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Bibliographia Humboldtiana

Publications in 2009

Architecture, town and country planning

Bobylev, Dr. Nikolai

St. Petersburg State University, Russian Federation
Field of research: Town planning, urban development
Host: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wende Technische Universität Dresden
  • Nikolai Bobylev: Mainstreaming Sustainable Development into a City’s Master Plan: a Case of Urban Underground Space Use. In: Land Use Policy. 2009, [Environmental Assessment, Urban Underground Infrastructure, Sustainable Development].

Cianciolo Cosentino, Dr. Gabriella

Universita degli Studi, Italy
Field of research: History of construction
Host: Prof. Dr. Winfried Nerdinger Technische Universität München
  • Gabriella Cianciolo Cosentino: Il palazzo di vetro di Monaco di Baviera (1854-1931). In: Le città dei prodotti. Imprenditoria, architettura e arte nelle grandi esposizioni. (Ed. Eliana Mauro, Ettore Sessa) Palermo: Grafill, 2009, p. 23 - 29 [Glaspalast München].

Genske, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter D.

Fachhochschule Nordhausen, Germany
Field of research: Town and country planning
Host: Prof. Dr. Toshihisa Adachi Kyoto University
  • Dieter D. Genske T Joedecke L PorscheA Ruff: Nutzung städtischer Freiflächen für erneuerbare Energien. Germany: BBR / BBSR, 2009, 160 pp. [Urban planning Renewable ctiies ].

  • Dieter D. Genske Porsche L Ruff A: Urban energy potentials - A step towards the use of 100% renewable energies. In: 100 % renewable. (Ed. P Droege) London: Earthscan, 2009, p. 251 - 262 [Renewable cities GIS].

  • Dieter D. Genske Heinrich K: A knowledge-based fuzzy expert system to analyse degraded terrain. In: Expert Systems with Applications. 36, 2009, p. 2459 - 2472 [Fuzzy logic Brownfield redevelopment GIS].

Qu, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Weidong

Renmin University of China, People's Republic of China
Field of research: Land-use planning, property / real estate studies
Host: Prof. Dr. Holger Magel Technische Universität München
  • Weidong Qu, Qiong Han: Land Information System. Beijing: Renmin University publishing house, 2009, 270 pp. [Land information system, GIS, E-Goverment, China].

  • Weidong Qu, Jianping Ye: Real Estate Appraisal (2. Auflage). Beijing: Renmin University publishing house, 2009, 450 pp. [Real Estate, Appraisal, Case study].

  • Weidong Qu, Zhuo Huang: Design of Chinese Special Planning System Based on System Theory. In: land science of China (cssci). 141, 2009, p. 26 - 30 [System Theory; Special Planning; Special Planning System of China].

  • Weidong Qu, wei Liu: Evaluation of Real Estate Investment Environment of 200 Cities in China by AHP-Principle Analysis. In: Proceedings of CRIOCM 2009 International Symposium on Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate(ISTP Index). 6, 2009, p. 2841 - 2850 [real estate investment environment; AHP; principal factor analysis].

Öztürk, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Arzu

Mimar Sinan University, Turkey
Field of research: Architecture
Host: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Wulf-Rheidt Deutsches Archäologisches Institut (DAI)
  • Arzu Öztürk: Die Architektur der scaenae frons des Theaters in Perge. Germany: Walter de Gruyter, 2009, 233 pp. [ancient theatre, scene, scaenae frons, Perge].