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Bibliographia Humboldtiana

III. Publications by Research Awardees in 2010

Earth sciences

Barry, Prof. Dr. Roger G.

University of Colorado at Boulder, United States of America
Field of research: Polar research, glaciers
Host: Dr. Ludwig N. Braun Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften
  • Roger G. Barry Richard J. Chorley: Atmosphere, Weather and Climate, 9th edn. London: Routledge, 2010, 506 pp. [Atmospheric circulation Winds Synoptic weather systems Energy Budget Moisture budget Urban climate Climate of middle latitudes Climate of tropical latituudes Climatic change ].

Bonaparte, Dr. Jose F.

Fundacion Instituto de Neurobiologia, Argentina
Field of research: Palaeozoology
Host: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Maier Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
  • Jose F. Bonaparte, Laura A. Migale: Protomamiferos y Mamiferos Mesozoicos de America del Sur. Mercedes-Bs.As: Vitagraf, 2010, 441 pp.

Gingerich, Prof. Dr. Philip D.

University of Michigan, United States of America
Field of research: Palaentology
Host: Prof. Dr. Jes Rust Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
  • Julia M. Fahlke, Aaron R. Wood, Philip D. Gingerich: Chewing movement and tooth function in Basilosaurus isis (Mammalia, Cetacea) based on digital analysis of wear facets (abstract). In: Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Annual Meeting, Program and Abstracts. 30, 2010, p. 86 - 87 [Paleontology].

  • Philip D. Gingerich, Jens Lorenz Franzen, Jörg Habersetzer, Jørn H. Hurum, B. Holly Smith: Systematic position of the Eocene primate Darwinius masillae (abstract). In: Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Annual Meeting, Program and Abstracts. 2010, 2010, p. 97 - 97 [Paleontology].

  • Philip D. Gingerich, Jens Lorenz Franzen, Jörg Habersetzer, Jørn H. Hurum, B. Holly Smith: Darwinius masillae is a haplorhine-- reply to Williams et al. (2010). In: Journal of Human Evolution. 59, 2010, p. 574 - 579 [Paleontology].

  • Wighart von Koenigswald, Philip D. Gingerich: Vom Land ins Meer-- Evolution der Wale. In: Expedition Erde: Wissenswertes und Spannendes aus den Geowissenschaften. (Ed. G. Wefer, F. Schmieder) Bremen: MARUM Bibliothek: Verständliche Geowissenschaften, 2010, p. 284 - 291 [Paleontology].

Kennett, Prof. Dr. Brian L. N.

Australian National University, Australia
Field of research: Seismology
Host: Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Bunge Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
  • A. Fichtner, B.L.N. Kennett, H. Igel, H.-P. Bunge : Full seismic waveform tomography for radially anisotropic structure: New insights into the past and present states of the Australasian upper mantle,. In: Earth. Planet. Sci. Lett.. 290, 2010, p. 270 - 280 [Seismology].

Schmid, Prof. Dr. Stefan M.

ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Field of research: Structural geology
Host: Prof. Dr. Mark R. Handy Freie Universität Berlin
  • Senecio Schefer, Daniel Egli, Sigrid Missoni, Daniel Bernoulli, Bernhard Fügenschuh, Hansjürgen Gawlick, Divna Jovanović, Leopold Krystyn, Richard Lein, Stefan M. Schmid, Milan Sudar: Triassic metasediments in the internal Dinarides (Kopaonik area, southern Serbia): stratigraphy, paleogeographic and tectonic significance. In: Geologica Carpathica . 61, 2010, p. 89—109 [Geology, Triassic, Dinarides, Kopaonik, Serbia, stratigraphy, conodonts].

  • Liviu Matenco, Csaba Krézsek, Sandra Merten, Stefan M. Schmid, Sierd Cloetingh, Paul Andriessen: Characteristics of collisional orogens with low topographic build-up: an example from the Carpathians. In: Terra Nova . 22, 2010, p. 155 - 165 [Geology, Carpathians, review, orogeny].

  • Herfried Madritsch, Frank Preusser, Olivier Fabbri, Vincent Bichet, Fritz Schlunegger, Stefan M. Schmid: Late Quaternary folding in the Jura Mountains: exvidence from syn-erosional deformation of fluvial meanders. In: Terra Nova. 22, 2010, p. 147 - 154 [Geology, Neotectonics, geomorphology].

  • Mark R. Handy, Stefan M. Schmid, Romain Bousquet, Eduard Kissling, Daniel Bernoulli : Reconciling plate-tectonic reconstructions of Alpine Tethys with the geological–geophysical record of spreading and subduction in the Alps. In: Earth-Science Reviews. 102, 2010, p. 121 - 158 [Tethys, Alps, Mediterranean, plate motion, subduction].

  • Kamil Ustaszewski, Alexandre Kounov, Stefan M. Schmid, Urs Schaltegger, Erwin Krenn, Wolfgang Frank, Bernhard Fügenschuh: Evolution of the Adria-Europe plate boundary in the northern Dinarides: From continent-continent collision to back-arc extension. In: Tectonics. 29, 2010, p. TC6017,page1 1 - TC6017,page 34 [Dinarides, Tectonics, orogeny, collision, ophiolitic suture].

  • H. Madritsch, O. Fabbri, E.M. Hagedorn, F. Preusser, Stefan M. Schmid: Feedback between erosion and active deformation: geomorphic constraints from the frontal Jura fold-and-thrust belt (eastern France). In: International Journal of Earth Sciences . 99/Suppl 1, 2010, p. S103 - S122 [Rock uplift,  Incision,  Alluvial terraces,  Active folding,  Jura fold-and-thrust belt].

Sigman, Dr. Daniel M.

Princeton University, United States of America
Field of research: Geochemistry
Host: Prof. Dr. Gerald Haug Helmholtz-Zentrum Potsdam Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ
  • Daniel M. Sigman, Mathis P. Hain, Gerald H. Haug: The polar ocean and glacial cycles in atmospheric CO2 concentration. In: Nature. 466, 2010, p. 47 - 55 [Polar glacial CO2].