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Bibliographia Humboldtiana

I. Publications by Humboldt Research Fellows from abroad in 2013

General linguistics and literature

Amouzadeh-Mahdiraji, Prof. Dr. Mohammad

University of Isfahan, Iran
Field of research: Sociolinguistics
Host: Prof. Dr. Tania Kouteva Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf
  • Jalal Rahimian and Mohammad Amouzadeh: Af'al vajhi ve beyane vajhiyat dar farsi (Modal verbs and modality in Persian). In: Pazhueshhaye Zebani (Linguistic Researches). 4, 2013, p. 21 - 40 [Modal verbs, modality, Persian].

  • Mohammad Amin Sorahi and Mohammad Amouzadeh: Barresi este'areh xasham dar zaban farsi ve engelesi (A contrastive study of anger metaphors in Persian and English). In: Pazhuyeshhaye zabanshanasi tatbeqi (Researches in Comparative Linguistics). 3, 2013, p. 39 - 60 [metaphor, anger, cognitive linguistics, Persian, English].

  • Mohammad Amouzadeh, Alireza Khanjan, Abbas Eslami and Manoochehr Tavangar: Ideological Aspects of Translating News Headlines from English to Persian. In: META (Translators' Journal). 58 (1), 2013, p. 87 - 102 [Ideology, us/them Polarization, Critical Discourse Analysis, Socio-cognitive Model].

  • Mohammad Amouzadeh and Manoochehr Tavangar: The influence of standard Persian on Mazandarani: the Case of lexical borrowings and ablative postposition. In: Contact Linguistics in Africa and Beyond. (Ed. Akinmade T. Akande and Rotimi Taiwa) New York: NOVA Science Publishers, 2013, p. 149 - 169 [Contact-induced Language Change, Mazandarani, Standard Persian, Ablative Post-position, Lexical Borrowing].

Baayen, Prof. Dr. Rolf Harald

Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Germany
Field of research: Linguistics
Host: Prof. Dr. Bernd Engler Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
  • Rolf Harald Baayen, Peter Hendrix and Michael Ramscar: Sidestepping the combinatorial explosion: Towards a processing model based on discriminative learning. In: Language and Speech. 56, 2013, p. 329 - 347 [Linguistics, Psychology].

  • Rolf Harald Baayen, Laura Janda, Tore Nesset, Anna Endresen, Anastasia Makarova: Making choices in Russian: Pros and cons of statistical methods for rival forms. In: Russian Linguistics. 37, 2013, p. 253 - 291 [Linguistics, Psychology].

  • Kristina Kösling, Gero Kunter, Rolf Harald Baayen and Ingo Plag : Prominence in triconstituent compounds: Pitch contours and linguistic theory. In: Language and Speech. 2013, [Linguistics, Psychology].

  • Koji Miwa, Ton Dijkstra, Patrick Bolger and Rolf Harald Baayen: Reading English with Japanese in mind: Eff ects of frequency, phonology, and meaning in di fferent-script bilinguals. In: Blingualism: Language and Cognition. 2013, p. 1 - 19 [Linguistics, Psychology].

  • Hien Pham and Rolf Harald Baayen: Semantic relations and compound transparency: A regression study in CARIN theory. In: Psihologija. 46, 2013, p. 455 - 478 [Linguistics, Psychology].

  • Michael Ramscar and Rolf Harald Baayen: Production, comprehension, and synthesis: a communicative perspective on language. In: Frontiers in psychology. 4, 2013, [Linguistics, Psychology].

  • Cyrus Shaoul, Chris Westbury and Rolf Harald Baayen: The subjective frequency of word n-grams. In: Psihologija. 46, 2013, p. 497 - 537 [Linguistics, Psychology].

  • Denis Arnold, Petra Wagner, Rolf Harald Baayen: Using generalized additive models and random forests to model prosodic prominence in German. In: Interspeech 2013. 2013, p. 272 - 276 [Linguistics, Psychology].

  • Fabian Tomaschek, Martijn Wieling, Denis Arnold, Rolf Harald Baayen: Word frequency, vowel length and vowel quality in speech production: an EMA study of the importance of experience. In: Interspeech 2013. 2013, p. 1302 - 1306 [Linguistics, Psychology].

  • Michael Ramscar, Peter Hendrix, Bradley Love and Rolf Harald Baayen: Learning is not decline: The mental lexicon as a window into cognition across the lifespan. In: The Mental Lexicon . 8, 2013, p. 450 - 481 [Linguistics, Psychology].

  • Michael Ramscar, Asha Halima Smith, Melody Dye, Richard Futrell, Peter Hendrix, Rolf Harald Baayen, Rebecca Starr: The `universal' structure of name grammars and the impact of social engineering on the evolution of natural information systems. In: Proceedings of the 35th Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society. 35, 2013, p. 3245 - 3250 [Linguistics, Psychology].

  • Michael Ramscar, Peter Hendrix, Rolf Harald Baayen: The myth of cognitive decline. In: Proceedings of the 35th Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society. 35, 2013, p. 1193 - 1198 [Linguistics, Psychology].

  • R. Harald Baayen: Multivariate Statistics. In: Research Methods in Linguistics. (Ed. Robert J. Podesva, Devyani Sharma) Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013, p. 337 - 372.

Bachur, Dr. Joao Paulo

Instituto Brasiliense de Direito Publico, Brazil
Field of research: Communication science, media science
Host: Prof. Dr. Sybille Krämer Freie Universität Berlin
  • João Paulo Bachur: Kapitalismus und funktionale Differenzierung: Eine kritische Rekonstruktion. Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlag, 2013, 198 pp. [Sociological theory, capitalism, Karl Marx, Niklas Luhmann, systems theory].

  • João Paulo Bachur, Roberto Dutra (eds): Dossiê Niklas Luhmann. Belo Horizonte: UFMG, 2013, 299 pp. [Systems Theory, Niklas Luhmann, Inclusion/Exclusion, Social Inequality].

  • João Paulo Bachur, Guilherme Leite Gonçalves: O direito na sociologia de Niklas Luhmann. In: Manual de sociologia jurídica. (Ed. Felipe Gonçalves Silva, José Rodrigo Rodriguez) São Paulo: Saraiva, 2013, p. 111 - 131 [Niklas Luhmann, Systems Theory, Law].

  • João Paulo Bachur: Desigualdade, classe social e conflito: Uma releitura a partir da teoria de sistemas de Niklas Luhmann. In: Dossiê Niklas Luhmann. (Ed. João Paulo Bachur, Roberto Dutra) Belo Horizonte: UFMG, 2013, p. 183 - 217 [Niklas Luhmann, social classes, class conflict].

  • Joao Paulo Bachur: O Estado de bem-estar em Hayek e Luhmann [Hayek and Luhmann on welfare state]. In: Tempo Social. Revista de Sociologia da USP. 25, 2013, p. 101 - 121 [Hayek, Luhmann, welfare state].

  • Joao Paulo Bachur: Resignificación como categoría social: protesta y procedimiento en la teoría social de Niklas Luhmann. In: Estudios Sociológicos. 31, 2013, p. 657 - 689 [Niklas Luhmann, Ernesto Laclau, Judith Butler, new social movements].

Brown, Prof. Dr. Nicholas

University of Illinois at Chicago, United States of America
Field of research: Literary theory
Host: Prof. Dr. Eva Boesenberg Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • Nicholas Brown: Kurt Weill, Caetano Veloso, White Stripes. In: nonsite. 10, 2013, [Kurt Weill, Bertolt Brecht, Caetano Veloso, Jack White, White Stripes, musical form].

Chiluwa, Prof. Dr. Innocent Eberechi

Covenant University, Nigeria
Field of research: Linguistics
Host: Prof. Dr. Christian Mair Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
  • Innocent Chiluwa & Adetunji Adegoke: Twittering the Boko Haram Uprising in Nigeria: Investigating Pragmatic Acts in the Social Media. In: Africa Today (Indiana University Press, Indiana, USA). 59(3), 2013, p. 82 - 102 [Boko Haram, Nigeria, Muslim, attack, terrorism, radical, bomb blast, pragmatic acts, comments, twitter].

Costa, Prof. Dr. Gabriele

Università degli Studi del Molise, Italy
Field of research: Comparative linguistics
Host: Prof. Dr. Carlo de Simone Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
  • Gabriele Costa: Il rammentatore di leggi nel diritto greco, germanico, romano, iranico e indiano antico: ricordare, tramandare, forse scrivere. In: Rivista di Diritto Ellenico. 3, 2013, p. 65 - 182 [Indo-European Studies History of Law Oral Tradition].

Egya, Prof. Dr. Sule Emmanuel

Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Nigeria
Field of research: Literature
Host: Prof. Dr. Susanne Gehrmann Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • Sule Emmanuel Egya: Eco-Human Engagement in Recent Nigerian Poetry in English. In: Journal of Postcolonial Writing. 49.1, 2013, p. 60 - 70 [postcolonial ecocriticism, Nigerian poetry, repression].

  • Dr. Sule Emmanuel Egya: Myth and Materialism in Onookome Okome’s Poetry. In: Wilberforce Island Review. 11.2 , 2013, p. 23 - 35 [myth, materialism, Okome's poetry].

  • Dr. Sule Emmanuel Egya: Literature as Political Critique in Nigeria: Mobilisation, Dialogue, and Indictment. In: The Bridge: Journal of Language, Literature & Communication Studies. 1.3 , 2013, p. 26 - 45 [political poetics, Nigerian poetry, cultural struggle].

  • Dr. Sule Emmanuel Egya: Eco-Human Engagement in Recent Nigerian Poetry in English. In: Journal of Postcolonial Writing. 49.1, 2013, p. 60 - 70 [ecocriticism, Niger Delta, Nigerian poetry].

Iovino, Prof. Dr. Serenella

Universita degli Studi di Torino, Italy
Field of research: Literature
Host: Prof. Dr. Christof Mauch Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU)
  • Serenella Iovino: Loving the Alien: Ecofeminism, Animals, and Anna Maria Ortese's Poetics of Otherness. In: Feminismo/s, Special issue on ecocriticism. Ed. T. Gifford and L. Kerslake. 22, 2013, p. 177 - 204 [Ecofeminism; Ecocriticism; Anna Maria Ortese; New Materialisma].

  • Serenella Iovino: Ecocriticism, oder, Wenn die Literatur vom Anderen spricht. In: Theorien der Literaturen. VI. . (Ed. Hubert Zapf ) Basel: A. Francke Verlag, 2013, p. 205 - 216 [Ecocriticism; Literary Theory].

  • Serenella Iovino: Ecocriticism, Cultural Evolutionism, and Ecologies of Mind: Notes on Calvino’s Cosmicomics. In: CoSMo: Comparative Studies in Modernism . 2, 2013, p. 113 - 126 [Ecocriticism; Cultural Ecology; Italo Calvino].

  • Serenella Iovino: Cultura, Ecologia, Liberazione. In: Bloom: Rivista di Architettura . 16, 2013, p. 5 - 8 [Ecocriticism; Environmental Humanities; Ethics].

  • Serenella Iovino: Toxic Epiphanies: Dioxin, Power, and Gendered Bodies in Laura Conti’s Narratives on Seveso. In: International Perspectives in Feminist Ecocriticism. (Ed. G. Gaard, S. C. Estok, S. Oppermann.) London.: Routledge, 2013, p. 37 - 55 [Ecofeminism; New Materialisms; Laura Conti; Posthumanism; Ecocriticism].

  • Serenella Iovino: Ecocritica: teoria e pratica. In: Ecocritica. (Ed. C. Salabè. Rome: Donzelli. 17-25.) Rom: Donzelli, 2013, p. 17 - 25 [Ecocriticism; Literary Theory; Cultural Ecology].

Kertesz, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Andras

University of Debrecen, Hungary
Field of research: Fundamentals of linguistics
Host: Prof. Dr. Monika Schwarz-Friesel Technische Universität Berlin
  • András Kertész, Ferenc Kiefer: From Thought Experiments to Real Experiments in Pragmatics. In: Perspectives on Pragmatics and Philosophy. (Ed. A. Capone, F. Lo Piparo, M. Carapezza) Cham, Heidelberg, New York, Dordrecht & London: Springer, 2013, p. 53 - 86.

  • András Kertész, Csilla Rákosi: Az adattípusok integrációjának tudomány-módszertani problémái az elméleti nyelvészetben. In: A megismerés és az értelmezés konstrukciói. Tanulmányok Tolcsvai Nagy Gábor tiszteletére. (Ed. N. Kugler, K. Laczkó, Sz. Tátrai) Budapest: Tinta Kiadó, 2013, p. 63 - 74.

Kiklewicz, Prof. Dr. Aleksander

University of Warmia and Mazury, Germany
Field of research: Linguistics
Host: Prof. Dr. Swetlana Mengel Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
  • Aleksander Kiklewicz: On the one lexical-grammatical precedent: substantivation of the adjective "round". In: Przegląd Rusycystyczny. 1, 2013, p. 100 - 115 [Russian grammar, stylistics, language of journalism].

  • Aleksander Kiklewicz: Adventure of "kruglyj" (in Russian). In: Russkaja rech. 2, 2013, p. 78 - 84 [Russian grammar, substantivation].

  • Aleksander Kiklewicz: One lexical-grammatical incident: substantivization of Russian adjective "kruglyj". In: Movoznavstvo. 1, 2013, p. 9 - 19 [Russian grammar, substantivization].

  • Aleksander Kiklewicz: Russian language in motion: Reflections on the Natalia Judina's book "Russian Language in the XXI Century: Crisis? Evolution? Progress?". In: Przegląd Wschodnioeuropejski. IV, 2013, p. 569 - 579 [modern Russian language, evolution of language, sociolinguistics, ecolinguistics].

  • Aleksander Kiklewicz: Social values in the modern culture. In: Przegląd Wschodnioeuropejski. IV, 2013, p. 273 - 294 [modern culture, anthropology of language, ethnolinguistics].

  • Aleksander Kiklewicz: Modeling syntactic plane and segmentation of the dictionary entry (for example of Slavic languages) (in Polish). In: Biuletyn PTJ. LXVIII, 2013, p. 49 - 68 [semantic syntax, contrastive linguistics, lexicography, Slavic languages].

  • Aleksander Kiklewicz: Semantics and pragmatics in discourse: dialectics of the interdependence. In: Badanie i projektowanie komunikacji. (Ed. Grech, M./Siemes, A. ) Wroclaw: UWr, 2013, p. 227 - 252 [theory of communication, pragmatics, semantics].

  • Aleksander Kiklewicz: On problem of cultural dependence of the science paradigms: structuralism in the Slavic (Polish, Russian and Czech) linguistic traditions of the 20th Century. In: Паланістыка — Полонистика — Polonistyka 2012.. (Ed. Kiklewicz, A./Ważnik, S.) Minsk: Medysont, 2013, p. 231 - 253 [philosophy of language].

  • Aleksander Kiklewicz: Modeling syntactical structure as a ground of the segmentation of dictionary entry. In: Konfrontacje skladniowe. Nowe fakty, nowe idee. (Ed. Lubocha-Kruglik J./Borek, M.) Katowice: US Press, 2013, p. 159 - 170 [semantic syntax].

  • Aleksander Kiklewicz: Vetka vishni. Stat'i po lingvistike. Olsztyn: CBEW, 2013, 414 pp. [Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft, Sprachphilosophie, Semantik, Pragmatik].

Kotorova, Prof. Dr. Elizaveta

University of Zielona Gora, Poland
Field of research: Theory of language
Host: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gladrow Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • Elizaveta Kotorova: Коммуникативно-прагматическое поле как метод комплексного описания способов реализации речевых актов. In: Томский журнал лингвистических и антропологических исследований / Tomsk Journal of Linguistics and Anthropology. Vol. 1 (1), 2013, p. 58 - 67 [intercultural communication, pragmalinguistics, field theory, contrastive linguistics].

  • Elizaveta Kotorova: Dankesbezeigung im deutschen und russischen Diskurs: soziokulturelle, pragmatische und sprachlich-strukturelle Aspekte. Vol. 58, 2013, p. 417 - 434 [intercultural communication, pragmalinguistics, contrastive linguistics, speech behaviour pattern].

Molczanow, Dr. Janina

University of Warsaw, Poland
Field of research: Theory of language
Host: Prof. Dr. Richard Wiese Philipps-Universität Marburg
  • Janina Molczanow, Ulrike Domahs, Johannes Knaus, Richard Wiese: The lexical representation of word stress in Russian: Evidence from event-related potentials. In: The Mental Lexicon. 8:2, 2013, p. 164 - 194 [Lexical stress, Russian, event-related potentials, prosodic processing].

Molnar, Dr. habil. Krisztina

University of Pecs, Hungary
Field of research: Linguistics
Host: Prof. Dr. Angelika Wöllstein Institut für deutsche Sprache, Mannheim (IDS)
  • Krisztina Molnár: AcI-Konstruktionen bei Wahrnehmungsverben. In: Deutsche Sprache. 41, 2013, p. 220 - 241 [AcI-Konstruktionen, Sprachvergleich].

Mulo Farenkia, Prof. Dr. Bernard

Cape Breton University, Canada
Field of research: Sociolinguistics
Host: Dr. Eric Anchimbe Universität Bayreuth
  • Bernard Mulo Farenkia: De la mise en scène des faces dans les débats politiques au Cameroun. In: Pratiques discursives et champ politique en Afrique.francophone. (Ed. Nanourougo Coulibaly ) Craiova: Editura Universitaria , 2013, p. 52 - 77 [mise en scène des faces, discours et pluralisme politique, Cameroun].

  • Bernard Mulo Farenkia: Canadian and Cameroonian English-speaking University students‘ compliment strategies. In: International Journal of Linguistics. 5(3), 2013, p. 69 - 98 [Variational pragmatics, compliments, Cameroon English, Canadian English].

Natale, Dr. Simone

Loughborough University, United Kingdom
Field of research: Communication science, media science
Host: Prof. Dr. Irmela Schneider Universität zu Köln
  • Simone Natale: Spiritual Stars: Religion and Celebrity in the Careers of Spiritualist Mediums. In: Celebrity Studies. 4.1, 2013, p. 94 - 96 [spiritualism, Eusapia Palladino, celebrity culture, show business, religion, stardom].

  • Simone Natale: Geisterglauben, Unterhaltung, und Show Business im 19. Jahrhundert. In: Historische Anthropologie. 21, 2013, p. 324 - 343 [history of spiritualism and psychical research, media history, performance, celebrity studies, nineteenth century, Victorian studies, occult, show business, popular culture, religious studies].

  • Simone Natale: Mediums and Stars: Mediumship, Show Business, and Celebrity in Nineteenth-Century Spiritualism. In: The Spiritualist Movement: Speaking with the Dead in America and around the World. (Ed. Christopher Moreman) Santa Barbara, CA.: Praeger, 2013, p. 237 - 251 [celebrity studies, history of spiritualism, stars, popular culture, beliefs in the supernatural, religion].

Ngefac, Prof. Dr. Aloysius

Universite de Yaounde I, Cameroon
Field of research: Sociolinguistics
Host: Prof. Dr. Edgar W. Schneider Universität Regensburg
  • Aloysius Ngefac: A Diachronic and Synchronic Appraisal of Kamtok. In: Contact Linguistics in Africa and Beyond. (Ed. Akinmade T. Akande, Rotimi Taiwo) New York: Nova Publishers, 2013, p. 127 - 148 [Pidgins and Creoles, Kamtok, diachonic studies, synchronic studies].

Nkemleke, Prof. Dr. Daniel Ategwa

Universite de Yaounde I, Cameroon
Field of research: Linguistics
Host: Prof. Dr. Josef Schmied Technische Universität Chemnitz
  • Daniel Ategwa Nkemleke: Towards a corpus-based methodology for contact linguistics: investigating variation in African Englishes. In: Contact Linguistics in Africa and Beyond . (Ed. Akande A. T. & Taiwo, R. (eds.)) New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2013, p. 41 - 59 [corpus-based methodology, variation, contact linguistics, Africa].

Nyota, Prof. Dr. Shumirai

Great Zimbabwe University, Zimbabwe
Field of research: Linguistics
Host: Prof. Dr. Flora Veit-Wild Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • Shumirai Nyota: Exclusion of minority languages in Zimbabwe: The Case of Shangani and Venda . In: Dzimnbabwe Journal of Arts and Social Sciences. . Vol 1, 2013, p. 204 - 228 [Zimbabwe, Minority languages, Marginalization, Language endangerment, Language Policy].

Ordin, Dr. Mikhail

Moscow Academy of Humanities and Technology, Russian Federation
Field of research: Comparative linguistics
Host: Prof. Dr. Petra Wagner Universität Bielefeld
  • Mikhail Ordin, Marina Nespor: Transition probabilities and different levels of prominence in segmentation. In: Language Learning. 63, 2013, p. 800 - 834 [segmentation, prosody, statistical probabilities, stress, prominence, language acquisition].

  • Catrin Rhys, Christiane Ulbrich, Mikhail Ordin: Adaptation to aphasia: Grammar, prosody and interaction. In: Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics . 27, 2013, p. 46 - 71 [aphasia, aphasic speech, pathological speech, stroke, rehabilitation, linguistic interface, prosody].

  • Leona Polyanskaya, Mikhail Ordin, Christiane Ulbrich: Contribution of timing patterns into perceived foreign accent. In: Elektronische Sprachsignalverarbeitung . (Ed. Petra Wagner) Dresden: TUDpress, 2013, p. 71 - 79 [foreign accent, rhythm, timing patterns, perception, language acquisition, second language].

Pado, Prof. Dr. Sebastian

Universität Stuttgart, Germany
Field of research: Linguistic data processing

  • Gemma Boleda and Sebastian Pado and Jason Utt: Regular polysemy: a distributional model. In: Proceedings of STARSEM. 2013.

  • Jason Utt, Alessandro Lenci, S. Pado, Alessandra Zarcone: The Curious Case of Metonymic Verbs: A Distributional Characterization. In: Proceedings of the IWCS workshop "Towards A Formal Distributional Semantics". 2013.

  • Sebastian Pado, Serge Thill, Tom Ziemke: On the importance of a rich embodiment in the grounding of concepts: Perspectives from embodied cognitive science and computational linguistics. In: Topics in Cognitive Science. 2013.

Pangop Kameni, Dr. Alain Cyr

Universite de Dschang, Cameroon
Field of research: Media studies, journalism
Host: Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Lüsebrink Universität des Saarlandes
  • Dili Palai, Alain Cyr Pangop Kameni: Littérature orale africaine : décryptage, reconstruction, canonisation. Paris: L’Harmattan, 2013, 356 p pp. [oral-Afrique-littérature-canons].

  • Alain Cyr Pangop Kameni, Dili Palai: La création littéraire chez Gabriel Kuitche Fonkou : horizons critiques et décodages culturels. Yaoundé: CLE, 2013, 300 p pp. [création-littérature-Kuitche- roman-nouvelles-récit-culture-tradition].

  • Alain Cyr Pangop Kameni: Identité spatiale et valorisation du périurbain camerounais dans Moi Taximan de Gabriel Kuitché Fonkou . In: La création littéraire chez Gabriel Kuitche Fonkou : horizons critiques et décodages culturels. (Ed. Alain Pangop et Dili Palai ) Yaoundé: CLE, 2013, p. 57 - 70 [Identité -spatiale - valorisation - périurbain- Cameroun - Moi Taximan - Gabriel Kuitché Fonkou ].

  • Alain Cyr Pangop Kameni, Makougang, ép. Kakeu Marie: L’oralitude à l’Université de Dschang : bilan des travaux pionniers . In: Littérature orale africaine : décryptage, reconstruction, canonisation. (Ed. Dili Palai et Alain Pangop ) Paris: L’Harmattan, 2013, p. 313 - 327 [oralitude- Université de Dschang -bilan sémiologie- sémantique- analyse de contenus- travaux pionniers ].

Simatei, Prof. Dr. Peter

Moi University, Kenya
Field of research: Literary and cultural history/literary studies
Host: Prof. Dr. Susan Arndt Universität Bayreuth
  • Peter Simatei: Heshimu Ukuta: Local Language Radio and the Performance of Fan Culture in Kenya. In: Popular Culture in Africa: The Episteme of the Everyday. (Ed. Stephanie Newell Okome Onookome) London: Routledge, 2013, p. 266 - 276 [African Popular Culture, Radio, Popular Performance, Fan culture, Popular Music].

Suzuki, Prof. Dr. Seiichi

Kansai Gaidai University, Japan
Field of research: Historical linguistics
Host: Prof. Dr. Alfred Bammesberger Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
  • Seiichi Suzuki: The meters of old norse eddic poetry. Berlin: De Gruyter, 2013, 1096 pp.

Thieberger, Dr. Nicholas

University of Melbourne, Australia
Field of research: Linguistics
Host: Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Himmelmann Universität zu Köln
  • Nicholas Thieberger: Curation of oral tradition from legacy recordings: an Australian example. In: Oral Tradition. 28, 2013, p. 253 - 260 [oral tradition, language archiving].

Topintzi, Dr. Ioanna

Aristotle University, Greece
Field of research: Linguistics
Host: Dr. Jochen Trommer Universität Leipzig
  • Nina Topintzi: Compensatory Lengthening. In: Encyclopedia of Ancient Greek Language and Linguistics. (Ed. Georgios Giannakis et al.) Leiden & Boston: Brill, 2013.

  • Nina Topintzi: Syllable. In: Phonetik und Phonologie (vol.4). Ein Lern- und Konsultationswörterbuch mit einer systematischen Einleitung und englischen Übersetzungen. (Ed. T.A. Hall and Bernd Pompino-Marschall ) Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 2013.

Yoon, Dr. Suwon

University of Texas at Arlington, United States of America
Field of research: Linguistics
Host: Prof. Dr. Monika Rathert Bergische Universität Wuppertal
  • Suwon Yoon: On Embedded Root Clause Phenomena (ERCP): ERCP in Korean versus V2 in Germanic languages. In: Proceedings of NELS 42. (Ed. Stefan Keine and Shayne Sloggett) Amherst, Mass. : GLSA., 2013, p. 633 - 646 [Liinguistics, Syntax].

Zabalgoitia, Dr. Mauricio

Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Germany
Field of research: Literary and cultural history/literary studies
Host: Prof. Dr. Barbara Göbel Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz
  • Mauricio Zabalgoitia: Fantasmas de la nueva palabra. Representación y límite en literaturas de América latina. Barcelona: Icaria, 2013, 376 pp. [Literatura latinoamericana, Literatura mexicana, Literatura peruana, Límite de representación, Sujetos indígenas, Sujetos marginales, Sujetos populares, Octavio Paz, José Revueltas, Juan Rulfo, José María Arguedas, Gamaliel Churata.].

  • Mauricio Zabalgoitia: “Pedro Páramo, de Juan Rulfo. Tiempo y decir míticos o hacia una tercera continuidad mexicana”. In: Usandizaga, Helena (ed.), Palimpsestos de la antigua palabra. Inventario de mitos prehispánicos en la literatura latinoamericana. (Ed. Helena Usandizaga) Berna: Peter Lang, 2013, p. 49 - 70 [Literatura mexicana, Pedro Páramo, Juan Rulfo, Mitología prehispánica, Jalisco, Quetzalcoatl, Tlaloc.].

  • Mauricio Zabalgoitia: "El sujeto de arriba y el sujeto de abajo. Representación y subjetividad en José María Arguedas y José revueltas". In: 452ºF, Revista electrónica de teoría de la literatura y literatura comparada. 8, 2013, p. 144 - 155 [José Revueltas, José María Arguedas, Representación, Subjetividad, Sujetos indñigenas.].

  • Mauricio Zabalgoitia: "El problema de la escritura de la historia y el de la colonialidad. El punto de vista de la crítica como sabotaje". In: Beatriz Ferrús y Mauricio Zabalgoitia (coords.), La crítica como sabotaje de Manuel Asensi. Anthropos. Cuadernos de cultura crítica y conocimiento. 237, 2013, p. 53 - 70 [Crítica, Sabotaje, Manuel Asensi, Escritura, Historia, América Latina, Colonialidad].