Habibi Roudkenar M, Bouzari, S., Kuwahara,Y., Mohammadi Roushandeh A, Baba T., Oloomi, M, Fukumoto, M., : Induction of apoptosis on K562 cell line and double strand breaks on Colon cancer cell line expressing high affinity receptor for Granulocyte Macrophage ¿colony Stimulating Factor (GM-CSF). In: Iran Biomed J. 12(1), 2008, p. 1 - 6.

Dolan, Prof. Dr. Raymond Joseph

University College London, United Kingdom
Field of research: Neurology
Host: Prof. Dr. Hans-Jochen Heinze Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg
  • Kienast T, Hariri AR, Schlagenhauf F, Wrase J, Sterzer P, Buchholz HG, Smolka MN, Gunder G, Cumming P, Kumakura Y, Bartenstein P, Dolan RJ, Heinz A.: Dopamine in amygdala gates limbic processing of aversive stimuli in humans. In: Nature Neuroscience. 11, 2008, p. 1381 - 1382.

Grinberg, Prof. Dr. Lea

University of California, San Francisco, United States of America
Field of research: Neuropathology
Host: Prof. Dr. Helmut Heinsen Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg
  • Lea T. Grinberg, Udo Rüb, Renata E.L. Ferretti, Ricardo Nitrini, Jose Marcelo Farfel, Lívia Polichiso, Kristin Gierga, Wilson Jacob-Filho, Helmut Heinsen, ; Brazilian Aging Brain Study Group.: The dorsal raphe nucleus shows phospho-tau neurofibrillary changes before the transentorhinal region in AD. A precocious onset?. In: Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology. accepted, 2008.

Haase, Priv. Doz. Dr. Michael

Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, Germany
Field of research: Nephrology
Host: Prof. Dr. Rinaldo Bellomo University of Melbourne
  • Michael Haase, Rinaldo Bellomo, David Story, Piers Davenport, Anja Haase-Fielitz.: Urinary interleukin-18 does not predict acute kidney injury after adult cardiac surgery: a prospective observational cohort study. In: Crit Care.. 12, 2008, p. R96 [acute kidney injury (AKI), urinary IL-18].

  • Andrew Downey, Jon Quach, Michael Haase, Anja Haase-Fielitz, Daryl Jones, Rinaldo Bellomo.: Characteristics and outcomes of patients receiving a medical emergency team review for acute change in conscious state or arrhythmias. In: Crit Care Med.. 36, 2008, p. 477 - 481 [medical emergency team, delay of treatment].

  • Michael Haase, Anja Haase-Fielitz, Sujiva Ratnaike, Michael Reade, Sean Bagshaw, Stanislao Morgera, Duska Dragun, Rinaldo Bellomo.: N-Acetylcysteine does not artifactually lower plasma creatinine concentration. In: Nephrol Dial Transplant.. 23, 2008, p. 1581 - 1587 [N-acetylcysteine, creatinine, artificial effects].

  • Michael Haase, Rinaldo Bellomo, Ian Baldwin, Anja Haase-Fielitz, Markus Storr, Bernd Krause, Neil Boyce, Suzanne Svobodova, Wan Li, Sean Bagshaw, Stephen Warrillow, Christoph Langenberg, Stanislao Morgera.: The effect of three different miniaturized blood purification devices on plasma cytokine concentration in an ex vivo model of endotoxinemia. In: Int J Artif Organs.. 31, 2008, p. 722 - 729 [nanotechnology, membranes for blood purification, endotoxin removal].

  • Jon Quach, Andrew Downey, Michael Haase, Anja Haase-Fielitz, Daryl Jones, Rinaldo Bellomo.: Characteristics and outcomes of patients receiving a medical emergency team review for respiratory distress or hypotension. In: J Crit Care.. 23, 2008, p. 325 - 331 [medical emergency team, delay of treatment].

  • Paolo Calzavacca, Elisa Licari, Augustine Tee, Moritoki Egi, Michael Haase, Anja Haase-Fielitz, Rinaldo Bellomo.: A prospective study of factors influencing the outcome of patients after a Medical Emergency Team review. In: Intensive Care Med.. 34, 2008, p. 2112 - 2116 [medical emergency team, delay of treatment].

Hasegawa, Dr. Takafumi

Tohoku University, Japan
Field of research: Neurology
Host: Prof. Dr. Philipp Kahle Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
  • Takafumi Hasegawa, Treis Angela, Patenge Nadja, Fabienne C Fiesel, Wolfdieter Springer, Philipp J Kahle: Parkin protects against tyrosinase-mediated dopamine neurotoxicity by suppressing stress-activated protein kinase pathways. In: Journal of Neurochemistry. 2008, [apoptosis, dopamine, neurotoxicity, parkin, stress-activated protein kinases, tyrosinase.].

  • Takafumi Hasegawa, Angela Treis, Nadja Patenge, Fabienne C. Fiesel, Wolfdieter Springer, and Philipp J. Kahle: Parkin protects against tyrosinase-mediated dopamine neurotoxicity by suppressing stress-activated protein kinase pathways. In: Journal of Neurochemistry. 105, 2008, p. 1700 - 1715 [tyrosinase, dopamine, neurotoxicity, apoptosis, stress-activated protein kinases, parkin].

Helm, Priv. Doz. Dr. Jürgen

Field of research: History of medicine

  • Jürgen Helm, Renate Wilson (eds.): Medical Theory and Therapeutic Practice in the Eighteenth Century. A Transatlantic Perspective. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 2008, 344 pp. [Medical History, History of Therapeutics, Colonial Medicine].

Heringer-Walther, Prof. Dr. Silvia

Faculdade de Medicina do Vale do Aco (FAMEVACO), Brazil
Field of research: Psychosomatics
Host: Prof. Dr. Heinz-Peter Schultheiss Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
  • Moreira, M.C., Heringer-Walther, S., Wessel, N., Moreira Ventura, T., Wang Y., Schultheiss, H.-P., and Walther, T.: Prognostic value of natriuretic peptides in Chagas¿ disease: a 3-year follow-up investigation. In: Cardiology. 110, 2008, p. 217 - 225 [natriuretic peptides, heart failure].

  • Moreira, M.C., Heringer-Walther, S., Wessel, N., Moreira Ventura, T., Wang Y., Schultheiss, H.-P., and Walther, T.: Prognostic value of natriuretic peptides in Chagas¿ disease: a 3-year follow-up investigation. In: Cardiology. 110, 2008, p. 217 - 225 [natriuretic peptides, heart failure].

  • Walther, T., Jank, A., Heringer-Walther, S., Horn, L.-C., and Stepan, H. (2008). : Angiotensin II type 1 receptor is crucial in murine placentation. In: Placenta. 29, 2008, p. 905 - 909 [Placenta Renin Angiotensin System].

  • Ebermann, L., Spillmann, F., Sidiropoulos, M., Escher, F., Heringer-Walther, S., Schultheiss, H.-P., Tschöpe, C., and Walther, T. : The angiotensin-(1-7) receptor agonist AVE0991 is cardioprotective in diabetic rats. In: Eu. J. Pharmacol.. 590, 2008, p. 276 - 280 [Renin Angiotensin System Diabetes].

Hofmann, Prof. Dr. Franz

Technische Universität München, Germany
Field of research: Pharmacology

  • Lacinova L, Moosmang S, Langwieser N, Hofmann F, Kleppisch T : Cav1.2 Calcium Channels modulate the spiking pattern of hippocampal pyramidal cells. In: Life Sciences. 82, 2008, p. 41 - 49.

  • Lemke T, Welling A, Christel CJ, Blaich A, Bernhard D, Lenhardt P, Hofmann F, Moosmang S: Unchanged beta-adrenergic stimulation of cardiac L-type calcium channels in Cav1.2 phosphorylation site S1928A mutant mice. In: J Biol Chem.. 283, 2008, p. 34738 - 34744.

Iyazaliev, Prof. Dr. med. Kubat

Asian Medical Institute, Kyrgyzstan
Field of research: Urology
Host: Prof. Dr. Michael Sohn St. Markus Krankenhaus
  • Kubat Iyazaliev: Relevanz von PSA und der Resektionsränder nach radikaler Prostatektomie für die Prognose eines Tumorrezidivs beim Prostatakarzinom. 11-Jahres Daten zur Radikalen Prostatektomie: Ergebnisse der Urologischen Universitätsklinik Mannheim . Heidelberg, Univ., Buch ; Dissertation 09.119 / Habilitation: Ruprecht-Karls-Universität, Heidelberg, Deutschland, 2008, 377 pp. [Prostatakarzinom, Prostatektomie, Resektionsränder, Prognose, Tumorrezidiv, PSA, ].

Janszky, Dr. Jozsef

University of Pecs, Hungary
Field of research: Neurology
Host: Dr. Alois Ebner v. Bodelschwinghsche Anstalten Bethel
  • Norbert Kovacs, F Nagy F, I Balas, S Komoly, Jozsef Janszky: Oxcarbazepine may induce psychotic symptoms in Parkinson's disease. In: Epilepsy Behav. 12, 2008, p. 492 - 493.

  • Tibor Auer, A Schwarcz, R Horvath, P Barsi, Jozsef Janszky: Functional magnetic resonance imaging in neurology. In: Ideggyogy Sz. 61, 2008, p. 16 - 23.

Jeremic, Prof. Dr. Branislav

Field of research: X-ray therapy, radiotherapy
Host: Prof. Dr. Michael Molls Technische Universität München
  • Branislav Jeremic, S. Pitz: Primary optic nerve sheath meningioma. Heidelberg: Springer Verlag, 2008, 125 pp.

Kalyan, Dr. Shirin

University of British Columbia, Canada
Field of research: Immunology
Host: Prof. Dr. Dietrich Kabelitz Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein
  • Shirin Kalyan, Anthony W Chow: Staphylococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome Toxin-1 Induces the Translocation and Secretion of High Mobility Group-1 Protein from Both Activated T Cells and Monocytes. In: Mediators of Inflammation. 2008, 2008, p. Article ID 512196 [high mobility group box-1 protein, superantigens, monocytes, T cells].

Klein, Prof. Dr. Johannes

Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Field of research: Internal medicine
Host: Prof. Dr. Daniel C. Drucker University of Toronto
  • Alexander Iwen, Özge Senyaman, Arne Schwartz, Maren Drenckhan, Britta Meier, Dirk Hadaschik, Johannes Klein: Melanocortin crosstalk with adipose functions: ACTH directly induces insulin resistance, promotes a pro-inflammatory adipokine profile, and stimulates UCP-1 in adipocytes. In: Journal of Endocrinology. 196, 2008, p. 465 - 472 [ACTH, adipocyte, insulin resistance, pro-inflammatory, melanocortin, UCP-1].

  • Sören Westphal, Nina Perwitz, K. Alexander H. Iwen, Daniel Kraus, Raffael Schick, Mathias Fasshauer, Johannes Klein: Expression of ATRAP in adipocytes and negative regulation by beta-adrenergic stimulation of JAK/STAT. In: Horm Metab Res. 40, 2008, p. 165 - 171 [adipocyte, angiotensin, cardiovascular, RAS].

Lencer, Prof. Dr. Rebekka

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany
Field of research: Psychiatry
Host: Prof. Dr. John Adrian Sweeney University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Rebekka Lencer, Andreas Sprenger, Margret SH Harris, James L Reilly, Matcheri S Keshavan, John A Sweeney : Effects of second-generation antipsychotic medication on smooth pursuit performance in antipsychotic-naïve schizophrenia. In: Archives of General Psychiatry. 65, 2008, p. 1146 - 1154 [schizophrenia, smooth pursuit eye movements, sensorimotor processing, visual motion processing, prediction, second generation antipsychotics].

  • Rebekka Lencer, Peter Trillenberg: Neurophysiology and neuroanatomy of smooth pursuit in humans. In: Brain and Cognition. 68, 2008, p. 219 - 228 [functional properties of smooth pursuit, models of smooth pursuit, pursuit stimuli, findings from functional imaging studies].

  • James L Reilly, Rebekka Lencer, Sarah Keedy, James R Bishop, John A Sweeney: Pharmacological studies of eye movement control. In: Brain and Cognition. 68, 2008, p. 415 - 435 [saccades, smooth pursuit, antipsychotics, antidepressants, sedatives].

Lolas Stepke, Prof. Dr. Victor Fernando

Universidad de Chile, Chile
Field of research: Psychosomatics
Host: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Eich Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
  • Victor Fernando Lolas Stepke: Bioethics and animal research. A personal perspective and a note on the contribution of Fritz Jahr. In: Biol Res. 41, 2008, p. 119 - 123.

Lutterotti, Dr. Andreas

Universität Innsbruck, Austria
Field of research: Neurology
Host: Prof. Dr. Roland Martin Universität Hamburg
  • Andreas Lutterotti, Roland Martin: Getting Specific - Monoclonal Antibodies in Multiple Sclerosis. In: Lancet Neurology. 7, 2008, p. 538 - 547 [monoclonal antibody, multiple sclerosis, therapy].

  • Andreas Lutterotti, Mireia Sospedra, Roland Martin: Antigen-specific therapies in MS ¿ Current concepts and novel approaches. In: Journal of the Neurological Sciences. 2008, [Antigen specifc, therapy, multiple sclerosis, tolerance].

Mantzoros, Prof. Dr. Christos

Harvard Medical School, United States of America
Field of research: Endocrinology
Host: Prof. Dr. Matthias Blüher Universität Leipzig
  • I. Gouni-Berthold, H.K. Berthold, C.S. Mantzoros, M. Böhm, W. Krone: Sex disparities in the treatment and control of cardiovascular risk factors in type 2 diabetes. In: Diabetes Care. 31(7), 2008, p. 1389 - 1391 [obesity, metabolism, cardiovascular].

  • S. Bluher, J. Bullen, C.S. Mantzoros: Altered levels of adiponectin and adiponectin receptors may underlie the effect of ciliary neutrotrophic factor (CNTF) to enhance insulin sensitivity in diet-induced obese mice. In: Hormone and Metabolic Research. 40(3), 2008, p. 225 - 227 [obesity, metabolism, adiponectin].

  • I. Gouni-Berthold, H. Berthold, H. Gylling , M. Hallikainen, E. Giannakidou, S. Stier, Y. Ko, D. Patel, A. Soutar, U. Seedorf, C.S. Mantzoros, J. Plat, W. Krone: Effects of ezetimibe and/or simvastatin on LDL receptor protein expression and on LDL receptor and HMG-CoA reductase gene expression: A randomized trial in healthy men. In: Atherosclerosis . 198(1), 2008, p. 198 - 207 [obesity, metabolism, simvastatin, ezetimibe].

  • I. Gouni-Berthold, H. Berthold, J. Chamberland, W. Krone, C.S. Mantzoros : Short-term treatment with ezetimibe, simvastatin or their combination does not alter circulating adiponectin, resistin or leptin levels in healthy men. In: Clinical Endocrinology. 68(4), 2008, p. 536 - 541 [leptin, metabolism, obesity, adiponectin].

Medrano-Mercado, Dr. Nora

Universidad Mayor de San Simon, Bolivia
Field of research: Medical parasitology
Host: Prof. Dr. Günter A. Schaub Ruhr-Universität Bochum
  • Nora Medrano-Mercado, Rene Ugarte-Fernandez, Victor Butrón, Solange Uber-Busek, HL Guerra,Tania C de Araújo-Jorge, Rodrigo Correa-Oliveira: Urban transmission of Chagas disease in Cochabamba, Bolivia. In: Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz. 103(5), 2008, p. 423 - 430 [Chagas Disease - acute phase - risk factors - children - Bolivia - EKG abnormalities].

Milicevic, Prof. Dr. Novica

University of Belgrade, Serbia
Field of research: Cytology, histology
Host: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Westermann Universität zu Lübeck
  • Novica M. Milicevic, Klaus Nohroudi, Zivana Milicevic, Jürgen Westermann.: Activation of cortical and inhibited differentiation of medullary epithelial cells in the thymus of lymphotoxin-beta receptor-deficient mice: an ultrastructural study. In: Journal of Anatomy. 212, 2008, p. 114 - 124 [thymus, cortical epithelial cells, medullary epithelial cells, differentiation, lymphotoxin-beta receptor].

Moreira, Dr. Fabricio

Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), Brazil
Field of research: Neuropharmacology
Host: Prof. Dr. Beat Lutz Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
  • Fabricio A. Moreira, Nadine Kaiser, Krisztina Monory, Beat Lutz: Reduced anxiety-like behaviour induced by genetic and pharmacological inhibition of the endocannabinoid-degrading enzyme fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH) is mediated by CB1 receptors. In: Neuropharmacology. 54, 2008, p. 141 - 150 [Endocannabinoids; Anandamide; Fatty acid amide hydrolase; CB1 receptor; Anxiety; FAAH knock out mice].

Murakami, Prof. Dr. Takenobu

Fukushima Medical University, Japan
Field of research: Neurophysiology
Host: Prof. Dr. Ulf Ziemann Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
  • Takenobu Murakami Kenji Sakuma Kenji Nakashima: Somatosensory evoked potentials and high-frequency oscillations in athletes. . In: Clinical Neurophysiology. 119, 2008, p. 2862 - 2869 [Training Representation Plasticity Somatosensory evoked potentials High-frequency oscillations].

  • Takenobu Murakami Kenji Sakuma Takashi Nomura Kenji Nakashima Isao Hashimoto: High-frequency oscillations changes in parallel with short-interval intracortical inhibition after theta burst magnetic stimulation. In: Clinical Neurophysiology. 119, 2008, p. 301 - 308 [High-frequency oscillations Short-interval intracortical inhibition Theta burst stimulation GABAergic inhibitory interneurons].

  • Takenobu Murakami Kenji Sakuma Takashi Nomura Yusuke Uemura Isao Hashimoto Kenji Nakashima: Changes in somatosensory-evoked potentials and high-frequency oscillations after paired-associative stimulation. In: Experimental Brain Research. 184, 2008, p. 339 - 347 [Somatosensory-evoked potentials (SEPs) High-frequency oscillations (HFOs) Paired-associative stimulation (PAS) Somatosensory cortex Plasticity ].

Olajide, Dr. Olumayokun Adebodun

University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom
Field of research: Immunopharmacology
Host: Dr. Bernd Fiebich Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
  • Harsharan S. Bhatia, Eduardo Candelario-Jalil, Antonio C. Pinheiro de Oliveira, Olumayokun A. Olajide, Gregorio Martínez-Sánchez, Bernd L. Fiebich: Mangiferin inhibits cyclooxygenase-2 expression and prostaglandin E2 production in activated rat microglial cells. In: Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics. 477, 2008, p. 253 - 258 [Mangiferin; COX-2; Prostaglandin E2; Neuroinflammation; Microglia; Oxidative stress].

Oliveira, Dr. Cilene

Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC), Brazil
Field of research: Neuropharmacology
Host: Prof. Dr. Walter Stühmer Max-Planck-Institut für experimentelle Medizin
  • MARTIN, S ; LINO-DE-OLIVEIRA, C ; MELLO-DE-QUEIROZ, F ; PARDO, L ; STUHMER, W ; DEL BEL, E . : Eag1 potassium channel immunohistochemistry in the CNS of adult rat and selected regions of human brain. . In: Neuroscience. 155, 2008, p. 833 - 844 [comparative neurology, hippocampus, cerebral cortex, cerebellum, neuronal excitability, gene expression.].

Rambold, Prof. Dr. med. Holger

Kreiskrankenhaus Altötting-Burghausen, Germany
Field of research: Neurophysiology
Host: Prof. Dr. Fred A. Miles National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  • Holger Rambold, Fred Miles: Human vergence eye movements to oblique disparity stimuli: evidence for an anisotropy favoring horizontal disparities. In: Vision Research. 48, 2008, p. 2006 - 2019 [disparity, vergence, eye movements].

  • Holger Rambold, Fred Miles: Short-latency disparity vergence eye movements: dependence on the preëxisting vergence angle. In: Progress in Brian Research. 171, 2008, p. 245 - 251 [vergence, disparity, eye movements].

Samochowiec, Prof. Dr. Jerzy

Pomeranian Medical Academy, Poland
Field of research: Psychiatry
Host: Prof. Dr. Hanfried Helmchen Freie Universität Berlin
  • Jerzy Samochowiec: Genetics of Lesch's typology of alcoholism. . In: Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry.. 15, 2008, p. 423 - 427 [Genetics , alcohol typology, genetics].

Serbanescu, Prof. Dr. Maria

Obregia Psychiatric Hospital, Romania
Field of research: Psychiatry
Host: Prof. Dr. Peter Propping Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
  • Steinhausen H-Ch,Grigoroiu-Serbanescu M, Boyadjieva S, Neumärker K J, Winkler Metzke C : Course and Predictors of Rehospitalization in Adolescent Eating Disorders in a Multi-site Study. In: International Journal of Eating Disorders . 41, 2008, p. 29 - 36 [adolescent, eating disorders, anorexia nervosa, rehospitalisation, alcoholism].

Sun, Prof. Dr. Taolei

Wuhan University of Technology, People's Republic of China
Field of research: Medical biochemistry
Host: Prof. Dr. Harald Fuchs Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
  • Kangjian Tang, Jianan Zhang, Wenfu Yan,¿¨ Zhonghua Li, Yangdong Wang, Weimin Yang, Zaiku Xie, Taolei Sun,* Harald Fuchs: One-Step Controllable Synthesis for High-Quality Ultrafine Metal Oxide Semiconductor Nanocrystals via a Separated Two-Phase Hydrolysis Reaction. In: J. Am. Chem. Soc.. 130, 2008, [Nanacrystal].

Szöcs, Dr. Katalin

Universität Hamburg, Germany
Field of research: Cardiology
Host: Prof. Dr. Thomas Friedrich Münzel Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
  • V. Bauer, R. Sotníková, V. Nosáľová, J. Navarová, Š. Mátyás, V. Pucovský, V. Rekalov, K. Szöcs, J. Nedelčevová, Z. Kyseľová, V. Dytrichová, J. Fayková, M. Kollárová, L. Máleková, M. Srnová, Z. Stojkovičová, G.Tothová: Smooth muscle tissues as models for study of drug action. In: Trends in pharmacological research. 2008, p. 15 - 24.

  • V Rudolph, TK Rudolph, FJ Schopfer, G Bonacci, D Lau, K Szöcs, A Klinke, T Meinertz, BA Freeman, S Baldus: Bivalirudin decreases NO bioavailability by vascular immobilization of myeloperoxidase. In: J Pharmacol Exp Ther. . 327(2), 2008, p. 324 - 331.

Vadasz, Dr. med. Istvan

Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen, Germany
Field of research: Respiration physiology
Host: Prof. Dr. Werner Seeger Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen
  • Istvan Vadasz, Laura A. Dada, Arturo Briva, Humberto E Trejo, Lynn C Welch, Jiwang Chen, Peter T. Toth, Emilia Lecuona, Lee A. Witters, Paul T. Schumacker, Navdeep S. Chandel, Werner Seeger, Jacob I. Sznajder: AMP-activated protein kinase regulates CO2-induced alveolar epithelial dysfunction in rats and human cells by promoting Na,K-ATPase endocytosis. In: Journal of Clinical Investigation. 118(2), 2008, p. 752 - 762 [CO2 signaling, hypercapnia, AMP-activated protein kinase, Na,K-ATPase, alveolar epithelium, pulmonary edema ].

Vasilescu, Prof. Dr. Catalin

University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila, Romania
Field of research: Experimental surgery
Host: Prof. Dr. Hans G. Beger Universität Ulm
  • Catalin Vasilescu, O. Stanciulea, M. Popa, A. Colita, C. Arion: Subtotal laparoscopic splenectomy and esophagogastric devalscularization for the thrombocytopenia because of portal cavernoma - case report. In: J. Pediatr Surg.. 43 (7), 2008, p. 1373 - 1375.

  • Catalin Vasilescu, O. Stanciulea, M. Popa, R. Anghel, V. Herlea, A. Florescu: Total laparoscopic radical hysterectomy with pelvic lyphadenectomy for endometrial cancer. In: Chirurgia. 103 (1), 2008, p. 99 - 102.

  • Catalin Vasilescu: Robotic surgery-possibilities and perspectives. In: Chirurgia. 103 (1), 2008, p. 9 - 11.

Weidner, Prof. Dr. Gerdi

San Francisco State University, United States of America
Field of research: Medical psychology
Host: Prof. Dr. Heike Spaderna Universität Trier
  • Antonella Dewell, Gerdi Weidner, Michael Sumner, Christine S. Chi, Dean Ornish: A very-low-fat vegan diet increases intake of protective dietary factors and decreases intake of pathogenic dietary factors. In: Journal of the American Dietetic Association. 108(2), 2008, p. 347 - 356 [Nutrition, diet, vegan, protective dietary factors, pathogenic dietary factors].

  • Joanne Frattaroli, Gerdi Weidner, Terri Merritt-Worden, Steven Frenda, Dean Ornish: Angina pectoris and atherosclerotic risk factors in the Multisite Cardiac Lifestyle Intervention Program. In: American Journal of Cardiology. 101, 2008, p. 911 - 918 [Coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, lifestyle intervention, behavioral medicine, atherosclerotic risk factors].

  • Ute Schulz, Claudia Pischke, Gerdi Weidner, Jennifer Daubenmier, Melanie Elliot-Eller, Larry Scherwitz, Monica Bullinger, Dean Ornish: Social support group attendance is related to blood pressure, health behaviors and quality of life in the Multicenter Lifestyle Demonstration Project. In: Psychology, Health and Medicine. 13(4), 2008, p. 423 - 437 [social support group attendance; coronary artery disease; coronary risk factors; health behaviors; quality of life].

  • Claudia Pischke, Gerdi Weidner, Larry Scherwitz, Dean Ornish: Long-term effects of lifestyle changes on well-being and cardiac variables among CHD patients. In: Health Psychology. 27(5), 2008, p. 584 - 592 [lifestyle changes; psychological well-being; cardiac variables].

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Westbrook, Prof. Dr. Gary Lee

Oregon Health & Science University, United States of America
Field of research: Neurophysiology

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Winner, Prof. Beate

Universität Regensburg, Germany
Field of research: Medical neurobiology
Host: Prof. Dr. Fred H. Gage Salk Institute for Biological Studies
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Yu, Dr. Sun-Chol

Kim Il Sung University, Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Field of research: Medical biochemistry
Host: Prof. Dr. Hartmut Kühn Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
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