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Bibliographia Humboldtiana

II. Publications by Humboldt Research Fellows from Germany in 2014

Earth sciences

Bomfleur, Dr. Benjamin

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany
Field of research: Palaeobotany
Host: Prof. Dr. Thomas N. Taylor University of Kansas
  • Anne-Laure Decombeix, Benjamin Bomfleur, Edith L. Taylor, Thomas N. Taylor: New data on the anatomy and systematic affinities of corystosperm wood from the Triassic of Antarctica. In: Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology. 203, 2014, p. 22 - 34 [Triassic, Antarctica, Corystospermales, Kykloxylon, Jeffersonioxylon, secondary growth].

  • Benjamin Bomfleur, Ashley A. Klymiuk, Edith L. Taylor, Thomas N. Taylor, Erik L. Gulbranson, John L. Isbell: Diverse bryophyte mesofossils from the Triassic of Antarctica. In: Lethaia. 47, 2014, p. 120 - 132 [Biostratinomy, bryophyte fossils, Metzgeriites, Muscites, Pallaviciniites, taphonomy].

  • Elke Schneebeli-Hermann, Wolfram M. Kürschner, Hans Kerp, Benjamin Bomfleur, Peter A. Hochuli, Hugo Bucher, David Ware, Ghazala Roohi: Vegetation history across the Permian–Triassic boundary in Pakistan (Amb section, Salt Range). In: Gondwana Research. 2014, [Dicroidium, Glossopteris, Pakistan, Permian–Triassic, Vegetation turn-over].

  • Benjamin Bomfleur, Robert Schöner, Nadine John, Jörg W. Schneider, Martin Elsner, Lothar Viereck-Goette and Hans Kerp: New Palaeozoic deposits of the Victoria Group in the Eisenhower Range, northern Victoria Land, Antarctica. In: Antarctic Science. 26, 2014, p. 277 - 278.

  • Ignacio H. Escapa, Benjamin Bomfleur, Néstor R. Cuneo, Roberto Scasso: A new marattiaceous fern from the Lower Jurassic of Patagonia (Argentina): the renaissance of Marattiopsis. In: Journal of Systematic Palaeontology. 2014, [Marattiaceae, Marattia, Ptisana, Jurassic, Patagonia].

Brandl, Dr. Philipp A.

GEOMAR Helmholtz-Zentrum für Ozeanforschung Kiel, Germany
Field of research: Geochemistry
Host: Prof. Dr. Karsten Haase Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
  • Alexander R.L. Nichols, Christoph Beier, Philipp A. Brandl, David M. Buchs, Stefan H. Krumm: Geochemistry of volcanic glasses from the Louisville Seamount Trail (IODP Expedition 330): Implications for eruption environments and mantle melting. In: Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems. 15, 2014, p. 1718 - 1738 [Geochemistry, Volatiles, Intraplate volcanism, OIB].

  • Marcel Regelous, Karsten M. Haase, Sarah Freund, Manuel Keith, Christoph Weinzierl, Christoph Beier, Philipp A. Brandl, Timo Endreß, Heike Schmidt: Formation of the Troodos Ophiolite at a triple junction: evidence from trace elements in volcanic glass. In: Chemical Geology. 386, 2014, p. 66 - 79 [Ophiolite, Cyprus, Geochemistry, volcanic glass].

Iturrizaga, Prof. Dr. Lasafam

Universidad Andres Bello, Chile
Field of research: Physical geography
Host: Prof. Dr. Reynaldo Charrier Universidad Andres Bello
  • Lasafam Iturrizaga: Glacial and glacially-conditioned lake types in the Cordillera Blanca, Perú: A spatio-temporal conceptual approach. In: Progress in Physical Geography. 38/5, 2014, p. 602 - 636 [Cordillera Blanca, glacial lake outbursts, glacial lakes, outburst cascades, paleolakes, paraglacial, Quaternary glaciation].

Krings, Prof. Dr. Michael

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany
Field of research: Palaeobotany
Host: Prof. Dr. Thomas N. Taylor University of Kansas
  • Michael Krings, Thomas N. Taylor: A mantled fungal reproductive unit from the Lower Devonian Rhynie chert that demonstrates Carboniferous “sporocarp” morphology and development. In: Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie, Abhandlungen. 273, 2014, p. 197 - 205 [development, hyphal investment, Mycocarpon, fungal “sporocarp”, Glomeromycota, Zwergimyces, zygomycetous fungi ].

  • Michael Krings, Thomas N. Taylor, Nora Dotzler: Microorganisms associated with the seed fern Lyginopteris oldhamia (Binney) H. Potonié (Lyginopteridales) from the Carboniferous of Great Britain. In: Palaeontographica, Abteilung B. 290, 2014, p. 109 - 125 [filamentous microorganisms, fungi, hyphae, Pennsylvanian, pteridosperms, reproduction, saprophytism, sclerotic bar].

  • Michael Krings, Thomas N. Taylor, Edith L. Taylor, Hans Kerp, Nora Dotzler: First record of a fungal “sporocarp” from the Lower Devonian Rhynie chert. In: Palaeobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments . 94, 2014, p. 221 - 227 [Fossil fungi, Hyphal investment, Morphology, Mycocarpon rhyniense, Zwergimyces vestitus, Zygomycetous fungi].

  • Johanna H.A. van Konijnenburg-van Cittert, Evelyn Kustatscher, Kathleen Bauer, Christian Pott, Stefan Schmeißner, Günther Dütsch, Michael Krings: A Selaginellites from the Rhaetian of Wüstenwelsberg (Upper Franconia, Germany). In: Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie, Abhandlungen . 272, 2014, p. 115 - 127 [Lycophytes, Selaginellales, Late Triassic, Uvaesporites, in situ spores].

  • Thomas N. Taylor, Michael Krings, Edith L. Taylor: Fossil Fungi. Burlington MA, London, San Diego CA, New York NY: Elsevier/Academic Press Inc, 2014, xv + 382 pp. [Fungal fossils, Chytridiomycota, Zygomycetous fungi, Glomeromycota, Ascomycota, Basidiomycota, Lichens, Interactions, Peronosporomycetes].

  • Maren Hübers, Benjamin Bomfleur, Michael Krings, Christian Pott, Hans Kerp: A reappraisal of Mississippian (Tournaisian and Visean) adpression floras from central and northwestern Europe. In: Zitteliana A. 54, 2014, p. 39 - 52 [Carboniferous, lycophytes, paleogeography, pteridophylls, sphenophytes ].

  • Michael Krings, Thomas N. Taylor: An unusual fossil microfungus with suggested affinities to the Chytridiomycota from the Lower Devonian Rhynie chert. In: Nowa Hedwigia. 99, 2014, p. 403 - 412 [discharge tube; epibiotic zoosporangium; Illmanomyces corniger; monocentric chytrid; preservation; rhizoidal system].

  • Evelyn Kustatscher, Nora Dotzler, Thomas N. Taylor, Michael Krings: Microalgae from the Lower Devonian Rhynie chert: a new Cymatiosphaera. In: Zitteliana A. 54, 2014, p. 165 - 169 [green algae; phycoma; prasinophytes; Pyramimonadales].

Kruhl, Prof. Dr. Jörn H.

Field of research: Structural geology
Host: Prof. Dr. Volker Höck Universität Salzburg
  • Yilmaz Tim I., Prosser Giacomo, Liotta Domenico, Kruhl Jörn H., Gilg Hans Albert: Repeated hydrothermal quartz crystallization and cataclasis in the Bavarian Pfahl shear zone (Germany). In: Journal of Structural Geology. 68, 2014, p. 158 - 174 [Quartz, Brittle shear zone, Fluidized cataclasite].

Niedermeier, Dr. Dennis

Leibniz-Institut für Troposphärenforschung e.V. (IfT), Germany
Field of research: Meteorology
Host: Prof. Dr. Raymond A. Shaw Michigan Technological University
  • Stefanie Augustin-Bauditz, Heike Wex, Sandra Kanter, Martin Ebert, Dennis Niedermeier, Fabian Stolz, Andrea Prager, Frank Stratmann: The immersion mode ice nucleation behavior of mineral dusts: A comparison of different pure and surface modified dusts. In: Geophysical Research Letters. 41, 2014, p. 1 - 8 [Mineral Dust, Heterogeneous ice nucleation].