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Bibliographia Humboldtiana

II. Publications by Humboldt Research Fellows from Germany in 2014

Biosciences, life sciences

Cichy, Dr. Radoslaw Martin

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany
Field of research: Neurobiology
Host: Prof. Dr. John Allan Hobson Harvard Medical School
  • Radoslaw Martin Cichy, Dimitrios Pantazis, Aude Oliva: Resolving human object recognition in space and time. In: Nature Neuroscience. 17, 2014, p. 455 - 462.

  • Fernando Ramirez, Radoslaw Martin Cichy, Carsten Allefeld, John-Dylan Haynes: The neural code for face orientation in the human fusiform face area. In: Journal of Neuroscience. 34, 2014, p. 12155 - 12167.

Freudenberg, Dr. Florian

Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Field of research: Neurobiology
Host: Prof. Dr. Tansu Celikel University of Southern California
  • H Weber, D Klamer, F Freudenberg, S Kittel-Schneider, O Rivero, C-J Scholz, J Volkert, J Kopf, J Heupel, S Herterich, R Adolfsson, A Alttoa, A Post, H Grußendorf, A Kramer, A Gessner, B Schmidt, S Hempel, CP Jacob, J Sanjuán, MD Moltó, K-P Lesch, CM Freitag, L Kent, A Reif: The genetic contribution of the NO system at the glutamatergic post-synapse to schizophrenia: Further evidence and meta-analysis. In: European neuropsychopharmacology. 24, 2014, p. 65 - 85 [Association; Glutamate; Nitric oxide; Postsynapse; Prefrontal cortex; Schizophrenia].

  • Cynthia M Vied, Florian Freudenberg, Yuting Wang, Alexandre AS Raposo, David Feng, Richard S Nowakowski: A multi-resource data integration approach: identification of candidate genes regulating cell proliferation during neocortical development. In: Frontiers in Neuroscience. 8, 2014, p. 1 - 13 [the allen institute for brain science, neocortex development, gene expression, ventricular zone (VZ), subventricular zone (SVZ), GeneMANIA].

Keller, Dr. Adrian Clemens

Universität Paderborn, Germany
Field of research: Biophysical chemistry
Host: Prof. Dr. Flemming Besenbacher University of Aarhus
  • Janina Kopyra, Adrian Keller, Ilko Bald: On the role of fluoro-substituted nucleosides in DNA radiosensitization for tumor radiation therapy. In: RSC Advances. 4, 2014, p. 6825 - 6829 [dissociative electron attachment, low-energy electrons, chemoradiation therapy, gemcitabin].

Liedvogel, Dr. Miriam

Max-Planck-Institut für Evolutionsbiologie, Germany
Field of research: Zoology
Host: Prof. Dr. Almut Kelber Lund University
  • Miriam Liedvogel, Max Lundberg: The genetics of animal movement and migration syndromes. In: Animal Movement Across Scales . (Ed. L.-A. Hansson, S. Åkesson) Oxford University Press : Oxford University Press , 2014.

  • R. Muheim, J. Boström, S. Åkesson, M. Liedvogel: Sensory mechanisms of animal orientation and navigation. In: Animal Movement Across Scales . (Ed. L.-A. Hansson, S. Åkesson) Oxford University Press : Oxford University Press , 2014.

  • S. Åkesson, J. Boström, M. Liedvogel, R. Muheim: Animal Navigation. In: Animal Movement Across Scales. (Ed. L.-A. Hansson, S. Åkesson) Oxford University Press : Oxford University Press , 2014.

  • R. Muheim, M. Liedvogel: The Light-dependent Magnetic Compass. In: Photobiology. The Science of Life and Light. (Ed. L.O. Björn) Netherlands: Springer Netherlands, 2014.

Niehuis, Prof. Dr. Oliver

Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany
Field of research: Evolution
Host: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Gadau Arizona State University
  • RS Peters, K Meusemann, M Petersen, C Mayer, J Wilbrandt, T Ziesmann, A Donath, KM Kjer, U Aspöck, H Aspöck, A Aberer, A Stamatakis, F Friedrich, F Hünefeld, O Niehuis, RG Beutel, B Misof : The evolutionary history of holometabolous insects inferred from transcriptome-based phylogeny and comprehensive morphological data. In: BMC Evolutionary Biology. 14, 2014, p. 52 [insects, phylogenomics, comparative morphology].

  • B Misof, S Liu, K Meusemann, RS Peters, A Donath, C Mayer, PB Frandsen, J Ware, T Flouri, RG Beutel, O Niehuis, M Petersen, F Izquierdo-Carrasco, T Wappler, J Rust, et al.: Phylogenomics resolves the timing and pattern of insect evolution. In: Science. 346, 2014, p. 763 - 767 [insects, phylogenomics, molecular dating, evolution].

  • G Reder, O Niehuis: Nachweise von Chrysura rufiventris (Dahlbom, 1854) in Deutschland und weitere bemerkenswerte Wespenfunde in Baden-Württemberg, Hessen und Rheinland-Pfalz (Hymenoptera: Aculeata). In: Ampulex. 6, 2014, p. 5 - 12 [Hymenoptera, Aculeata, faunistics].

Peter, Dr. Emanuel

The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic
Field of research: Biophysics
Host: Prof. Dr. Joan-Emma Shea University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Emanuel Peter, Joan-Emma Shea: A hybrid MD-kMC algorithm for folding proteins in explicit solvent. In: Physical chemistry and chemical physics. 2014, [Kinetic Monte Carlo, Protein folding, molecular dynamics, all-atom].

  • Emanuel Peter, M. Agarwal, B-K. Kim, I. V. Pivkin, J-E. Shea: How water layers on graphene affect folding and adsorption of TrpZip2. In: Journal of Chemical Physics. 141, 2014, p. 22D511 [Graphene, Water, Protein folding, TrpZip2].

Schnurbusch, Dr. habil. Thorsten

Leibniz-Institut für Pflanzengenetik und Kulturpflanzenforschung (IPK), Germany
Field of research: Molecular genetics
Host: Prof. Dr. Peter Langridge University of Adelaide
  • PALLOTTA* M., T. SCHNURBUSCH*, J. HAYES, A. HAY, U. BAUMANN, J.G. PAULL, P. LANGRIDGE and T. SUTTON (* joint first-authorship): Molecular basis of adaptation to high soil boron in wheat landraces and elite cultivars. In: Nature. 514, 2014, p. 88 - 91.

  • ALQUDAH, A.M. and T. SCHNURBUSCH : Awn primordium to tipping is the most decisive developmental phase for spikelet survival in barley . In: Funct Plant Biol . 41, 2014, p. 424 - 436.

  • GAWROŃSKI, P., R. ARIYADASA, A. HIMMELBACH, N. POURSAREBANI, B. KILIAN, N. STEIN, B. STEUERNAGEL, G. HENSEL, J. KUMLEHN, S.K. SEHGAL, B.S. GILL, P. GOULD, A. HALL and T. SCHNURBUSCH : A distorted circadian clock causes early flowering and temperature-dependent variation in spike development in the Eps-3Am mutant of einkorn wheat. In: Genetics . 196, 2014, p. 1253 - 1261.

  • POURSAREBANI, N., T. NUSSBAUMER, H. ŠIMKOVÁ, J. ŠAFÁŘ, H. WITSENBOER, J. VAN OEVEREN, J. DOLEŽEL, K.F.X. MAYER, N. STEIN and T. SCHNURBUSCH : Whole genome profiling (WGP) and shotgun sequencing delivers an anchored, gene-decorated, physical map assembly of bread wheat chromosome 6A. In: Plant J. 79, 2014, p. 334 - 347.

  • ALQUDAH, A.M., R. SHARMA, R.K. PASAM, A. GRANER, B. KILIAN and T. SCHNURBUSCH : Genetic dissection of photoperiod response based on GWAS of pre-anthesis phase duration in spring barley . In: PLoS ONE . 9, 2014, p. e113120.

Selinski, Dr. Jennifer

Universität Osnabrück, Germany
Field of research: Plant physiology
Host: Prof. Dr. Karl-Josef Dietz Universität Bielefeld
  • Jennifer Selinski, Nicolas König, Benedikt Wellmeyer, Guy T. Hanke, Vera Linke, H. Ekkehard Neuhaus, Renate Scheibe: The plastid-localized NAD-dependent malate dehydrogenase is crucial for energy homeostasis in developing Arabidopsis thaliana seeds. In: Molecular Plant. 7, 2014, p. 170 - 186 [malate valve, plastidial glycolysis, ammonium assimilation, NADH-GOGAT, redox-balance, embryo lethality].

  • Jennifer Selinski, Renate Scheibe: Lack of malate valve capacities lead to improved N-assimilation and growth in transgenic A. thaliana plants. In: Plant Signaling & Behavior . 9, 2014, p. e29057 [malate valve, plastidial glycolysis, ammonium assimilation, nitrate assimilation, energy supply, redox-balance].

  • Jennifer Selinski, Renate Scheibe: Pollen tube growth: where does the energy come from?. In: Plant Signaling & Behavior. 9, 2014, p. e977200 [energy metabolism, plastidial glycolysis, pollen tube growth, respiration, malate].

Strauss, Dr. Michael

McGill University, Canada
Field of research: Biophysics
Host: Prof. Dr. James Hogle Harvard Medical School
  • Lise Schotte, Michael Strauss, Bert Thys, Hadewych Halewyck, David J Filman, Mihnea Bostina, James M Hogle, Bartholomeus Rombaut: Mechanism of action and capsid-stabilizing properties of VHHs with an in vitro antipolioviral activity. In: Journal of Virology. 88(8), 2014, p. 4403 - 4413 [nanobody, poliovirus, neutralizing antibody].