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Bibliographia Humboldtiana

Publications in 2009

General engineering

Azaron, Dr. Amir

Istanbul Sehir University, Turkey
Field of research: Operations research
Host: Prof. Dr. Kai Furmans Universit├Ąt Karlsruhe (TH)
  • Amir Azaron, Farhad Kianfar: Due date assignment for multistage assembly systems. In: Optimization Letters. 3, 2009, p. 199 - 210.

  • Ghasem Moslehi, Mohsen Mirzaee, Morteze Vasei, Mohammad Modarres, Amir Azaron: Two machine flow shop scheduling to minimize the sum of maximum earliness and tardiness. In: International Journal of Production Economics. 122, 2009, p. 763 - 773.

  • Amir Azaron, Cahit Perkgoz, Hideki Katagiri, Kosuke Kato, Masatoshi Sakawa: Multi-objective reliability optimization for dissimilar-unit cold-standby systems using a genetic algorithm. In: Computers & Operations Research. 36, 2009, p. 1562 - 1571.

  • Amir Azaron, Kai Furmans, Mohammad Modarres: Interactive multi-objective stochastic programming approaches for designing robust supply chain networks. In: Operations Research Proceedings 2008. (Ed. Bernhard Fleischmann, Karl-Heinz Borgwardt, Robert Klein, Axel Tuma) Heidelberg: Springer , 2009, p. 173 - 178.

Dankert, Dr. Dipl. Ing. Heiko

d-fine GmbH, Germany
Field of research: Control theory, cybernetics
Host: Prof. Dr. David J. Anderson California Institute of Technology
  • H. Dankert, L. Wang, E.D. Hoopfer, D.J. Anderson, and P. Perona: Automated Monitoring and Analysis of Social Behavior in Drosophila. In: Nature Methods, doi:10.1038/nmeth.1310. 6(4), 2009, [behavior, aggression, courtship, drosophila, vision, tracking, genetics].

  • Yorozu, S., Wong, A., Fischer, B.J., Dankert, H., Kernan, M.J., Kamikouchi, A., Ito, K., and Anderson, D.J.: Distinct sensory representations of wind and near-field sound in the Drosophila brain. In: Nature. 458(7235), 2009, p. 201 - 206 [Drosophila, wind, sound, genetics].