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Bibliographia Humboldtiana

I. Publications by Humboldt Research Fellows from abroad in 2013

Agriculture, agricultural science, forestry, forest science

Agbenin, Prof. Dr. John O.

, Nigeria
Field of research: Soil science
Host: Dr. Gerhard Welp Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
  • Abdulkaldir, A., Leffelaar, P.A., Agbenin, J.O. and Giller, K.E. : Nutrient flows and balances in urban and peri-urban agroecosystems of Kano, Nigeria. In: Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems . 95, 2013, p. 231 - 254 [Soil Fertility].

  • Egwu, G.N. and Agbenin, J.O. : Lead enrichment, adsorption and speciation in urban garden soils under long-term wastewater irrigation in Northern Nigeria. In: Environmental Earth Sciences. 69, 2013, p. 1861 - 1870 [Soil and Environmental Chemistry].

  • Egwu, G.N. and Agbenin, J.O. : The profile distribution of Zn and the Zn2+-pH isotherms of savanna Alfisols irrigated with untreated wastewater in Northern Nigeria. In: Chemical Speciation and Bioavailability . 25, 2013, p. 97 - 105 [Soil Chemistry].

  • Ugbaje, S.U. and Agbenin, J.O. : Suitability of urban wastes for crop production in Zaria, northern Nigeria: bioavailability, phytotoxicity and fractions of micronutrients. In: Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis . 48, 2013, p. 2720 - 2733 [Soil Pollution].

Elagib, Dr. Nadir A. A.

University of Bahrain, Bahrain
Field of research: Agriculture in the tropics and subtropics
Host: Prof. Dr. Lars Ribbe Technische Hochschule Köln
  • NA Elagib, SH Alvi: Moderate solar dimming in an accelerating warming climate of Bahrain . In: International Journal of Global Warming . 5(1), 2013, p. 96 - 107 [solar dimming, solar brightening, climate warming, temperature extremes, sunshine hours, Bahrain].

  • NA Elagib: Meteorological drought and crop yield in sub-Saharan Sudan . In: International Journal of Water Resources and Arid Environments. 3, 2013, p. 164 - 171 [Standardized Precipitation Index Drought frequency Crop yield prediction Sahel Sudan].

Gafur, Prof. Dr. Abdul

Roundtable Ganoderma Management (RGM), Indonesia
Field of research: Forest botany
Host: Prof. Dr. Dominik Begerow Ruhr-Universität Bochum
  • Yuvika, A. Nasution, Abdul Gafur: Actinomycetes isolation and in vitro screening for Xanthomonas biocontrol. In: Jurnal Fitopatologi Indonesia. 9, 2013, p. 124 - 129 [Acacia crassicarpa, antibiotic, biocontrol agent, leaf blight].

Gugsa, Dr. Likyelesh

Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, Ethiopia
Field of research: Plant cultivation, plant genetics
Host: Prof. Dr. Jochen Kumlehn Leibniz-Institut für Pflanzengenetik und Kulturpflanzenforschung (IPK)
  • Gebre E, Gugsa L, Schlüter U, Kunert K.: Transformation of tef (Eragrostis tef) by Agrobacterium through immature embryo regeneration system for inducing-dwarfism. South African Journal of Botany 87: 9-17. In: African Journal of Botany . 87, 2013, p. 9 - 17 [Agrobacterium Eragrostis tef Immature embryos Plant height Semi-dwarf Transformation GA2ox].

  • Gugsa L and Horst Loerz:: Male sterility and gametoclonal variations from gynogenically derived polyploids of tef (Eragrostis tef), zucc. Trotter. In: African Journal of Plant Science . 7(2), 2013, p. 53 - 60 [Eragrostis tef, gametoclonal variations, gynogenesis, male sterility, regenerated lines, ployploids].

  • Getanhun T, Feyissa T and L. Gugsa: Regeneration of plantlets from unpollinated ovary cultures of Ethiopian wheat (Triticum turgidum and Triticum aestivum). (in press). In: African Journal of Biotechnology.. , 2013, p. AJB/20.03.13/12319 [Embryonic tissues, unpollinated ovaries, regenerants, wheat varieties].

Jekayinfa, Prof. Dr. Simeon Olatayo

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (Lautech), Nigeria
Field of research: Agricultural engineering
Host: Dr. Ralf Pecenka Leibniz-Institut für Agrartechnik und Bioökonomie e. V. (ATB)
  • Simeon Olatayo Jekayinfa, Ohijeagbon,I.O.,Waheed,M.A.,Opadokun,O.E: Developmental Design of a Laboratory Fire-Tube Boiler. In: ACTA TECHNICA CORVINIENSIS- Bulleting of Engineering . 6, 2013, p. 1 - 6 [fire-tube; steam boiler; thermodynamics; 3D modelling; laboratory].

  • Ademola Adebayo, Simeon Olatayo Jekayinfa, Bernd Linke: Effect of Co-Digestion on Anaerobic Digestion of Cattle Slurry with Maize Cob at Mesophilic Temperature. In: Journal of Energy Technologies and Policy . 6(7), 2013, p. 47 - 54 [co-digestion, cattle slurry, maize cob, batch experiment, mesophilic temperature].

  • Idehai O. Ohijeagbon, M. Adekojo Waheed, Simeon O. Jekayinfa: Methodology for the physical and chemical exergetic analysis of steam boilers. In: Energy. 53, 2013, p. 153 - 164 [Exergy Energy Steam boilers Chemical exergy Exergy destruction].

  • S. O. Jekayinfa and V. Scholz: Estimation of possible energy contributions of crop residues in Nigeria. In: Int. J. Energy Technology and Policy. 9, 2013, p. 93 - 109 [crop residues; energy value; monetary value; electricity; Nigeria].

Kallarackal, Dr. Jose

, India
Field of research: Forestry, forest science
Host: Prof. Dr. Andreas Bürkert Universität Kassel
  • Jose Kallarackal, Dennis O. Otieno, Bjo¨rn Reineking, Eun-Young Jung, Mark W. T. Schmidt, Andre´ Granier and• John D. Tenhunen: Functional convergence in water use of trees from different geographical regions: a meta-analysis . In: Trees. 27, 2013, p. 787 - 799 [wood density, evapotranspiration, water transport, ecology, sap flux density].

Khalil, Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim

University College Dublin, Ireland
Field of research: Soil science
Host: Prof. Dr. Christoph Müller Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen
  • M.M.R. Jahangir, P. Johnston, M. Barrett, M.I. Khalil, P. Groffman, P. Boeckx, O. Fenton and K.G. Richards: Denitrification and indirect N2O emissions in groundwater: hydrologic and biogeochemical influences. In: Journal of Contaminant Hydrology. 152, 2013, p. 70 - 81 [Denitrification, Excess N2-N, Groundwater, Emission factor, Permeability, Redox-potential].

  • M.I. Khalil, G. Kiely, P. O’Brien and C. Müller. : Estimation of organic carbon stocks in agricultural soils in Ireland using combined empirical and GIS approaches. In: Geoderma. 193-194, 2013, p. 222 - 235 [Carbon stocks, Depth distribution models, Pedotransfer function, Disaggregated agricultural lands, Republic of Ireland].

  • M.I. Khalil, M. Richards, B. Osborne, M. Williams and C. Müller.: Simulation and validation of greenhouse gases and carbon stock in arable lands using the ECOSSE model. In: Atmospheric Environment. 81, 2013, p. 616 - 624 [Greenhouse gases, Carbon balance, Spring barley, Tillage, ECOSSE model].

Khan, Prof. Dr. Md. Nabiul Islam

Khulna University, Bangladesh
Field of research: Forestry, forest science
Host: Prof. Dr. Alexander Knohl Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
  • M.N.I. Khan, S. Sharma, U. Berger, N. Koedam, F. Dahdouh-Guebas, A. Hagihara: How do tree competition and stand dynamics lead to spatial patterns in monospecific mangroves?. In: Biogeosciences. 10, 2013, p. 2803 - 2814 [Intraspecific competition; KiWi model; point pattern analysis; self-thinning; Kandelia obovata; pair-correlation, mark-correlation].

  • Renske Hijbeek, Nico Koedam, Md Nabiul Islam Khan, James Gitundu Kairo, Johan Schoukens, Farid Dahdouh-Guebas: An Evaluation of Plotless Sampling Using Vegetation Simulations and Field Data from a Mangrove Forest. In: PLoS ONE. 8(6), 2013, p. 1 - 10 [Vegetation structure, sampling, plant density, distance based method].

Levia, Prof. Dr. Delphis F.

University of Delaware, United States of America
Field of research: Forest hydrology
Host: Prof. Dr. Beate Michalzik Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
  • Delphis F. Levia*, Beate Michalzik*, Sebastian Bischoff, Kerstin Nӓthe, David R. Legates, Marie-Cecile Gruselle, Susanne Richter [* equal contributors]: Measurement and modeling of diameter distributions of particulate matter in terrestrial solutions. In: Geophysical Research Letters. 40 (7), 2013, p. 1317 - 1321 [ particulate matter; diameter distribution; throughfall; stemflow].

Martin, Dr. Guillaume

Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA), France
Field of research: Crop production, plant production
Host: Prof. Dr. Frank Ewert Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
  • Guillaume Martin, Roger Martin-Clouaire, Michel Duru: Farming system design to feed the changing world. A review. In: Agronomy for Sustainable Development. 33, 2013, p. 131 - 149 [Problemdefinition, Problem solving, Reflection in action, Participation, Optimisation, Simulation, Farm model, Innovation].

Melesse, Prof. Dr. Aberra

Hawassa University, Ethiopia
Field of research: Animal production
Host: Prof. Dr. Markus Rodehutscord Universität Hohenheim
  • Aberra Melesse, Yoseph Getye, Kefyalew Berihun, Sandip Banerjee: Effect of feeding graded levels of Moringa stenopetala leaf meal on growth performance, carcass traits and some serum biochemical parameters of Koekoek chickens. In: Livestock Science. 157, 2013, p. 498 - 505 [Moringa stenopetala leaf meal, Keokoek chicken, Growth traits, Carcass traits, Biochemical parameters].

  • Melesse A., Maak S., Pingel H. and Lengerken G. V.: Assessing the Thermo-Tolerance Potentials of Five Commercial Layer Chicken Genotypes Under Long-Term Heat Stress Environment as Measured by Their Performance Traits. In: Journal of Animal Production Advances. 3, 2013, p. 254 - 264 [Commercial layer chickens, egg quality traits, egg production, heat stress, thermo-neutral temperature, thermo-tolerance].

  • Sandip Banerjee, Aberra Melesse, Eshetu Dotamo, Kefyalew Berihun and Mohammed Beyan: Effect of Feeding Different Dietary Protein Levels with Iso-Caloric Ration on Nutrients Intake and Growth Performances of Dual-Purpose Koekoeck Chicken Breeds. In: International Journal of Applied Poultry Research. 2, 2013, p. 27 - 32 [Crude protein levels; feed conversion efficiency; feed intake; growth performances; Koekoeck chickens].

  • Aberra Melesse, Sandip Banerjee, Admasu Lakew, Fekadu Mersha, Fsahatsion Hailemariam, Shemlis Tsegaye, Tafesse Makebo, Aynalem Haile, Tadelle Dessie: Variations in linear body measurements and establishing prediction equations for live body weight of indigenous sheep populations of southern Ethiopia. In: Ethiopian Journal of Animal Production. 13, 2013, p. 83 - 102 [Morphometrical characters, body weight estimation, indigenous sheep, Southern Ethiopia].

  • Melesse A., Dotamo E., Banerjee S., Berihun K. and Beyan M. : Studies on Carcass Traits, Nutrient Retention and Utilization of Koekoeck Chickens Fed Diets Containing Different Protein Levels with Iso-Caloric Ration. In: Journal of Animal Science Advances. 3, 2013, p. 532 - 543 [Carcass traits, crude protein levels, koekoeck chickens, linear body measurements, nutrient retention, nutrient utilization].

  • Aberra Melesse, Girma Abebe, Roger Merkel, Arthur Goetsch, Lionel Dawson, Terry Gipson and Tilahun Sahlu: Effect of Body Condition Score and Nutritional Flushing on the Reproductive Performances of Spanish and Spanish x Boer Crossbred Does. In: Ethiopian Journal of Agricultural Sciences. 24, 2013, p. 141 - 153 [Body condition score; Body weight; Nutritional flushing; Reproductive traits; Spanish x Boer crosses].

  • A. Melesse, M. Alewi and Y. Teklegiorgis: Evaluating the Reproductive and Egg Production Traits of Local Chickens and Their F1 Crosses with Rhode Island Red and Fayoumi Breeds under Farmers’ Management Conditions. In: Iranian Journal of Applied Animal Science. 3, 2013, p. 379 - 385 [crossbreeding, Farmers management, Fayoumi chicken breed, local Kei chicken, Rhode Island Red chicken breed].

  • Aberra Melesse, Sandip Banerjee, Admasu Lakew, Fekadu Mersha, Fsahatsion Hailemariam, Shimelis Tsegaye and Tafesse Makebo: Morphological characterization of indigenous sheep in Southern Regional State, Ethiopia. In: Animal Genetic Resources. 52, 2013, p. 39 - 50 [phenotypic characterization, qualitative character, linear body measurement, indigenous sheep, Southern Regional State of Ethiopia].

  • Misba Alewi and Aberra Melesse: EVALUATING THE GROWTH PERFORMANCE OF LOCAL KEI CHICKENS AND THEIR F1-CROSSES WITH RHODE ISLAND RED AND FAYOUMI BREEDS IN WATERSHED AREAS OF GURAGHE ADMINISTRATIVE ZONE, SOUTHERN ETHIOPIA. In: Tropical and Subtropical Agroecosystems. 16, 2013, p. 39 - 50 [Farmers’ management; Growth performance; F1-crosses; Rhode Island Red chicken; Fayoumi chicken; Local Kei chicken].

  • Aberra Melesse, Zemene Worku, Yosef Teklegiorgis: Assessment of the prevailing handling and quality of eggs from scavenging indigenous chickens reared in different agro-ecological zones of Ethiopia. In: Journal of Environmental and Occupational Science. 2, 2013, p. 1 - 8 [Agro-ecological zones; Egg handling; Egg quality traits; Rural households; Scavenging chickens].

  • A. Melesse, H. Steingass, J. Boguhn and M. Rodehutscord: In vitro fermentation characteristics and effective utilisable crude protein in leaves and green pods of Moringa stenopetala and Moringa oleifera cultivated at low and mid-altitudes. In: Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition . 97, 2013, p. 537 - 546 [altitude, green pods, in vitro gas production, leaves, Moringa species, utilisable crude protein].

Nautiyal, Prof. Dr. Sunil

Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC), India
Field of research: Agriculture, agricultural science
Host: Dr. Rüdiger Schaldach Universität Kassel
  • Sunil Nautiyal: Knowledge Systems of Societies for Adaptation and Mitigation of Impacts of Climate Change, Environmental Science and Engineering, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-36143-2_1, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. Germany: Springer, 2013, 720 pp. [Carbon Budgeting; Climate Change; Ecology; Socio-Ecological Development; Sustainable Development ].

  • R. L. Semwal, Sunil Nautiyal, R.K. Maikhuri, K.S. Rao, K.G. Saxena : Growth and carbon stocks of multipurpose tree species plantations in degraded lands in Central Himalaya, India. . In: Forest Ecology and Management . 310, 2013, p. 450 - 459 [afforestation, carbon sequestration, peoples’ participation, soil, Himalaya].

  • Sunil Nautiyal: A Transition from Wood Fuel to LPG and Its Impact on Energy Conservation and Health in the Central Himalayas, India. . In: Journal of Mountain Science Springer . 10, 2013, p. 898 - 912 [Himalaya; Energy Conservation; Fuelwood and LPG Transition; Health; Indoor Air Pollution; Social, Ecological and Environmental development].

Nour, Prof. Dr. Abd El Aziz Mousa

Alexandria University, Egypt
Field of research: Agriculture, agricultural science
Host: Prof. Dr. Hansjörg Abel Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
  • E.A. Elwakeel,R.G. Amachawadi, A.M. Nour, M.E.A. Nassar, T.G. Nagaraja, and E.C. Titgemeyer.: In vitro degradation of lysine by ruminal fluid-based fermentations and by Fusobacterium necrophorum. In: J. Dairy Sci... 96, 2013, p. 495 - 505 [ Rumen ,Bacteria,Fusobacterium necrophorum, lysine degradation ].

Nukenine, Prof. Dr. Elias N.

Universite de Ngaoundere, Cameroon
Field of research: Agriculture, agricultural science
Host: Dr. Cornel S. Adler Julius Kühn-Institut - Bundesforschungsinstitut für Kulturpflanzen (JKI)
  • Elias Nchiwan NUKENINE, Florence Pagou CHOUKA, Michael Boboh VABI, Christoph REICHMUTH and Cornel ADLER: Comparative toxicity of four local botanical powders to Sitophilus zeamais and influence of drying regime and particle size on insecticidal efficacy. In: International Journal of Biological and Chemical Sciences. 7, 2013, p. 1313 - 1325.

Ogundari, Dr. Kolawole

University of Delaware, United States of America
Field of research: Agriculture, agricultural science
Host: Prof. Dr. Awudu Abdulai Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
  • Kolawole Ogundari; Awudu Abdulai: Examining the Heterogeneity in Calorie-Income Elasticities: A meta-analysis. In: Food Policy. 40, 2013, p. 119 - 128 [calorie, income elasticity, ].

  • Kolawole Ogundari;Sadiat. F. Arifalo : Determinants of household demand for fresh fruit and vegetable in Nigeria: A double hurdle approach. In: Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture. 52, 2013, p. 199 - 216 [Vegetable, Fruit, Double hurdle, Nigeria].

  • Kolawole Ogundari: A Note on Socio-Economic Characteristics and Demand for Beverages in Nigeria: Does Income matter?. In: Economic Analysis and Policy. 43, 2013, p. 293 - 301 [Beverages, income elasticity, Nigeria].

Oguntunde, Prof. Dr. Philip Gbenro

Federal University of Technology, Nigeria
Field of research: Forest hydrology
Host: Prof. Dr. Gunnar Lischeid Leibniz-Zentrum für Agrarlandschaftsforschung (ZALF) e. V.
  • Philip Gbenro Oguntunde, Babatunde Joseph Abiodun: The impact of climate change on the Niger River Basin hydroclimatology, West Africa. In: Climate Dynamics. 40, 2013, p. 81 - 94 [Climate change, Niger River Basin, Hydroclimatology, Water balance, Moisture recycling ratios].

Onyekwelu, Prof. Dr. Jonathan C.

Federal University of Technology, Nigeria
Field of research: Forestry, forest science
Host: Prof. Dr. Reinhard Mosandl Technische Universität München
  • Agbelade, A.D. and Onyekwelu, J.C. : Poverty Alleviation through Optimizing the Marketing of Garcinia kola and Irvingia gabonensis in Ondo State, Nigeria. In: ISRN Forestry. 2013, 2013, [Poverty Alleviation, market potential, domestication, Garcinia kola, Irvingia gabonensis, Ondo State].

Palocz-Andresen, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael

Leuphana Universität Lüneburg, Germany
Field of research: Pollution control engineering
Host: Prof. Dr. Manfred Engshuber Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg
  • Michael Palocz-Andresen: Decreasing Fuel Consumption and Exhaust Gas Emissions in Transportation; Sensing, Control and Reduction of Emissions. Springer, 2013, 318 pp.

Qadir, Prof. Dr. Manzoor

United Nations University, Canada
Field of research: Agriculture, agricultural science
Host: Prof. Dr. Sven Schubert Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen
  • Qadir, M., A.D. Noble, and C. Chartres.: Adapting to climate change through improving water productivity of soils in dry areas. In: Land Degradation and Development . 24, 2013, p. 12 - 21.

  • Sato, T., M. Qadir, S. Yamamoto, T. Endo, and A. Zahoor. : Global, regional, and country level need for data on wastewater generation, treatment, and reuse. In: Agricultural Water Management . 130, 2013, p. 1 - 13.

Saha, Prof. Dr. Chayan Kumer

Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh
Field of research: Agricultural engineering
Host: Prof. Dr. Thomas Amon Leibniz-Institut für Agrartechnik und Bioökonomie e. V. (ATB)
  • A. Fiedler; C.K. Saha, C. Ammon, T. Amon, W. Berg, C. Loebsin, P. Sanftleben. : Spatial distribution of airflow and CO2 concentration in a naturally ventilated dairy barn. In: Proceedings of the 7th International conference on environmental engineering and management: Integration challenges for sustainability: Conference Abstracts Book. (Ed. Adela Marilena Buburuzan, Brindusa Mihaela Robu, Carmen Teodosiu) "George Asachi" Technical University of Iasi, Romania. : PLOTEHNIUM Publishing house, 2013, p. 39 - 40 [Natural ventilation, air exchange rate, spatial distribution, CO2].

  • C.K. Saha, M. Fiedler, W. Berg, C. Loebsin, C. Ammon, T. Amon : Uncertainty in calculating air exchange rate of naturally ventilated dairy buildings based on point concentrations. In: Proceedings of the 7th International conference on environmental engineering and management: Integration challenges for sustainability: Conference Abstracts Book. . (Ed. Adela Marilena Buburuzan, Brindusa Mihaela Robu, Carmen Teodosiu) "George Asachi" Technical University of Iasi, Romania. : PLOTEHNIUM Publishing house, , 2013, p. 45 - 46 [Uncertainty, air exchange rate, dairy building, concentration, emission].

  • Merike Fiedler, Knut Schröter, Andreas Reinhardt, Chayan Saha, Christiane Loebsin, Werner Berg, Thomas Amon: Wind tunnel investigations on a naturally ventilated barn. In: Landtechnik. 68, 2013, p. 265 - 268 [Ventilation, wind tunnel, air flow, barn climate].

  • Chayan Kumer Saha: Modelling of airflow in a naturally ventilated dairy barn. In: Networking Guide-Kontakte knüpfen im Humboldt-Netzwerk. Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung, 2013, p. 269 - 270 [CFD modelling, Natural ventilation, air velocity, livestock building, turbulence intensity].