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Bibliographia Humboldtiana Index

Bibliographia Humboldtiana

I. Publications by Humboldt Research Fellows from abroad in 2013

Biosciences, life sciences

Abebe, Dr. Tiegist

Bahir Dar University, Germany
Field of research: Plant genetics
Host: Dr. Tiegist Abebe Bahir Dar University
  • Tiegist Abebe, Boby Mathew, Jens Léon: Barrier analysis detected genetic discontinuity among Ethiopian barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) landraces due to landscape and human mobility on gene flow . In: Genetic Resource and Crop Evolution. 60, 2013, p. 297 - 309 [Barriers; Barley; Ethiopia; Gene flow; Hordeum vulgare; Population differentiation].

  • Tiegist Abebe, Jens Léon: Spatial and temporal genetic analyses of Ethiopian barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) landraces reveal the absence of a distinct population structure. In: Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution. 60, 2013, p. 1547 - 1558 [Barley; Ethiopia; Hordeum vulgare; Population structure; Spatial autocorrelation; SSR].

Alejandro, Prof. Dr. Grecebio Jonathan

University of Santo Tomas, Philippines
Field of research: Plant systematology and evolution
Host: Prof. Dr. Sigrid Liede-Schumann Universität Bayreuth
  • JJ Obico & GJD Alejandro: A new species of Antherostele (Rubiaceae, Rubioideae, Urophylleae) from Mt. Sohoton, Samar, Philippines. In: Phytotaxa . 104 (1), 2013, p. 53 - 57 [Antherostele, Mindoro, Philippines, Urophylleae, Rubioideae, vulnerable].

Bai, Prof. Dr. Ming

Chinese Academy of Sciences, People's Republic of China
Field of research: Animal systematology and evolution
Host: Prof. Dr. Rolf G. Beutel Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
  • Friedrich F, Matsumura Y, Pohl H, Bai M, Hörnschemeyer T, Beutel RG.: Insect morphology in the age of phylogenomics: innovative techniques and its future role in systematics. In: Entomological Science. 17, 2013, p. 1 - 24 [Insect, morphology, systematics].

Bakare, Prof. Dr. Adekunle Akeem

University of Ibadan, Nigeria
Field of research: Genetics
Host: Dr. Eberhard Küster Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung - UFZ
  • Evelyn Lamy, Anke Hertrampf, Corinna Herz, Julia Schuler, Miriam Erlacher, Daniela Bertele, Adekunle Bakare, Meike Wagner, Timo Weiland, Ulrich Lauer, Oliver Drognitz, Roman Huber, Sascha Rohn, Torsten Giesemann, Volker Mersch-Sundermann: Preclinical Evaluation of 4-Methylthiobutyl Isothiocyanate on Liver Cancer and Cancer Stem Cells with Different p53 Status. In: PLoS ONE. 8, 2013, p. 1 - 12 [Cancer chemoprevention, Isothiocyanates, Apoptosis, Hepatocellular carcinoma, Medicinal plants].

  • Ifeoluwa T. Oyeyemi and Adekunle A. Bakare: Genotoxic and anti-genotoxic effect of aqueous extracts of Spondias mombin L., Nymphea lotus L. and Luffa cylindrica L. on Allium cepa root tip cells. In: Caryologia: International Journal of Cytology, Cytosystematics and Cytogenetics. 66(4), 2013, p. 360 - 367 [anti-genotoxic; mitodepression; Allium cepa; medicinal plants; chemoprevention].

Baugh, Prof. Dr. Alexander T.

Swarthmore College, United States of America
Field of research: Animal ecology and behavioural ecology
Host: Dr. Alex Jordan Max-Planck-Institut für Verhaltensbiologie
  • Alexander T. Baugh; Michaela Hau; Marc Naguib; Kees van Oers.: Initial reactivity and magnitude of the acute stress response linked to exploratory behavior in great tits (Parus major). In: General and Comparative Endocrinology. 189, 2013, p. 96 - 104 [Corticosterone; Exploration; Hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis; Personality; Stress reactivity.].

Beaulieu, Dr. Michael

Deutsches Meeresmuseum - Museum für Meereskunde und Fischerei Aquarium, Germany
Field of research: Animal ecology and behavioural ecology
Host: Dr. Martin Schaefer Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
  • Michael Beaulieu, H. Martin Schaefer: Rethinking the role of dietary antioxidants through the lens of self-medication. In: Animal Behaviour. 86, 2013, p. 17 - 24 [antioxidants, feeding behaviour, micronutrient, oxidative status, suboptimal physiological state, secondary metabolite, welfare].

Bebrone, Dr. Carine

Universite de Liege, Belgium
Field of research: Biochemistry
Host: Prof. Dr. Rainer Fischer Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen
  • Carine Bebrone, Pierre Bogaerts, Heinrich Delbrück, Sandra Bennink, Michael Kupper, Roberta Rezende de Castro, Youri Glupczynski, Kurt Hoffmann.: GES-18, a new carbapenem-hydrolyzing GES-type beta-lactamase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa that contains Ile80 and Ser170 residues. In: Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. 57, 2013, p. 396 - 401 [antibiotic resistance beta-lactamase enzyme kinetics crystallography].

Bello, Dr. Claudia

Universita degli Studi di Firenze, Italy
Field of research: Biochemistry
Host: Dr. Anne-Claude Gavin EMBL Heidelberg - European Molecular Biology Laboratory
  • Moritz Marcinowski, Mathias Rosam, Christine Seitz, Johannes Elferich, Julia, Behnke, Claudia Bello, Matthias J. Feige, Christian F. W. Becker, Iris Antes, Johannes Buchner: Conformational Selection in Substrate Recognition by Hsp70 Chaperones. In: Journal of Molecular Biology. 425, 2013, p. 466 - 474 [Hsp70, substrate recognition, conformation].

Benjamin, Prof. Dr. Suresh Prins

Institute of Fundamental Studies, Sri Lanka
Field of research: Animal systematology and evolution
Host: Dr. Bernhard A. Huber Zoologisches Forschungsmuseum Alexander Koenig (ZFMK)
  • Suresh Prins Benjamin: On the crab spider genus Angaeus Thorell, 1881 and its junior synonym Paraborboropactus Tang and Li, 2009 (Araneae: Thomisidae). In: Zootaxa. 3635, 2013, p. 71 - 80 [biodiversity, taxonomy, China, India, Vietnam].

  • M. A. Townley, D. Harms, S. P. Benjamin: Phylogenetic affinities of Phobetinus to other pirate spider genera (Araneae: Mimetidae) as indicated by spinning field morphology. In: Arthropod Structure & Development. 42, 2013, p. 407 - 423.

  • Y. Marusik, M. Omelko, S. P. Benjamin: The first description of adult female of Borboropactus asper (O. P.-Cambridge, 1884) from Sri Lanka (Araneae: Thomisidae). In: Zootaxa. 3737, 2013, p. 197 - 200.

Bernecky, Dr. Carrie Ann

Institute of Science and Technology Austria, Austria
Field of research: Biochemistry
Host: Prof. Dr. Patrick Cramer Max-Planck-Institut für biophysikalische Chemie (Karl-Friedrich-Bonhoeffer-Institut)
  • Carrie Bernecky and Patrick Cramer: Struggling to let go: a non-coding RNA directs its own extension and destruction. In: The EMBO Journal. 32, 2013, p. 771 - 772 [non-coding RNA, RNA polymerase II].

Bersimbay, Prof. Dr. Rakhmetkaji I.

, Kazakhstan
Field of research: Cell biochemistry
Host: Prof. Dr. Karl-Friedrich Sewing Medizinische Hochschule Hannover
  • Schnittler M., Peterson A., Peterson J., Beisenova S., Bersimbaev R.I., Pfeiffer T.: Minor differences with big consequences : reproductive patterns in the genus Gagea (Liliaceae). In: Flora (Elsevier). 208, 2013, p. 591 - 598 [Drought adaptation Reproductive Biology Resource allocation Seed Set].

  • Chen C.H., Kiyan V., Zhylkibayev A.A., Kazyken D., Bulgakova O.V., Bersimbaev R.I., Spooner E., Sarbassov D.D. : Autoregulation of the mTOR Complex 2 integrity is controlled by the ATP-dependent mechanism. In: Journal of Biological Chemistry . v. 288, 2013, p. 27019 - 27030 [mTOR Complex Cellular signalling].

Bieghs, Dr. Veerle

, Belgium
Field of research: Molecular biology
Host: Prof. Dr. Christian Trautwein Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen
  • Veerle Bieghs, Tim Hendrikx, Patrick van Gorp, Fons Verheyen, Yasmin Dias Guichot, Sofie Walenbergh, Mike Jeurissen, Marion Gijbels, Sander Rensen, Aalt Bast, Jogchum Plat, Satish Kalhan, Ger Koek, Eran Leitersdorf, Marten Hofker, Dieter Lütjohann, Ronit Shiri–Sverdlov: The Cholesterol Derivative 27-Hydroxycholesterol Reduces Steatohepatitis in Mice. In: Gastroenterology. 144, 2013, p. 167 - 178.

Boyle, Dr. Colleen Erin

Medizinische Hochschule Hannover, Germany
Field of research: Microbiology
Host: Dr. Ingmar Lautenschläger Forschungszentrum Borstel – Leibniz-Lungenzentrum (FZB)
  • Manuel Wolters, Erin Colleen Boyle, Kerstin Lardong, Konrad Trülzsch, Anika Steffen, Klemens Rottner, Klaus Ruckdeschel, Martin Aepfelbacher: Cytotoxic necrotizing factor-Y boosts Yersinia effector translocation by activating Rac protein. In: Journal of Biological Chemistry. 288, 2013, p. 23543 - 23553 [CNF-Y; Cdc42; Cytotoxic Necrotizing Factor-Y; Rac; Rho; Rho GTPases; Toxins; Type III Secretion System; Yersinia enterocolitica].

Bradshaw, Priv. Doz. Dr. Nicholas James

University of Rijeka, Croatia
Field of research: Cell biochemistry
Host: Prof. Dr. Carsten Korth Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf
  • Nicholas J. Bradshaw, William Hennah, Dinesh C. Soares: NDE1 and NDEL1: twin neurodevelopmental proteins with similar ‘nature’ but different ‘nurture’. In: Biomolecular Concepts. 4, 2013, p. 447 - 464 [Proteins Genes Neurodevelopment Biology Mental illness].

  • Antony S. K. Yerabham, Oliver H. Weiergräber, Nicholas J. Bradshaw, Carsten Korth: Revisiting Disrupted-in-Schizophrenia 1 as a scaffold protein. In: Biological Chemistry. 394, 2013, p. 1425 - 1437 [Proteins, Biology, Neurodevelopment, Schizophrenia, Bioinfocmatics, Structural Biology].

Bresson, Dr. Justine

Universite de Montpellier II (des Sciences et Techniques du Languedoc), France
Field of research: Molecular biology
Host: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Zentgraf Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
  • Justine Bresson, Fabrice Varoquaux, Thibaut Bontpart, Bruno Touraine, Denis Vile. : The PGPR strain Phyllobacterium brassicacearum STM196 induces a reproductive delay and physiological changes that result in improved drought tolerance in Arabidopsis. In: New Phytologist. 200(2), 2013, p. 558 - 569 [Arabidopsis thaliana, drought tolerance, flowering phenology, Phyllobacterium brassicacearum STM196, plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR), water-use efficiency.].

Carrie, Dr. Christopher James

University of Western Australia, Australia
Field of research: Plant biochemistry
Host: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Soll Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
  • Chris Carrie, Monika Murcha, Estelle Giraud, Sophia Ng, Ming Fang Zhang, Reena Narsai, James Whelan: How do plants make mitochondria?. In: Planta. 237, 2013, p. 429 - 439 [Dual targeting Mitochondria Mitochondrial biogenesis Post-transcriptional regulation Protein import Transcriptional regulation].

  • Lin Xu, Chris Carrie, Simon Law, Monika Murcha, James Whelan : Acquisition, conservation, and loss of dual-targeted proteins in land plants. In: Plant Physiol. 161, 2013, p. 644 - 662 [Dual targeting Mitochondria Plastids Peroxisome Protein targeting].

Carstens, Prof. Dr. Eric Bruce

Queen's University at Kingston, Canada
Field of research: Molecular biology
Host: Prof. Dr. Johannes A. Jehle Julius Kühn-Institut - Bundesforschungsinstitut für Kulturpflanzen (JKI)
  • K Downie, G Adetola, Eric B Carstens: Characterization of protein-protein interaction domains within the baculovirus AcMNPV late expression factor LEF-3. In: Journal of General Virology. 94, 2013, p. 2530 - 2535 [baculovirus, DNA replication, SSB, protein-protein interactions, BIFA].

Colombo, Prof. Dr. Jorge

CONICET Centro de Educacion Medica e Investigaciones Clinicas "Norberto Quirno" (CEMIC), Argentina
Field of research: Neurobiology
Host: Prof. Dr. Karl Zilles Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf
  • Colombo, Jorge A.: "Bajo libertad condicionada". Buenos Aires, Argentina: ImagoMundi, 2013, 87 pp. [human socialization. degrees of freedom-brain, mind and socialization- cognition].

Dam, Dr. Bomba

Visva-Bharati University, India
Field of research: Microbe ecology
Host: Dr. Werner Liesack Max-Planck-Institut für terrestrische Mikrobiologie
  • Bomba Dam, Somasri Dam, Jochen Blom, Werner Liesack: Genome analysis coupled with physiological studies reveals a diverse nitrogen metabolism in Methylocystis sp. strain SC2. In: PLoS ONE. 8(10), 2013, p. e74767 [Methylocystis sp. strain SC2, methanotroph, comparative genomics, pan-genome, core genome, nitrogen fixation, denitrification, nos].

  • Bomba Dam, Somasri Dam, Yonkyu Kim, Werner Liesack: Ammonium induces differential expression of methane and nitrogen metabolism-related genes in Methylocystis sp. strain SC2 . In: Environmental Microbiology. Accepted, 2013, [gene expression/regulation, ecophysiology, environmental signal/stress responses, element cycles and biogeochemical processes, microbial ecology].

Das, Dr. Malay

Presidency University, India
Field of research: Pure research in plant biology
Host: Dr. Anton Schäffner Helmholtz Zentrum München, GmbH Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Gesundheit und Umwelt
  • Yeting Zhang, Monica Fernandez-Aparicio, Eric K Wafula, Malay Das, Yuannian Jiao, Norman J Wickett, Loren A Honaas, Paula E Ralph, Martin F Wojciechowski, Michael P Timko, John I Yoder, James H Westwood, Claude W dePamphilis: A horizontally acquired legume gene, albumin 1, in the parasitic plant Phelipanche aegyptiaca and related species. In: BMC Evolutionary Biology. 13, 2013, [Parasitic plants, Horizontal gene transfer, Phelipanche, Orobanche, Legume, KNOTTIN, Albumin 1, Evolution].

Deek, Dr. Joanna

University of California, Santa Barbara, United States of America
Field of research: Biophysics
Host: Prof. Bausch Andreas Technische Universität München
  • Joanna Deek, Peter J. Chung, Jona Kayser, Andreas R. Bausch, Cyrus R. Safinya: Neurofilament sidearms modulate parallel and crossed-filament orientations inducing nematic to isotropic and re-entrant birefringent hydrogels. In: Nature Communications. 4, 2013.

Dib, Prof. Dr. Julian Rafael

CONICET Planta Piloto de Procesos Industriales Microbiologicos (PROIMI), Germany
Field of research: Microbe genetics
Host: Prof. Dr. Rolf Daniel Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
  • Julian Rafael Dib Wolfgang Liebl Martin Wagenknecht María Eugenia Farías Friedhelm Meinhardt: Extrachromosomal genetic elements in Micrococcus. . In: Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. 97 (1), 2013, p. 63 - 75 [Micrococcus, Extrachromosomal elements, Plasmid, Linear plasmid, Phage].

  • Julian Rafael Dib, Jörg Schuldes, Andrea Thürmer, María E. Farias, Rolf Daniel, Friedhelm Meinhardt: Complete Genome Sequence of pAP13, a Large Linear Plasmid of a Brevibacterium Strain Isolated from a Saline Lake at 4,200 Meters above Sea Level in Argentina. In: Genome Announcements. 6, 2013, [linear plasmids terminal proteins Brevibacterium high-altitude lake ].

  • Julian Rafael Dib, Jörg Schuldes, Andrea Thürmer, María E. Farias, Rolf Daniel, Friedhelm Meinhardt: First Complete Sequence of a Giant Linear Plasmid from a Micrococcus Strain Isolated from an Extremely High-Altitude Lake. In: Genome Announcements. 6, 2013, [Micrococcus linear plasmid terminal protein].

Elsayed Ali, Dr. Hamada

Suez Canal University, Germany
Field of research: Ecology
Host: Dr. Hamada Elsayed Ali Suez Canal Center for Environment and Development
  • Mohamed S. Zaghloul Raafat H. Abdel-Wahab Raouf A. Moustafa Hamada Elsayed Ali: Choosing the Right Diversity Index to Apply in Arid Environments. In: Acta Botanica Hungerica. 55, 2013, p. 93 - 117 [arid environments, diversity indices, flora, Mt Serbal, South Sinai].

Engel, Dr. Benjamin David

, United States of America
Field of research: Cell biochemistry
Host: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Baumeister Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie
  • Sagar Bhogaraju, Benjamin D. Engel, Esben Lorentzen: Intraflagellar transport complex structure and cargo interactions. In: Cilia. 2, 2013, p. 10 - 10 [intraflagellar transport; cilium; IFT; IFT complex; IFT cargo].

Falomir Lockhart, Dr. Lisandro J.

Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina
Field of research: Biochemistry
Host: Dr. Thomas M. Jovin Max-Planck-Institut für biophysikalische Chemie (Karl-Friedrich-Bonhoeffer-Institut)
  • Eduardo De Gerónimo; Luciana Rodriguez Sawicki; Natalia Botasso Arias; Gisela R. Franchini; Fernando Zamarreno; Marcelo D. Costabel; Betina Córsico; Lisandro J. Falomir Lockhart: IFABP Portal Region Insertion during Membrane Interaction Depends on Phospholipid Composition. In: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids. 1841, 2013, p. 141 - 150 [Fatty acid binding protein Protein–lipid interaction Intracellular lipid traffic Intestinal lipid traffic Brominated phospholipid].

Furuya, Prof. Dr. Shinichi

Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc., Japan
Field of research: Neurophysiology
Host: Prof. Dr. Eckart Altenmüller Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover
  • Andre Lee, Shinichi Furuya, Matthias Karst, Eckart Altenmüller: Alteration in predictability of sensory outcome of motor action in focal hand dystonia. In: Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. 7, 2013, p. 172.

  • Sara Winges, Shinichi Furuya, Nathaniel Faber, Martha Flanders: Patterns of muscle activity for digital coarticulation. In: Journal of Neurophysiology. 110, 2013, p. 230 - 242.

  • Shinichi Furuya, Eckart Altenmüller: Flexibility of movement organization in piano performance. In: Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. 7, 2013, p. 173.

  • Shinichi Furuya, Michael Nitsche, Walter Paulus, Eckart Altenmüller: Early optimization in finger dexterity of skilled pianists: implication of transcranial stimulation. In: BMC Neuroscience. 14, 2013, p. 35.

  • Rebecca Schaefer, Shinichi Furuya, Leigh Smith, Blair Kaneshiro, Petri Toiviainen: Probing neural mechanisms of music perception, cognition, and performance using multivariate decoding. In: Psychomusicology. 22, 2013, p. 168 - 174.

  • Shinichi Furuya, Ayumi Nakamura, Noriko Nagata: Transfer of piano practice in fast performance of skilled finger movements. In: BMC Neuroscience. 14, 2013, p. 133.

  • Andre Lee, Kenta Tominaga, Shinichi Furuya, Fumio Miyazaki, Eckart Altenmuller: Task-specific tremor in violinists: evidence of coactivation in the 3-8 Hz frequency range. In: Movement Disorders. 28, 2013, p. 1890 - 1892.

  • Shinichi Furuya, Eckart Altenmüller: Finger-specific loss of independent control of finger movements in musician's dystonia. In: Neuroscience. 247, 2013, p. 152 - 163.

Gnezdilov, Dr. Vladimir

Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation
Field of research: Animal systematology and evolution
Host: Prof. Dr. Hannelore Hoch Museum für Naturkunde - Leibniz-Institut für Evolutions- und Biodiversitätsforschung (MfN)
  • Vladimir Gnezdilov: On the genera Sivaloka Distant, 1906 and Kodaianella Fennah, 1956 (Hemiptera: Fulgoroidea: Issidae). In: Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift. 60(1), 2013, p. 41 - 44 [taxonomy, new synonym, new combinations, lectotype designation].

  • Chan Mei-Ling, Yeh Hsin-Ting & Vladimir Gnezdilov: Thabena brunnifrons (Hemiptera: Issidae), new alien species in Taiwan, with notes on its biology and nymphal morphology. In: Formosan Entomologist. 33, 2013, p. 149 - 159 [alien species, distribution, nymph morphology, host plants].

  • Vladimir Gnezdilov & Masami Hayashi : New synonyms of Sarimodes taimokko Matsumura, 1916 (Hemiptera, Fulgoroidea, Issidae). In: Formosan Entomologist. 33, 2013, p. 161 - 165 [Issini, Paravindilis taiwana, Pterilia formosana, P. taiwanensis, Taiwan].

  • Gnezdilov V.M.: A new species of the genus Augilina Melichar (Hemiptera, Fulgoroidea, Caliscelidae) from Southern Vietnam. In: Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift. 60(2), 2013, p. 171 - 177 [Ommatidiotinae, Augilini, Symplana, new species, Oriental Region, Bamboo].

  • Gnezdilov V.M.: Contribution to the taxonomy of the family Tropiduchidae Stål (Hemiptera, Fulgoroidea) with description of two new tribes from Afrotropical Region. In: Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift. 60(2), 2013, p. 179 - 191 [Systematics, Morphology, Elicinae, Trienopini, Gaetuliina, New genus, New species, Lectotype designation, Tropical Africa, Madagascar].

  • Gnezdilov V.M.: New synonyms and combinations for the planthopper genus Eusarima Yang (Hemiptera, Fulgoroidea, Issidae). In: Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae. 53(2), 2013, p. 485 - 492 [Auchenorrhyncha, Fulgoromorpha, Issini, taxonomy, nomenclature, Taiwan, Japan, Palaearctic Region, Oriental Region].

  • Gnezdilov V.M.: Modern classification and the distribution of the family Issidae Spinola (Homoptera, Auchenorrhyncha, Fulgoroidea). In: Entomologicheskoe obozrenie. 92(4), 2013, p. 724 - 738 [Issidae, systematics, biogeography].

  • Gnezdilov V.M.: Notes on the genus Sarima Melichar (Hemiptera: Fulgoroidea: Issidae) with description of a new genus from Sri Lanka. In: Acta Musei Moraviae, Scientiae biologicae (Brno). 98(2), 2013, p. 175 - 182 [Auchenorrhyncha, Fulgoromorpha, Issini, taxonomy, new combination, lectotype designations, Oriental Region].

  • Mühlethaler R. & Gnezdilov V.M.: Two new species and additional records of the genus Eupteryx Curtis (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Typhlocybinae) from the northern Caucasus. In: Acta Musei Moraviae, Scientiae biologicae (Brno). 98(2), 2013, p. 183 - 189 [Auchenorrhyncha, Cicadomorpha, leafhopper, faunistics, taxonomy, new species, Russia, Krasnodar Territory, Georgia, Abkhazia].

Goehring, Dr. Nathan

Max-Planck-Institut für molekulare Zellbiologie und Genetik, Germany
Field of research: Cell biology, cytobiology
Host: Prof. Dr. Anthony A. Hyman Max-Planck-Institut für molekulare Zellbiologie und Genetik
  • Nathan W Goehring and Stephan W Grill: Cell polarity: mechanochemical patterning. In: Trends in Cell Biology. 23, 2013, p. 72 - 80.

Gogala, Prof. Dr. Matija

Slovenian Natural History Museum, Slovenia
Field of research: Sense physiology, sensory physiology, aethesiophysiology
Host: Prof. Dr. Hannelore Hoch Museum für Naturkunde - Leibniz-Institut für Evolutions- und Biodiversitätsforschung (MfN)
  • Matija Gogala: On the trail of mountain cicadas. Ljubljana: Slow. Akademie der Wissenschaften und Künste, 2013, 173 pp.

Grebennikov, Dr. Vasily

Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), Canada
Field of research: Animal systematology and evolution
Host: Prof. Dr. Rolf G. Beutel Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
  • Vasily Grebennikov: Life in two dimensions or keeping your head down: Lateral exuvial splits in leaf-mining larvae of Pachyschelus (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) and Cameraria (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae). In: European Journal of Entomology. 110, 2013, p. 165 - 72 [entomology phylogeny larva].

Hanafy, Prof. Moemen Sayed

National Research Center, Egypt
Field of research: Pure research in plant biology
Host: Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Jacobsen Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover
  • Moemen S. Hanafy, Antar El-Banna , Heinz Martin Schumacher, Hans-Joerg Jacobsen , Fathi S. Hassan: Enhanced tolerance to drought and salt stresses in transgenic faba bean (Vicia faba L.) plants by heterologous expression of the PR10a gene from potato. In: Plant Cell Reports. 32, 2013, p. 663 - 674 [Vicia faba, Agrobacterium-mediated transformation, Abiotic stress , PR10a, IRES elements , Heterologous expression].

  • Moemen S. Hanafy, Shaikh M. Rahman, Yumi Nakamoto, Toru Fujiwara, Satoshi Naito, Kyo Wakasa, Masao Ishimoto: Differential response of methionine metabolism in two grain legumes, soybean and azuki bean, expressing a mutated form of Arabidopsis cystathionine gamma-synthase. In: Journal of Plant Physiology. 170, 2013, p. 338 - 345 [Azuki bean Cystathionine gamma-synthase Methionine biosynthesis Soybean Transgenic plant].

  • Moemen S. Hanafy, Shaikh M. Rahman, Yumi Nakamoto, Toru Fujiwara, Satoshi Naito, Kyo Wakasa, Masao Ishimoto,: Erratum to “Differential response of methionine metabolism in two grain legumes, soybean and azuki bean, expressing a mutated form of Arabidopsis cystathionine gamma-synthase” [J. Plant Physiol. 170 (January (3)) (2013) 338–345]. In: Journal of Plant Physiology. 170, 2013, p. 1469.

Hara, Dr. Yuki

National Institute of Genetics, Japan
Field of research: Cell biology, cytobiology
Host: Dr. Christoph Merten EMBL Heidelberg - European Molecular Biology Laboratory
  • Yuki Hara, Mari Iwabuchi, Keita Ohsumi, Akatsuki Kimura: Intranuclear DNA Density Affects Chromosome Condensation in Metazoans. In: Molecular Biology of the Cell. 24(15), 2013, p. 2442 - 2453.

  • Yuki Hara, Akatsuki Kimura: An Allometric Relationship between Mitotic Spindle Width, Spindle Length, and Ploidy in Caenorhabditis elegans Embryos. In: Molecular Biology of the Cell. 24(9), 2013, p. 1411 - 1419.

Hartel, Dr. Rudolf-Tiberiu

University Babes-Bolyai, Romania
Field of research: Ecology
Host: Prof. Dr. Jörn Fischer Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
  • Hartel, T., Dorresteijn, I., Kleijn, C., Máthé, O., Moga, C. I., Öllerer, K., Roellig, M., von Wehrden, H. & Fischer, J. : Wood-pastures in a traditional rural region of Eastern Europe: Characteristics, management and status. In: Biological Conservation. 166, 2013, p. 267 - 275.

  • Dorresteijn, I., Hartel, T., Hanspach, J., von Wehrden, H., Fischer, J. : The conservation value of traditional rural landscapes: the case of woodpeckers in Transylvania, Romania. In: PLoS ONE. 8(6), 2013, p. e65236.

  • Hartel, T., von Wehrden, H.: Farmed areas predict the distribution of amphibian ponds in a traditional rural landscape. In: PLoS ONE. 8(5), 2013, p. e63649.

  • Hartel, T: Book review: T. Plieninger and C. Bieling (eds.): Resilience and the cultural landscape – Understanding and managing change in human shaped environments. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. 2012. In: Landscape Ecology. 9, 2013, p. 1841 - 1843.

  • F.Mikulcak, J. Newig, A.I. Milcu, T. Hartel, J. Fischer: Aspirations versus Reality: How EU Policy Impacts on Farmland Biodiversity Conservation in Central Romania. In: Environmental Conservation. 40, 2013, p. 129 - 137 [ biodiversity governance; Common Agricultural Policy; farmland biodiversity; high nature value farming; multi-level governance; Romania; Transylvania].

Hegazi, Prof. Dr. Nabil Abrahim

Cairo University, Egypt
Field of research: Microbiology
Host: Prof. Dr. Eckhard George Institut für Gemüse- und Zierpflanzenbau Großbeeren & Erfurt e.V. (IGZ)
  • Nabil Abrahim Hegazi, Mohamed Fayez, Mervat Hamza: Biofertilizers for Organic Farming. Saarbrücken: Lambert Academic Publishing, 2013, 324 pp.

Hemmateenejad, Prof. Dr. Bahram

Shiraz University, Iran
Field of research: Informatics in biology, computer science in biology
Host: Prof. Dr. Knut Baumann Technische Universität Carolo-Wilhelmina zu Braunschweig
  • Thomas Weikl, Bahram Hemmateenejad: How conformational changes can affect catalysis, inhibition and drug resistance of enzymes with induced-fit binding mechanism such as the HIV-1 protease. In: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Proteins and Proteomics. 1834, 2013, p. 867 - 873 [ Enzyme dynamics; Induced fit; Conformational selection; HIV-1 protease; Non-active-site mutation; Multi-drug resistance].

Hilou, Prof. Dr. Adama

Universite de Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Field of research: Biochemistry
Host: Prof. Dr. Bettina Hause Leibniz-Institut für Pflanzenbiochemie, Halle (IPB)
  • Adama Hilou, Haoqiang Zhang, Philipp Franken, Bettina Hause: Do jasmonates play a role in arbuscular mycorrhiza-induced local bioprotection of Medicago truncatula against root rot disease caused by Aphanomyces euteiches?. In: Springer-Verlag. 2013.

Hindley, Dr. Christopher Jon

Astex Pharmaceuticals, United Kingdom
Field of research: Cell biology, cytobiology
Host: Dr. Jan Pruszak Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
  • Gizem Turaç, Christopher J Hindley, Ria Thomas, Jason A Davis, Michela Deleidi, Thomas Gasser, Erdal Karaöz, Jan Pruszak: Combined flow cytometric analysis of surface and intracellular antigens reveals surface molecule markers of human neuropoiesis. In: PLOS One. 8, 2013, [FACS, neural development, stem cells, surface markers].

Hirschenhauser, Dr. Katharina

Universität Wien, Austria
Field of research: Behavioural physiology, ethology
Host: Dr. Wolfgang Goymann Max-Planck-Institut für Ornithologie
  • Katharina Hirschenhauser, Manfred Gahr, Wolfgang Goymann: Winning and losing in public: Audiences direct future success in Japanese quail. In: Hormones and Behavior. 63, 4, 2013, p. 625 - 633.

Howell, Dr. Katharine Anne

University of Notre Dame, Australia
Field of research: Pure research in plant biology
Host: Prof. Dr. Ralph Bock Max-Planck-Institut für molekulare Pflanzenphysiologie
  • Rodrigo Caroca, Katharine Anne Howell, Claudia Hasse, Stephanie Ruf, Ralph Bock: Design of chimeric expression elements that confer high-level gene activity in chromoplasts . In: The Plant Journal. 73, 2013, p. 368 - 379 [plastid; chromoplasts; plastid transformation; Solanum lycopersicum; transcription; translation; GFP].

Jones, Dr. Adam Christopher

Field of research: Biochemistry
Host: Prof. Dr. Lutz Heide Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
  • Adam C Jones, Bertolt Gust, Andreas Kulik, Lutz Heide, Mark J Buttner, Mervyn J Bibb: Phage P1-Derived Artificial Chromosomes Facilitate Heterologous Expression of the FK506 Gene Cluster. In: PLoS ONE. 8(7), 2013, p. e69319 [Natural Products, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Bacteria, Genetic Engineering, Streptomyces, Artificial Chromosomes, Heterologous Expression, FK506, Tacrolimus].

Karanovic, Prof. Dr. Ivana

Hanyang University, Republic of Korea
Field of research: Animal systematology and evolution
Host: Dr. Dietmar Keyser Universität Hamburg
  • Ivana Karanovic: Earicandona, new genus and the first record of Typhlocypris pratensis (Crustacea, Ostracoda) from South Korea. In: Journal of Species Research. 2, 2013, p. 145 - 158 [biodiversity, Candoninae, East Asia, Podocopida, taxonomy].

  • Ivana Karanovic, Hayato Tanaka: Ostracod genus Parapolycope (Crustacea): Diversity, distribution, and phylogeny, with description of the first representative from Korea. In: Zoologischer Anzeiger. 253, 2013, p. 21 - 35 [Myodocopa, Polycopidae, New species, Systematics, Marine interstitial, Biogeography].

  • Ivana Karanovic, Simone Nunes Brandao: Pseudopolycope (P.) andeep sp. nov. from the deep Southern Ocean (Crustacea, Ostracoda, Cladocopina). In: Zootaxa. 3692, 2013, p. 123 - 135 [Myodocopa, Polycopidae, taxonomy, diversity, Antarctic, ANDEEP-SYSTCO].

  • SERGIO COHUO-DURÁN, MANUEL ELÍAS-GUTIÉRREZ, IVANA KARANOVIC: On three new species of Cypretta Vávra, 1895 (Crustacea: Ostracoda) from the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. In: Zootaxa. 3636, 2013, p. 501 - 524 [Biodiversity, Zoogeography, Systematics, Freshwater Ostracods].

  • Ivana Karanovic, Wonchoel Lee: On the ostracod genus Ilyocypris, with description of one new species from Korea and the first report of males of I. bradyi (Crustacea: Ostracoda: Podocopida). In: Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington. 126, 2013, p. 39 - 71.

Kefi, Dr. Sonia

Universite de Montpellier II (des Sciences et Techniques du Languedoc), France
Field of research: Ecology
Host: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Brose Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
  • Sonia Kéfi, Vasilis Dakos, Marten Scheffer, Egbert H. Van Nes, Max Rietkerk. : Early warning signals also precede non-catastrophic transitions. In: Oikos. 122, 2013, p. 641 - 648.

Kim, Dr. Yangmin

Field of research: Plant physiology
Host: Prof. Dr. Andrea Carminati Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
  • Mohsen Zarebanadkouki, Yangmin X Kim, Andrea Carminati : Where do roots take up water? Neutron radiography of water flow into the roots of transpiring plants growing in soil. In: New Phytologist . 199, 2013, p. 1034 - 1044.

Kohlen, Dr. Wouter

Wageningen University, Netherlands
Field of research: Pure research in plant biology
Host: Prof. Dr. Klaus Theres Max-Planck-Institut für Pflanzenzüchtungsforschung
  • Wouter Kohlen, Tatsiana Charnikhova, Ralph Bours, Juan Antonio López Ráez, Binne Zwanenburg, Harro Bouwmeester: Tomato strigolactones: a more detailed look. In: Plant signaling & behavior. 8, 2013, p. 1 - 6 [Plant physiology, Phytohormones].

Lal, Prof. Dr. Rup

University of Delhi, India
Field of research: Molecular biology
Host: Prof. Dr. Hans-Hermann Richnow Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung - UFZ
  • Devi Lal, Fazlurrahman Khan, Sanjay Kumar Gupta, Peter Schumann, Rup Lal: Edaphobacillus lindanitolerans gen. nov., sp. nov., isolated from hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) contaminated soil. In: J. Basic Microbiol. 53 (9), 2013, p. 758 - 765.

  • Sanjay Kumar Gupta, Devi Lal, Pushp Lata, Naseer Sangwan, Nidhi Garg, Christof Holliger, Rup Lal: Changes in the bacterial community and lin genes diversity during biostimulation of indigenous bacterial community of Hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) dumpsite soil. In: Microbiology. 82(2), 2013, p. 234 - 240.

  • Anjali Saxena, Shailly Anand, Ankita Dua, Naseer Sangwan, Fazlurrahman Khan and Rup Lal: Novosphingobium lindaniclasticum s.nov., a hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) degrading bacterium isolated from HCH dumpsite. In: Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol. 63(6), 2013, p. 2160 - 2167.

  • Swati Jindal, Ankita Dua and Rup Lal: Sphingopyxis indica sp. nov., isolated from a high dose point hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) contaminated dumpsite. In: Int. J. Syst. Evol. Micrbiol. 63(6), 2013, p. 2186 - 2191.

  • Amit Kumar Singh, Nidhi Garg, Naseer Sangwan, Vivek Negi, Roshan Kumar, Surendra Vikram and Rup Lal: Pontibacter ramchanderi sp. nov., isolated from hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) contaminated pond sediment located in the vicinity of a lindane production unit. In: Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol. 63(8), 2013, p. 2829 - 2834.

  • Pooja Sharma, Swati Jindal, Kiran Bala, Kirti Kumari, Neha Niharika, Jasvinder Kaur, Gunjan Pandey, Rinku Pandey, R. J. Russel, J.G. Oakeshott and Rup Lal: Functional screening of enzymes and bacteria for the dechlorination of hexachlorocyclohexane by a high-throughput colorimetric assay. In: Biodegradation (Accepted). 2013.

  • Mansi Verma, Devi Lal, Jaspreet Kaur, Anjali Saxena, Jasvinder Kaur, Shailly Anand and Rup Lal: Phylogenetic analyses of phylum Actinobacteria based on whole genome sequences. In: Research in Microbiology. 164(7), 2013, p. 718 - 728.

  • Ankita Dua, Jaya Malhotra, Anjali Saxena, Fazlurrahman Khan and Rup Lal: Devosia lucknowensis L15T sp. nov., isolated from the hexachlorocyclohexane contaminated pond soil. In: Journal of Microbiology. 51, 2013, p. 689 - 694.

  • Birgit Geueke, Milena E. Miska,Thomas Poiger, Daniel Rentsch, Rup Lal, Christof Holliger and Hans-Peter E. Kohler: Enantioselective dehydrochlorination of δ-HCH and δ- pentachlorocyclohexene by LinA1 and LinA2 from Sphingobium indicum B90A. In: Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 79, 2013, p. 6180 - 6183.

  • Mansi Verma, Devi Lal, Anjali Saxena, Shailly Anand, Jasvinder Kaur, Jaspreet Kaur and Rup Lal: Understanding alternative fluxes/effluxes through comparative metabolic pathway analysis of phylum actinobacteria using a simplified approach. In: Gene. 531, 2013, p. 306 - 317.

Leitao, Dr. Andrei

Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), Brazil
Field of research: Informatics in biology, computer science in biology
Host: Prof. Dr. Angelika Eggert Universität Duisburg-Essen
  • Andrei Leitao, Alexander Schramm, Anelika Eggert: Discovery of a new bioactive molecule for neuroblastoma. In: Chemical Biology & Drug Design. 82, 2013, p. 233 - 241 [anticancer compounds; cell-based assays; cheminformatics; neuroblastoma; tyrosine kinase modulator].

Loydi, Dr. Alejandro

Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina
Field of research: Plant ecology
Host: Prof. Dr. Annette Otte Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen
  • Alejandro Loydi, R. Lutz Eckstein, Annette Otte, Tobias W. Donath: Effects of litter on seedling establishment in natural and semi-natural grasslands: a meta-analysis. In: Journal of Ecology. 101, 2013, p. 454 - 464 [Plant ecology, grasslands, meta-analysis].

Lucero-Estrada, Dr. Cecilia

Universidad Nacional de San Luis, Argentina
Field of research: Microbiology
Host: Prof. Dr. Ingo B. Autenrieth Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
  • Cecilia Stella Marys Lucero Estrada, Lucia Alcaráz, Sara Satorres, Eduardo Manfredi, Lidia del Carmen Velázquez: Presence of enterotoxigenic Staphylococcus aureus in artisan fruit salads in the city of San Luis, Argentina. In: Brazilian Journal of Microbiology. 44, 2013, p. 1155 - 1161 [Identification, characterization, enteropathogens, food].

  • Gabriela Isabel Favier, Cecilia Lucero-Estrada, Valeria Lazarte, María Esther Escudero. : Prevalence, antimicrobial susceptibility, and molecular characterization by PCR and pulsedfield gel electrophoresis (PFGE) of Salmonella spp isolated from food of animal origin in San Luis, Argentina. In: Food Control. 29, 2013, p. 49 - 54 [prevalence, characterization, Salmonella spp, food].

Lundquist, Dr. Peter Knut

Michigan State University, United States of America
Field of research: Pure research in plant biology
Host: Prof. Dr. Andreas Weber Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf
  • Peter K. Lundquist, Anton Poliakov, Lisa Giacomelli, Giulia Friso, Mason Appel, Ryan P. McQuinn, Stuart B. Krasnoff, Elden Rowland, Lalit Ponnala, Qi Sun, Klaas J. van Wijk: Loss of Plastoglobule Kinases ABC1K1 and ABC1K3 Causes Conditional Degreening, Modified Prenyl-Lipids, and Recruitment of the Jasmonic Acid Pathway. In: The Plant Cell. 25, 2013, p. 1818 - 1839.

Machado-Schiaffino, Prof. Dr. Gonzalo

Universidad de Oviedo, Spain
Field of research: Population genetics
Host: Prof. Dr. Axel Meyer Universität Konstanz
  • A.K. Finnegan, A.M. Griffiths, R.A. King, G. Machado-Schiaffino, J.P. Porcher, E. Garcia-Vazquez, D. Bright & J. Stevens: Use of multiple markers demonstrates a cryptic western refugium and postglacial colonisation routes of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) in northwest Europe. In: Heredity . 111, 2013, p. 34 - 43.

  • T. Manousaki, P.M. Hull, H. Kusche, G. Machado-Schiaffino, P. Franchini, C. Harrod, K.R. Elmer & A. Meyer: Parsing parallel evolution: ecological divergence and differential gene expression in the adaptive radiations of thick-lipped Midas cichlid fishes from Nicaragua. In: Molecular Ecology. 22, 2013, p. 650 - 669.

Malashichev, Dr. Yegor

St. Petersburg State University, Russian Federation
Field of research: Animal anatomy and animal morphology
Host: Prof. Dr. Bodo Christ Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
  • Karina Karenina, Andrey Giljov, Yegor Malashichev: Eye as a key element of conspecific image eliciting lateralized response in fish. In: Animal Cognition. 16, 2013, p. 1 - 14 [fish, animal cognition, eye preference, conspecific recognition, laterality].

Marjanovic, Dr. David

Field of research: Palaeozoology
Host: Dr. Florian Witzmann Museum für Naturkunde - Leibniz-Institut für Evolutions- und Biodiversitätsforschung (MfN)
  • David Marjanović Michel Laurin: The origin(s) of extant amphibians: a review with emphasis on the "lepospondyl hypothesis". In: Geodiversitas. 35, 2013, p. 207 - 272 [Amphibia Lissamphibia Albanerpetontidae Temnospondyli Lepospondyli phylogenetics Tetrapoda divergence dating evo-devo Carroll's Gap].

McGaughran, Dr. Angela

Massey University, New Zealand
Field of research: Evolution
Host: Prof. Dr. Ralf J. Sommer Max-Planck-Institut für Entwicklungsbiologie
  • Angela McGaughran, Katy Morgan, Ralf J. Sommer: Unraveling the evolutionary history of the nematode Pristionchus pacificus: from lineage diversification to island colonization. In: Ecology and Evolution. 3, 2013, p. 667 - 675 [Approximate Bayesian Computation, colonization, modeling, nematode, population genetics, Pristionchus pacificus].

  • Ralf J. Sommer, Angela McGaughran: The nematode Pristionchus pacificus as a model system for integrative studies in evolutionary biology. In: Molecular Ecology. 2013, [evolutionary biology, integrative studies, model organism, nematode, Pristionchus pacificus].

Mehnaz, Prof. Dr. Samina

Forman Christian College, Pakistan
Field of research: Microbiology
Host: Dr. Andreas Bechthold Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
  • Sierra Hartney, Sylvie Mazurier, Maeva Girard, Samina Mehnaz, Edward Davis, Harald Gross, Philippe Lemanceau, Joyce Loper: Ferric-pyoverdine recognition by Fpv outer-membrane proteins of Pseudomonas protegens Pf-5. In: Journal of Bacteriology. 195, 4, 2013, p. 765 - 776 [Microbiology].

  • Samina Mehnaz, Rahman Shah Zaib Saleem, Basit Yameen, Isabelle Pianet, Gregor Schnakenburg, Halina Pietraszkiewicz, Fred Valeriote, Michaele Josten, Hans-Georg Sahl, Scott G. Franzblau, Harald Gross: Lahorenoic acid A-C, the ortho dialkyl substituted aromatic acids from the bio-control strain Pseudomonas aurantiaca PB-St2. In: Journal of Natural Products. 76 (2), 2013, p. 135 - 141 [Pseudomonas aurantiaca, secondary metabolites, phenazines, lahorenoic acids, WLIP].

Menezes Blackburn, Dr. Daniel

Sultan Qaboos University, Oman
Field of research: Industrial microbiology, microbiological technology
Host: Dr. Ralf Greiner Max Rubner-Institut, Bundesforschungsinstitut für Ernährung und Lebensmittel
  • Daniel Menezes-Blackburn, Milko Jorquera, Ralf Greiner, Liliana Gianfreda, Maria de la Luz Mora : Phytases and Phytase-Labile Organic Phosphorus in Manures and Soils. In: Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology. 43:9, 2013, p. 916 - 954 [bioavailability, manure, organic phosphorous, phytase, soils].

Millo, Dr. Diego

, Netherlands
Field of research: Biophysical chemistry
Host: Prof. Dr. Peter Hildebrandt Technische Universität Berlin
  • Tillmann Utesch, Diego Millo, Maria Ana Castro, Peter Hildebrandt, Ingo Zebger, Maria Andrea Mroginski: Effect of the Protonation Degree of a Self-Assembled Monolayer on 2 the Immobilization Dynamics of a [NiFe] Hydrogenase. In: Langmuir. 29, 2, 2013, p. 673 - 682.

Morera Cordova, Prof. Dr. Vivian

Yachay Tech University, Ecuador
Field of research: Biochemistry
Host: Prof. Dr. Michael Wink Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
  • María del Carmen Domínguez Horta, Ramón Padrón Palomares, Nelia López Marín, Noraylis Lorenzo Pérez, Ariana Barberá Betancourt, Ariadna Hernández García, Vivian Morera Córdova, Carelia Cosmes Díaz, Nelson J. Merino García, Ariel Vázquez Bonachea, José Suárez Alba : ALTERED PEPTIDE LIGAND DERIVED FROM HSP60 AND PHARMACEUTICAL COMPOSITIONS. In: United States Patent, Patent N0.: US 8,383,771 B2. 2013.

Morett, Prof. Dr. Enrique

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico
Field of research: Microbiology
Host: Dr. Peer Bork EMBL Heidelberg - European Molecular Biology Laboratory
  • Salgado, H. Peralta-Gil, M. Gama-Castro, S. Santos-Zavaleta, A. Muniz-Rascado, L. Garcia-Sotelo, J.S. Weiss, V. Solano-Lira, H. Martinez-Flores, I. Medina-Rivera, A. Salgado-Osorio, G. Alquicira-Hernandez, S. Alquicira-Hernandez, K. Lopez-Fuentes, A. Porron-Sotelo, L. Huerta, A.M. Bonavides-Martinez, C. Balderas-Martinez, Y.I. Pannier, L. Olvera, M. Labastida, A. Jimenez-Jacinto, V. Vega-Alvarado, L. Del Moral-Chavez, V. Hernandez-Alvarez, A. Morett, E. Collado-Vides, J. : RegulonDB v8.0: omics data sets, evolutionary conservation, regulatory phrases, cross-validated gold standards and more. In: Nucleic Acids Res.. 41, 2013, p. 203 - 213.

  • Weiss, V, Medina-Rivera, A, Huerta, AM, Santos-Zavaleta, A, Salgado, H, Morett E and Colado-Vides, J. : Evidence classsification of high-throughput protocols and confidence integration in RegulonDB. In: Database-The Journal of Biological Databases and Curation (Oxford). doi: 10.1093/database/bas059. . 10, 2013.

  • Tsai IJ, Zarowiecki M, Holroyd N, Garciarrubio A, Sanchez-Flores A, ... Morett E, González V, Portillo T, Ochoa-Leyva A, José MV, Sciutto E, Landa A, Jiménez L, Valdés V, Carrero JC, Larralde C, Morales-Montor J, Limón-Lason J, Cai X, Soberón X, Olson PD, Laclette JP, Brehm K, Berriman M. : The genomes of four tapeworm species reveal adaptations to parasitism. In: Nature.. 496, 2013, p. 57 - 63.

  • Balderas-Martínez YI, Savageau M, Salgado H, Pérez-Rueda E, Morett E, Collado-Vides J. : Transcription Factors in Escherichia coli Prefer the Holo Conformation. In: PLoS One. 12;8(6):e65723. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0065723. 12, 2013.

Ndjonka, Prof. Dr. Dieudonne

Universite de Ngaoundere, Cameroon
Field of research: Biochemistry
Host: Prof. Dr. Eva Liebau Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
  • Dieudonne Ndjonka, Rapado LN, Silber AM, Liebau E, Wrenger C: Natural products as a source for treating neglected parasitic diseases. In: Int J Mol Sci.. 14, 2013, p. 3395 - 3439 [neglected infectious diseases; natural compounds; schistosomiasis; river blindness; trypanosomatids].

  • Kurosinski MA, Lüersen K, Dieudonne Ndjonka, Younis AE, Brattig NW, Liebau E: Filarial parasites possess an antizyme but lack a functional ornithine decarboxylase. In: Acta Trop.. 126, 2013, p. 167 - 176 [Filaria Onchocerca Ornithine decarboxylase Antizyme].

  • Dieudonne Ndjonka, Abladam ED, Djafsia B, Ajonina-Ekoti I, Achukwi MD, Liebau E.: Anthelmintic activity of phenolic acids from the axlewood tree Anogeissus leiocarpus on the filarial nematode Onchocerca ochengi and drug-resistant strains of the free-living nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. In: J Helminthol.. 17, 2013, p. 1 - 8 [ellagic acid, gentisic acid, gallic acid].

  • Dieudonne Ndjonka, Abladam ED, Djafsia B, Ajonina-Ekoti I, Achukwi MD, Liebau E.: Anthelmintic activity of phenolic acids from the axlewood tree Anogeissus leiocarpus on the filarial nematode Onchocerca ochengi and drug-resistant strains of the free-living nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. In: J Helminthol.. 17, 2013, p. 1 - 8 [ellagic acid, gentisic acid, gallic acid].

  • Ajonina-Ekoti I, Kurosinski MA, Younis AE, Dieudonne Ndjonka, Tanyi MK, Achukwi M, Eisenbarth A, Ajonina C, Lüersen K, Breloer M, Brattig NW, Liebau E.: Comparative analysis of macrophage migration inhibitory factors (MIFs) from the parasitic nematode Onchocerca volvulus and the free-living nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. In: Parasitol Res. 112, 2013, p. 3335 - 3346.

Nguyen, Priv. Doz. Dr. Truong Quang

Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam
Field of research: Animal systematology and evolution
Host: Dr. Thomas Ziegler Zoologischer Garten Köln
  • Truong Quang Nguyen, Ying-Yong Wang, Jian-Huan Yang, Tanja Lehmann, Minh Duc Le, Thomas Ziegler & Michael Bonkowski: A new species of the Gekko japonicus group (Squamata: Sauria: Gekkonidae) from the border region between China and Vietnam. In: Zootaxa. 3652, 2013, p. 501 - 518 [Systematics, phylogeny, ecology].

  • Truong Quang Nguyen, Trung My Phung, Minh Duc Le, Thomas Ziegler, Wolfgang Böhme : First record of the genus Oreolalax (Anura: Megophryidae) from Vietnam with description of a new species. In: Copeia. 2013 (2), 2013, p. 213 - 222 [Systematics, phylogeny].

  • Thomas Ziegler, Trung My Phung, Minh Duc Le, and Truong Quang Nguyen: A new Cyrtodactylus (Squamata: Gekkonidae) from Phu Yen Province, southern Vietnam. In: Zootaxa. 3686(4), 2013, p. 432 - 446 [Systematics, Phylogeny ].

  • Vinh Quang Luu, Truong Quang Nguyen, Cuong The Pham, Kien Ngoc Dang, Thanh Ngoc Vu, Sladjana Miskovic, Michael Bonkowski, and Thomas Ziegler : No end in sight? Further new records of amphibians and reptiles from Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, Quang Binh Province, Vietnam. In: Biodiversity Journal. 4, 2013, p. 285 - 300 [Systematics, ecology].

  • Truong Quang Nguyen, Khoi Vu Nguyen, Robert W. Van Devender, Michael Bonkowski, and Thomas Ziegler: A new species of Sphenomorphus Fitzinger, 1843 (Squamata: Sauria: Scincidae) from Vietnam. In: Zootaxa. 3734, 2013, p. 56 - 62 [Systematics].

  • Truong Quang Nguyen, Tanja Lehmann, Minh Duc Le, Ha Thuy Duong, Michael Bonkowski, and Thomas Ziegler : A new species of Hemiphyllodactylus (Reptilia: Gekkonidae) from northern Vietnam. In: Zootaxa. 3736, 2013, p. 89 - 98 [Systematics, Phylogeny].

  • Vinh Quang Luu, Truong Quang Nguyen, Thomas Calame, Tuoi Thi Hoang, Sisomphone Southichack, Michae Bonkowski & Thomas Ziegler: New country records of reptiles from Laos. In: Biodiversity Data Journal. 1, 2013, p. 1 - 14 [Systematics, ecology].

  • Vera L. Hecht, Cuong The Pham, Tao Thien Nguyen, Truong Quang Nguyen, Michael Bonkowski & Thomas Ziegler : First report on the herpetofauna of Tay Yen Tu Nature Reserve, northeastern Vietnam. In: Biodiversity Journal. 4, 2013, p. 507 - 552 [Systematics, Ecology].

  • Daniel Jestrzemski, Stefan Schütz, Truong Quang Nguyen, and Thomas Ziegler : A survey of amphibians and reptiles in Chu Mom Ray National Park, Vietnam, with implications for herpetofaunal conservation. In: Asian Journal of Conservation Biology. 2, 2013, p. 88 - 110 [Taxonomy, Ecology, Conservation].

Niemenak, Prof. Dr. Nicolas

Universite de Yaounde I, Germany
Field of research: Plant physiology
Host: Prof. Dr. Bernward Bisping Universität Hamburg
  • Noah A.M., Niemenak N., Sunderhaus S., Haase C., Omokolo N.D., Winkelmann T., Braun H-P : Comparative proteomic analysis of early somatic and zygotic embryogenesis in Theobroma cacao L. In: Journal of Proteomics . 78, 2013, p. 123 - 133 [Theobroma cacao, Embryogenesis, Proteomics, Metabolic pathways].

  • Niemenak N., Noah A.M., Omokolo N.D. : Micropropagation of cocoyam (Xanthosoma sagittifolium L. Schott) in temporary immersion bioreactor. In: Plant Biotechnology Reports. 7, 2013, p. 383 - 390 [Xanthosoma sagittifolium, Temporary immersion bioreactor, Micropropagation, pH, Acclimatization].

Nunes Brandao, Dr. Simone

Universidade Federal Rural do Semi-Arido, Brazil
Field of research: Marine biology
Host: Prof. Dr. Angelika Brandt Universität Hamburg
  • Simone Nunes Brandao: Challenging cosmopolitanism in the deep-sea - The case of “Cythere acanthoderma Brady, 1880” (Crustacea, Ostracoda). In: Revue de Micropaléontologie. 56(2), 2013, p. 2 - 19.

  • Simone Nunes Brandao: Benthic and Planktonic Ostracoda from the Southern Ocean: biodiversity and biogeography. In: Berichte zur Polar- und Meeresforschung. 661, 2013, p. 104 - 105.

  • A Brandt, L Würzberg, Simone Nunes Brandão, S Schnurr, A Meyer-Löbbecke, C Havermans, A Zinkann, K Jörger, E Schwabe, D Janussen, M Vortkamp: Biodiversity and Biogeography of Southern Ocean Macrofauna. In: Berichte zur Polar- und Meeresforschung. 661, 2013, p. 87 - 90.

  • D Janussen, Simone Nunes Brandão, T Cedhagen, F Hauquier, C Havermans, K Jörger, F Lejzerowicz, A Meyer-Löbbecke, S Schnurr, E Schwabe, M Vortkamp, L Würzberg, A Zinnkann, A Brandt: Agassiz Trawl (AGT) Deployments. In: Berichte zur Polar- und Meeresforschung. 331, 2013, p. 115 - 117.

  • Simone Nunes Brandao, M Yasuhara, T Irizuki, D Horne, : The ostracod genus Trachyleberis and its type species. In: Marine Biodiversity. 46, 2013, p. 363 - 405.

  • Simone Nunes Brandao, M Yasuhara: Challenging the deep-sea cosmopolitanism - Taxonomic re-evaluation and biogeography of “Cythere dasyderma Brady, 1880” (Ostracoda). In: Journal of Micropaleontology. 32, 2013, p. 109 - 122.

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  • M Yasuhara, G Hunt, H Okahashi, Simone Nunes Brandao: The “Oxycythereis” problem: taxonomy and palaeobiogeography of deep-sea ostracod genera Pennyella and Rugocythereis. In: Palaeontology. 56(5), 2013, p. 1045 - 1080.

  • W Appeltans, S Ahyong, G Anderson, MV Angel, T Artois, N Bailly, R Bamber, A Barber, I Bartsch, A Berta, M Błażewicz-Paszkowycz, P Bock, G Boxshall, CB Boyko, Simone Nunes Brandao, et al: The Magnitude of Global Marine Species Diversity. In: Current Biology. 22(23), 2013, p. 2189 - 2202.

  • Simone Nunes Brandao, J Sauer, I Schön: Circumantarctic distribution in Southern Ocean benthos? A genetic test using the genus Macroscapha (Crustacea, Ostracoda) as a model. In: Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 55, 2013, p. 1055 - 1069.

O'Connell, Prof. Dr. Michael

National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland
Field of research: Palaeobotany
Host: Prof. Dr. Achim Brauer Helmholtz-Zentrum Potsdam Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ
  • Beatrice Ghilardi, Michael O'Connell: Early Holocene vegetation and climate dynamics with particular reference to the 8.2 ka event: pollen and macrofossil evidence from a small lake in western Ireland. In: Vegetation History and Archaeobotany. 22, 2013, p. 99 - 114 [Holocene; 8.2 ka event; climate change; Ireland].

  • Beatrice Ghilardi, Michael O'Connell: Fine-resolution pollen-analytical study of Holocene woodland dynamics and land use in north Sligo, Ireland. In: Boreas. 42, 2013, p. 623 - 649 [Pollen analysis; human impact; Neolithic; Bronze Age; Ireland].

Oguchi, Dr. Yuki

, Germany
Field of research: Biochemistry
Host: Prof. Dr. Bernd Bukau Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
  • Kummer, E., Oguchi, Y., Seyffer, F., Bukau, B., Mogk, A.: Mechanism of Hsp104/ClpB inhibition by prion curing Guanidinium hydrochloride. In: FEBS letter. 13, 2013, p. 00129-4 [Cellular Quality Control System Molecular Chaperone Structural Biology Disaggregation].

Okonjo, Prof. Dr. Kehinde

, United States of America
Field of research: Biophysical chemistry
Host: Prof. Dr. Alfred Maelicke MPI für Ernährungsphysiologie
  • Idowu Adeogun, Yusuff Olaniyi and Kehinde O. Okonjo: Tertiary conformational transition constant of guinea pig haemoglobin determined from the reaction of 5,5′-dithiobis(2-nitrobenzoate) with CysF9[93]β and CysH3[125]β . In: Covenant Journal of. Physical and Life Sciences . 1, 2013, p. 1 - 8 [Sheep haemoglobin; inositol hexakisphosphate; tertiary structure; transition constant; CysF9[93]β and CysH3[125]β; equilibrium constant].

Ori, Dr. Alessandro

University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
Field of research: Cell biochemistry
Host: Dr. Martin Beck EMBL Heidelberg - European Molecular Biology Laboratory
  • Alessandro Ori, Niccolò Banterle, Murat Iskar, Amparo Andrés‐Pons, Claudia Escher, Huy Khanh Bui, Lenore Sparks, Victor Solis‐Mezarino, Oliver Rinner, Peer Bork, Edward A Lemke, Martin Beck: Cell type-specific nuclear pores: a case in point for context-dependent stoichiometry of molecular machines. In: Molecular Systems Biology. 9, 2013, p. 648 [targeted mass spectrometry, super‐resolution microscopy, stoichiometry, protein complex, nuclear transport, structural biology].

  • Khanh Huy Bui, Alexander von Appen, Amanda L. DiGuilio, Alessandro Ori, Lenore Sparks, Marie-Therese Mackmull, Thomas Bock, Wim Hagen, Amparo Andrés-Pons, Joseph S. Glavy, Martin Beck: Integrated structural analysis of the human nuclear pore complex scaffold. In: Cell. 155, 2013, p. 1233 - 1243 [nuclear pore complex, electron microscopy, cross-linking, mass sprectrometry, nuclear transport, phosphorylation].

Osman, Prof. Dr. Alaa

Al-Azhar University, Egypt
Field of research: Environmental protection, environmental toxicology
Host: Prof. Dr. Werner Kloas Leibniz-Institut für Gewässerökologie und Binnenfischerei (IGB)
  • Alaa Osman; E. Akel; Mahmoud Farrag; Mohsen Moustafa: Feeding behavior of lessepsian fish Etrumeus teres (Dekay, 1842) from the Mediterranean Waters, Egypt. In: Egyptian Journal of Aquatic Research. 39, 2013, p. 275 - 282 [Round herring; Etrumeus teres; Food and feeding behavior; Mediterranean Sea; Egypt].

  • Alaa Osman: Biochemical and physiological Biomarkers in aquatic environmental research- Review article. In: ANGLISTICUM (Conference Proceedings, Special Issue).. 1, 2013, p. 507 - 523 [Biomarkers, aquatic organisms, biochemical biomarkers, physiological biomarkers].

Phartyal, Prof. Dr. Shyam S.

Nalanda University, India
Field of research: Botany
Host: Prof. Dr. Peter Poschlod Universität Regensburg
  • Anurag Dhyani, Shyam S. Phartyal, B.P. Nautiyal, M.C. Nautiyal : Epicotyl morphophysiological dormancy in seeds of Lilium polyphyllum (Liliaceae). In: Journal of Bioscience. 38 , 2013, p. 13 - 19 [Epicotyl dormancy; Liliaceae; Lilium polyphyllum; non-deep simple epicotyl MPD; seed germination].

Pidot, Dr. Sacha James Alexander

University of Melbourne, Australia
Field of research: Bacteriology, single celled or unicellular organisms
Host: Prof. Dr. Christian Hertweck Leibniz-Institut für Naturstoff-Forschung und Infektionsbiologie e. V. - Hans-Knöll-Institut
  • Anne-Catrin Letzel Sacha James Pidot Christian Hertweck: A genomic approach to the cryptic secondary metabolome of the anaerobic world. In: Natural Product Reports . 30, 2013, p. 392 - 428 [Natural products anaerobe Clostridium].

Plavcova, Dr. Lenka

University of Alberta, Canada
Field of research: Plant anatomy and plant morphology
Host: Prof. Dr. Steven Jansen Universität Ulm
  • Lenka Plavcová, Steven Jansen, Matthias Klepsch, Uwe G Hacke: Nobody’s perfect: can irregularities in pit structure influence vulnerability to cavitation?. In: Frontiers in Plant Science. 4, 2013, [bordered pit, pit damage, pit membrane, pit ontogeny, structural irregularity, xylem vulnerability].

Ponte-Sucre, Prof. Dr. Alicia

Universidad Central de Venezuela, Venezuela
Field of research: Parasitology
Host: Prof. Dr. Thomas Dandekar Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg
  • Alicia Ponte-Sucre: Leishmaniasis, the biology of a parasite. In: Drug resistance in Leishmania parasites. Consequences, Molecular Mechanisms, and possible treatments . (Ed. Alicia Ponte-Sucre) Wien: Springer Verlag, 2013, p. 1 - 12 [Leishmaniasis, parasite].

  • Olga Zerpa, Alicia Ponte-Sucre: American tegumentary leishmaniasis. In: Drug resistance in Leishmania parasites. Consequences, Molecular Mechanisms, and possible treatments . (Ed. Alicia Ponte-Sucre, Emilia Diaz, Maritza Padron-Nieves) Wien: Springer, 2013, p. 199 - 211 [American Tegumentary Leishmaniasis].

  • Alicia Ponte-Sucre, Emilia Diaz, Maritza Padron-Nieves: The concept of fitness and drug resistance in Leishmania. In: Drug resistance in Leishmania parasites. Consequences, Molecular Mechanisms, and possible treatments . (Ed. Alicia Ponte-Sucre, Emilia Diaz, Maritza Padron-Nieves) Wien: Springer, 2013, p. 431 - 449 [Leishmania, drug resistance, fitness].

  • Alicia Ponte-Sucre, Emilia Diaz, Maritza Padron-Nieves: Drug resistance in Leishmania parasites. Consequences, Molecular Mechanisms, and possible treatments. Wien: Springer, 2013, 459 pp. [Leishmania, drug resistance].

  • Emilia Díaz, Laszlo Köhidai, Arturo Ríos, Oriana Vanegas, Adrian Silva, Rita Szabó, Gábor Mező, Ferenc Hudecz, H, Alicia Ponte-Sucre. : Cytotoxic and chemotactic effects of branched chain polypeptide conjugates with poly [L-Lysine] backbone. In: Experimental Parasitology. 135, 2013, p. 134 - 141 [Leishmania, chemotaxis, host-parasite interaction].

  • August Stich, Alicia Ponte-Sucre, Ulrike Holzgrabe: Do we need new drugs against Human African trypanosomiasis?. In: Lancet Infectious Diseases. 13, 2013, p. 733 - 734 [Trypanosoma, drug development, Sleeping sickness].

  • Prof. Dr. Alicia Ponte-Sucre, Prof. Emilia Diaz, Prof. Maritza Padron Nieves: Drug resitance in Leishmania parasites. Wien: Springer Verlag, 2013, 449 pp.

  • Prof. Dr. Alicia Ponte-Sucre, Prof. M. Padron-Nieves: Marcadores de resistencia en Leishmania. In: Leishmania: Susceptibilidad in vitro a drogas leishmanicidas vs. retencion de calceina en aislados de pacientes venezolanos con Leishmania Cutanea Difusa, Achivos Venezolanos de Farmacologia y Therapeutica. 32, 2013, p. 29 - 33.

Pupo Escalona, Dr. Elder

Universidad de la Habana, Cuba
Field of research: Biochemical analysis
Host: Prof. Dr. Helmut Brade Forschungszentrum Borstel – Leibniz-Lungenzentrum (FZB)
  • Elder Pupo, Buko Lindner, Helmut Brade, Andra B. Schromm: Intact rough- and smooth-form lipopolysaccharides from Escherichia coli separated by preparative gel electrophoresis exhibit differential biologic activity in human macrophages. In: FEBS Journal. 280, 2013, p. 1095 - 1111 [electrophoresis; human macrophage; lipopolysaccharide fractionation; mass spectrometry].

Ragsdale, Dr. Erik James

Indiana University, United States of America
Field of research: Evolution
Host: Prof. Dr. Ralf J. Sommer Max-Planck-Institut für Entwicklungsbiologie
  • Erik J. Ragsdale, Manuela R. Müller, Christian Rödelsperger, Ralf J. Sommer: A developmental switch coupled to the evolution of plasticity acts through a sulfatase. In: Cell. 45, 2013, p. 922 - 933.

  • Vahan Serobyan, Erik J. Ragsdale, Manuela R. Müller, Ralf J. Sommer: Feeding plasticity in the nematode Pristionchus pacificus is influenced by sex and social context and is linked to developmental speed. In: Evolution & Development. 51, 2013, p. 161 - 170.

  • Erik J. Ragsdale, Natsumi Kanzaki, Waltraud Röseler, Matthias Herrmann, Ralf J. Sommer: Three new species of Pristionchus (Nematoda: Diplogastridae) show morphological divergence through evolutionary intermediates of a novel feeding-structure polymorphism. In: Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. 168, 2013, p. 671 - 698.

  • Natsumi Kanzaki, Erik J. Ragsdale, Matthias Herrmann, Vladislav Susoy, Ralf J. Sommer: Two androdioecious and one dioecious new species of Pristionchus (Nematoda: Diplogastridae): new reference points for the evolution of reproductive mode. In: Journal of Nematology. 45, 2013, p. 172 - 194.

Resa-Infante, Dr. Patricia

IrsiCaixa AIDS Research Institution, Spain
Field of research: Virology, virus and bacteriophages
Host: Prof. Dr. Gülsah Gabriel Universität Hamburg
  • Patricia Resa-Infante, Gülsah Gabriel: The nuclear import machinery is a determinant of influenza virus host adaptation. . In: Bioessays. doi: 10.1002/bies.201200138.. 35(1), 2013, p. 23 - 27.

Rodriguez, Dr. Ariel

Stiftung Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover, Germany
Field of research: Evolution
Host: Prof. Dr. Miguel Vences Technische Universität Carolo-Wilhelmina zu Braunschweig
  • Ariel Rodriguez, Dennis Poth, Stefan Schulz, Marcelo Gehara, Miguel Vences: Genetic diversity, phylogeny and evolution of alkaloid sequestering in Cuban miniaturized frogs of the Eleutherodactylus limbatus group. In: Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 68, 2013, p. 541 - 554 [Amphibia, Anura, Terrarana, Phylogeography, Toxicity, Aposematism].

Roman-Cuesta, Dr. Rosa Maria

Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain
Field of research: Ecology
Host: Prof. Dr. Thomas Knoke Technische Universität München
  • Imma Oliveras, Yadvinder Malhi, Norma Salinas, Vicky Huaman, Erickson Urquiaga-Flores, Jose Kala-Mamani, Jose Antonio Quintano-Loaiza, Israel Cuba- Torres, Nohemi Lizarraga-Morales, Rosa-Maria Roman-Cuesta: Changes in forest structure and composition after fire in tropical montane cloud forests near the Andean treeline. In: Plant Ecology & Diversity. 7, 2013, p. 329 - 340 [bark thickness; fire sensitivity; Peruvian Andes; species diversity; sprouting, tree size; wood density].

Rutherford, Dr. Mark A.

Washington University, United States of America
Field of research: Neurobiology
Host: Prof. Dr. Tobias Moser Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
  • Jing, Z., Rutherford, M.A., Takago, H., Frank, T., Fejtova, A., Khimich, D., Moser, T., Strenzke, N.: Disruption of the Presynaptic Cytomatrix Protein Bassoon Degrades Ribbon Anchorage, Multi-quantal Release, and Sound Encoding at the Hair Cell Afferent Synapse. In: Journal of Neuroscience. 33, 2013, p. 4456 [synaptic vesicle, synaptic ribbon, transmission, mouse mutant, protein function, electrophysiology, immunohistochemistry, single unit, patch clamp].

  • Wong, A.B., Jing, Z., Rutherford, M.A., Frank, T., Strenzke, N., Moser, T.: Concurrent maturation of inner hair cell synaptic Ca2+ influx and auditory nerve spontaneous activity around hearing onset in mice. In: Journal of Neuroscience. 33, 2013, p. 10661 [calcium imaging, calcium channels, cochlea, auditory nerve fiber, spontaneous rate, development].

Sakai, Prof. Dr. Katsushi

Shikoku University, Japan
Field of research: Animal systematology and evolution
Host: Prof. Dr. Michael Türkay Forschungsinstitut und Naturkundemuseum Senckenberg der SNG
  • Katsushi Sakai, Michael Türkay: Revision of the genus Ocypode with the description of a new genus, Hoplocypode (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura). In: Memoirs of the Queensland Museum, Nature. 56 (2), 2013, p. 665 - 794.

Sanabria, Dr. Hugo

Clemson University, United States of America
Field of research: Biophysics
Host: Prof. Dr. Claus Seidel Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf
  • Suren Felekyan, Hugo Sanabria, Stanislav Kalinin, Ralf Kühnemuth, Claus A.M. Seidel: Analyzing Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) with fluctuation algorithms. In: Methods in Enzymology. 519, 2013, p. 39 - 85 [FRET FCS ].

Santiago Alarcon, Dr. Diego

Instituto de Ecologia, Mexico
Field of research: Evolution
Host: Dr. Martin Schaefer Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
  • Bruntje Lüdtke Isabelle Moser Diego Santiago Alarcon Markus Fischer Elisabeth K.V. Kalko H. Martin Schaefer Marcela Suarez-Rubio Marco Tschapka Swen C. Renner: Associations of forest type, parasitism and body condition of two european passerines, Fringilla coelebs and Sylvia atricapilla. In: PLoS ONE. 8, 2013, p. e81395 [Landscape Epidemiology Haemosporidian Avian Malaria Birds].

  • Diego Santiago Alarcon Peter Havelka Eduardo Pineda Gernot Segelbacher H. Martin Schaefer: Urban forests as hubs for novel zoonosis: blood meal analysis, seasonal variation in Culicoides (Diptera:Ceratopogonidae) vectors, and avian haemosporidians. In: Parasitology. 140, 2013, p. 1799 - 1810 [Culicoides Diptera Avian malaria Urban ecology and parasitology].

  • Diego Santiago Alarcon Raeann Mettler Gernot Segelbacher H. Martin Schaefer: Haemosporidian parasitism in the blackcap Sylvia atricapilla in relation to spring arrival and body condition. In: Journal of Avian Biology. 44, 2013, p. 521 - 530 [Sylvia atricapilla Avian malaria Haemoproteus Migration Ecology].

Santos de Freitas, Prof. Dr. Monica

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil
Field of research: Biochemistry
Host: Prof. Dr. Hartmut Oschkinat Leibniz-Institut für Molekulare Pharmakologie (FMP)
  • Fernanda Luna da Silva, Eduardo Coelho Cerqueira, Mônica Santos de Freitas, Daniela Leão Gonçalves, Lilian Terezinha Costa, Cristian Follmer: Vitamins K interact with N-terminus α-synuclein and modulate the protein fibrillization in vitro. Exploring the interaction between quinones and α-synuclein. In: Neurochemistry International. 62 (1), 2013, p. 103 - 112 [Parkinson’s disease; α-Synuclein; Vitamin K; Naphthoquinones; Fibrils].

Schoonderwaldt, Dr. Erwin

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Field of research: Biological motor activity, biomechanics
Host: Prof. Dr. Eckart Altenmüller Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover
  • Erwin Schoonderwaldt, Matthias Demoucron, Eckart Altenmüller, Marc Leman: Auditory perception of note transitions in simulated complex bowing patterns. In: Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. 133/6, 2013, p. 4311 - 4320 [hearing, musical acoustics, musical instruments].

Serra, Dr. Diego Omar

Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina
Field of research: Microbiology
Host: Prof. Dr. Regine Hengge Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • Diego Omar Serra: Microanatomy at cellular resolution and spatial order of physiological differentiation in a bacterial biofilm. In: mBio. 4, 2013, p. 1 - 12 [Amyloid / curli fibres / cyclic-di-GMP / Escherichia coli / extracellular matrix / flagella ].

Simo, Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. habil. Gustave

Universite de Dschang, Cameroon
Field of research: Parasitology
Host: Dr. Jörg Hoheisel Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (DKFZ)
  • Gustave Simo, Pythagore Sobgwi Fogue, Guy Roger Njitchouang, Flobert Njiokou, Jules roger Kuiate, Gerard Cuny, Tazoacha Asonganyi.: Identification and genetic characterization of Trypanosoma congolense in domestic animals of Fontem in the South-West region of Cameroon. In: Infections, Genetic and Evolution. 18, 2013, p. 66 - 73 [Trypanosoma congolense, Microsatellite, Genotypes, Animal African trypanosomiasis].

  • Judith Tchouomene-Labou, Hugues Nana-Djeunga, Gustave Simo, Guy Roger Njitchouang, Gerard Cuny, Tazoacha Asonganyi, Flobert Njiokou. : Spatial and temporal variations relevant to tsetse control in the Bipindi focus of southern Cameroon. In: Parasites and Vectors. . 6, 2013, p. 193 [Sleeping sickness, Trypanosomes, Tsetse flies, Climate, Temporal variation, Bipindi, Cameroon].

  • Smiths Lueong, Gustave Simo, Mamadou Camara, Vincent Jamonneau, Jacques Kabore, Hamidou Ilboudo, Bruno Bucheton, Joerg D Hoheisel, Christine Clayton: The miRNA and mRNA Signatures of Peripheral Blood Cells in Humans Infected with Trypanosoma brucei gambiense. In: Plos One. 8, 2013, p. 7 [Sleeping sickness, MiRNA, Trypanosoma brucei gambiense, ].

  • Illiassou Hamidou Soumana, Gustave Simo, Flobert Njiokou, Bernadette Tchicaya, Adly M.M. Abd-Alla, Gerard Cuny, Anne Geiger. : The bacterial flora of tsetse fly midgut and its effect on trypanosome transmission. In: Journal of Invertebrate Pathology. 112, 2013, p. S89 - S93 [Tsetse fly Sleeping sickness Microbiota Diversity Fitness Vector competence].

  • Daniel M Achukwi, Gellingwater J, Alex M Njan Nloga, Gustave Simo: Lack of evidence for sufficiently isolated populations of Glossina morsitans submorsitans on the Adamawa Plateau of Cameroon following geometric morphometric analysis. In: Advances in Entomology. 1, 2013, p. 1 - 17 [Glossina morsitans submositans; Fly Wing; Geometric Morphometry; Adamawa Plateau Cameroon].

Sineriz, Prof. Dr. Faustino

Planta Piloto de Procesos Industriales Microbiologicos (PROIMI), Argentina
Field of research: Microbiology
Host: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Szewzyk Technische Universität Berlin
  • Leandro A. Sanchez, Manuel Gonzalez-Sierra, Faustino Sineriz, Osvaldo Delgado: Andrimid production at low temperature by a psychrotolerant Serratia proteamaculans strain. In: World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology. 29, 2013, p. 1773 - 1781 [Biotechnology, Applied microbiology, antimicrobials].

Spitzmaul, Dr. Guillermo Federico

Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina
Field of research: Neurophysiology
Host: Prof. Dr. Thomas J. Jentsch Max-Delbrück-Centrum für Molekulare Medizin (MDC) Berlin
  • Guillermo Spitzmaul, Leonardo Tolosa, Beerend H.J. Winkelman, Matthias Heidenreich, Maarten A. Frens, Christian Chabbert, Chris I. de Zeeuw, Thomas J. Jentsch: Vestibular role of KCNQ4 and KCNQ5 K+ channels revealed by mouse models. In: The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2013, [M-current; calyx terminal; utricle; gene disruption; knock-out mouse ].

Stoynov, Dr. Stoyno

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria
Field of research: Molecular biology
Host: Prof. Dr. Adrian Francis Stewart Technische Universität Dresden
  • Marina N. Nedelcheva-Veleva, Mihail Sarov, Ivan Yanakiev, Eva Mihailovska, Miroslav P. Ivanov, Greta C. Panova Stoyno Stoynov: The thermodynamic patterns of eukaryotic genes suggest a mechanism for intron–exon recognition. In: NATURE COMMUNICATIONS. 2101, 2013, [RNA splicing, intron exon thermodynamic stability of DNA thermodynamic stability of RNA].

Szedlacsek, Prof. Dr. Stefan Eugen

Institute of Biochemistry, Romania
Field of research: Biochemistry
Host: Prof. Dr. Axel J. Scheidig Universität des Saarlandes
  • Böhmer F, Szedlacsek S, Tabernero L, Ostman A, den Hertog J.: Protein tyrosine phosphatase structure-function relationships in regulation and pathogenesis. In: FEBS J. . 280, 2013, p. 413 - 431 [protein tyrosine phosphatase, structure-function relationship, pathogenesis, cellular signaling].

Thevenin, Dr. Annelyse

Universite de Paris XI (Paris-Sud), France
Field of research: Informatics in biology, computer science in biology
Host: Prof. Dr. Jens Stoye Universität Bielefeld
  • Marília D. V. Braga, Cedric Chauve, Daniel Doerr, Katharina Jahn, Jens Stoye, Annelyse Thévenin, Roland Wittler: The Potential of Family-Free Genome Comparison. In: Models and Algorithms for Genome Evolution. (Ed. Cedric Chauve, Nadia El-Mabrouk, Eric Tannier) Springer, 2013.

Todorova, Prof. Dr. Albena

Medical University, Bulgaria
Field of research: Human genetics, medical genetics
Host: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Horst Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
  • Albena Todorova, Ivan Litvinenko, Tihomir Todorov, Radka Tincheva, Daniela Avdjieva, Savina Tincheva, Vanyo Mitev : A family with fragile X syndrome, Duchenne muscular dystrophy and ichthyosis transmitted by an asymptomatic carrier. In: Clinical Genetics, doi: 10.1111/cge.12148. 2013, [DMD gene,FMR1 gene, genomic instability,recombination, STS gene].

Tostevin, Dr. Filipe

, Germany
Field of research: Biophysics
Host: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Gerland Technische Universität München
  • Alexander Buchner, Filipe Tostevin, Florian Hinzpeter, Ulrich Gerland: Optimization of collective enzyme activity via spatial localization. In: Journal of Chemical Physics. 139, 2013, p. 135101 [biophysics, reaction-diffusion systems, stochastic processes].

Vazquez-Rodriguez, Dr. Enrique

Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Cientificas, Venezuela
Field of research: Neurophysiology
Host: Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Schaible Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
  • Horacio Vanegas, Enrique Vazquez, Victor Tortorici: Descending Modulation of Nociceptive Transmission During Persistent Damage to Peripheral Tissues. In: Encyclopedia of Pain . (Ed. Gerald F. Gebhart, Robert F. Schmidt) Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 2013, p. 943 - 948 [Descending control of hyperalgesia and allodynia; Descending pain control; Endogenous pain control; PAG; RVM].

Weber, Dr. Michele

Fonds National de la Recherche (FNR), Luxembourg
Field of research: Immunobiology
Host: Dr. Michael Sixt Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie
  • Michele Weber, Robert Hauschild, Jan Schwarz, Christine Moussion, Ingrid de Vries, Daniel F. Legler, Sanjiv A. Luther, Michael Sixt: Interstitial Dendritic Cell Guidance by Haptotactic Chemokine Gradients(Link). In: Science. 339, 2013, p. 328 - 332 [immunology, cell migration, microscopy, skin, chemokine, dendritic cells].

Wilson, Dr. Alexander David Miller

University of Plymouth, United Kingdom
Field of research: Animal ecology and behavioural ecology
Host: Prof. Dr. Jens Krause Leibniz-Institut für Gewässerökologie und Binnenfischerei (IGB)
  • Alexander D.M. Wilson, Stefan Krause, Niels Dingemanse, Jens Krause: Network position: A key component in the characterization of social personality types. In: Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology. 67, 2013, p. 163 - 173 [Animal behavior, personality, social network analysis].

  • Ward, A.J.W., James, R., Wilson, A.D.M. and Webster, M.M. : Site fidelity and localised homing behaviour in three-spined sticklebacks (Gasterosteus aculeatus). In: Behaviour. 150, 2013, p. 1689 - 1708 [behaviour, ecology].

  • Wilson, A.D.M. J. Krause. : Repeated non-agonistic interactions between a bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) and sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) in Azorean Waters. In: Aquatic Mammals. 39, 2013, p. 89 - 96 [cetaceans, behaviour, whales, dolphins].

Zaharieva, Dr. Ivelina Stefanova

Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
Field of research: Biophysical chemistry
Host: Prof. Dr. Holger Dau Freie Universität Berlin
  • Dr. Arindam Indra, Dr. Prashanth W. Menezes, Dr. Ivelina Zaharieva, Elham Baktash, Johannes Pfrommer, Dr. Michael Schwarze, Prof. Dr. Holger Dau, Prof. Dr. Matthias Driess: Active mixed-valent MnOx water oxidation catalysts through partial oxidation (“corrosion”) of nanostructured MnO-particles. In: Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.. 52, 2013, p. 13206 - 13210.

  • Elham Baktash, Ivelina Zaharieva, Marc Schröder, Caren Goebel, Holger Dau, Arne Thomas: Cyanamide route to calcium-manganese oxide foams for water oxidation. In: Dalton Trans. 42, 2013, p. 16920 - 16929.

  • Arno Bergmann, Ivelina Zaharieva, Holger Dau, Peter Strasser: Electrochemical water splitting by layered and 3D cross-linked manganese oxides: correlating structural motifs and catalytic activity. In: Energy Environ. Sci. 6, 2013, p. 2745 - 2755.

  • Subrata Kundu, Florian Felix Pfaff, Enrico Miceli, Dr. Ivelina Zaharieva, Dr. Christian Herwig, Dr. Shenglai Yao, Dr. Erik R. Farquhar, Dr. Uwe Kuhlmann, Dr. Eckhard Bill, Prof. Dr. Peter Hildebrandt, Prof. Dr. Holger Dau, Prof. Dr. Matthias Driess, Prof. Dr. Christian Limberg, Dr. Kallol Ray: Synthesis and characterization of a high–valent mixed metal [CuIII(µ–O)2NiIII]2+ core involving nucleophillic oxo groups. In: Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 52, 2013, p. 5622 - 5626.

Zarre Mobarakeh, Prof. Dr. Shahin

University of Tehran, Iran
Field of research: Plant systematology and evolution
Host: Prof. Dr. Susanne Renner Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
  • Dietrich Podlech, Shahin Zarre: A taxonomic revision of the genus Astragalus L. (Leguminosae) in the Old World. 3 volumes. Vienna, Austria: Naturhistorisches Museum Wien, 2013, 2439 pp. [Astragalus, Taxonomy, Phylogeny, Taxonomic key, Fabaceae, Leguminosae].

  • Ricarda Riina, Jess A Peirson, Dmitry V Geltman, Julián Molero, Božo Frajman, Amirhossein Pahlevani, Laia Barres, Jeffery J Morawetz, Yasaman Salmaki, Shahin Zarre, Aleksey Kryukov, Peter V Bruyns, Paul E Berry: A worldwide molecular phylogeny and classification of the leafy spurges, Euphorbia subgenus Esula (Euphorbiaceae). 62, 2013, p. 316 - 342.