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Bibliographia Humboldtiana

Publications in 2015

Psychology, education(al) science, pedagogy

Baures, Dr. Robin

Universite Paul Sabatier (Toulouse III), France
Field of research: General psychology
Host: Prof. Dr. Heiko Hecht Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
  • Robin Baures, Simon Bennett, Joe Causer: Temporal estimation with two moving objects: overt and covert pursuit. In: Experimental Brain Research. 233, 2015, p. 253 - 261 [Time-to-contact estimation, Multiple object, Attention, Overt and covert pursuit, Eye movements].

  • Elise Prigent, Clint Hansen, Robin Baures, Cécile Darracq, Michel-Ange Amorim: Predicting where a ball will land: From thrower's body language to ball's motion. In: Experimental Brain Research. 233, 2015, p. 567 - 576 [Facial expression, Body movement, Landing point estimation, Weighting of information].

Bietti, Dr. Lucas M.

Universite de Neuchatel, Switzerland
Field of research: Language psychology
Host: Prof. Dr. Daniel Haun Universität Leipzig
  • Dr. Lucas M. Bietti Dr. Charles B. Stone : Contextualising Human Memory: An interdisciplinary approach to how Individuals and groups remember their pasts. London: Routledge. New York: Routledge , 2015, 234 pp. [Autobiographical memory; collective memory; social interaction; conversations; context; history; silence; PTSD ].

  • Bietti, Lucas M., Sutton, John: Interacting to remember at multiple timescales: Coordination, collaboration, cooperation and culture in joint remembering. In: Interaction Studies. 16, 2015, p. 419 - 450 [Interaction, memory, coordination, collaboration, cooperation, time-scales].

  • Amici, Federica, Bietti, Lucas. M.: Coordination, collaboration and cooperation: Interdisciplinary perspectives. [Introduction to the special issue]. In: Interaction Studies. 16, 2015, p. vii - xii [Coordination, collaboration, cooperation].

  • Bietti, Lucas M. : Contextualizing embodied remembering: autobiographical narratives and multimodal communication. In: Contextualizing Human Memory: An Interdisciplinary Approach to How Individuals and Groups Remember their Pasts . (Ed. Stone, Charles B. & Bietti, Lucas M.) London: Routledge, 2015, p. 127 - 163 [Autobiographical remembering, multimodal communication, embodied cognition ].

  • Amici, Federica, Bietti, Lucas M.: Coordination, Collaboration and Cooperation: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. [Special issue]. In: Interaction Studies . 16, 2015.

  • Bietti, Lucas M., Sutton, John : Multiple timescales of joint remembering in the crafting of a memory-scaffolding tool during collaborative design. In: Proceedings of the EuroAsianPacific Joint Conference on Cognitive Science. (Ed. Airenti, G., Bara, B., Sandini, G. ) 2015, p. 60 - 65 [Collaborative remembering, collaborative design, time-scales, interaction].

  • Bietti, Lucas M., Baker, Michael J, Detienne, Francoise: Joint remembering in co-design: An ethnographic study of functions and multimodal processes. In: Proceedings of the 33rd Annual European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics.. New York: ACM, 2015, p. Art.17 [Joint remembering, multimodal interaction, collaborative design].

Bunk, Dr. Benjamin

Universität Erfurt, Brazil
Field of research: Education(al) science, pedagogy
Host: Prof. Dr. Teivo Teivainen University of Helsinki
  • Benjamin Bunk: StreetART als Aufklärung im öffentlichen Raum. Versuch einer pädagogischen Lektüre von StreetART - Variationen des hebräischen Paradigmas der Pädagogik. In: Pädagogische Kultur des Judentums als moderne Tradition.. (Ed. Annika Blichmann, Karsten Kenklies) Paderborn: Schöningh, 2015, p. 157 - 172 [Street Art, Pedagogic paradigms, Ilumination, ].

  • Benjamin Bunk: 30 Jahre Movimento dos Sem Terra. Von der Bildung einer Bewegung zum Akteur Sozialer Arbeit. In: Soziale Entwicklung – Social Development (Social Work of the South, Band. VI). (Ed. Roland Lutz/ Friso Ross ) Oldenburg: Paulo Freire Verlag, 2015, [Landless workers movement, social pedagogy, Brazil].

  • Benjamin Bunk: Das Weltsozialforum als sozialpädagogischer Ort und Prozess. Globale Soziale Arbeit und der Umgang mit Normalität und Entwicklung(en). In: Soziale Entwicklung – Social Development (Social Work of the South, Band. VI). (Ed. Roland Lutz, Friso Ross) Oldenburg: Paulo Freire Verlag, 2015, [World social forum, International social pedagogy, Care work, Globalizations].

Diehl, Prof. Dr. Manfred

Colorado State University, United States of America
Field of research: Development psychology
Host: Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Wahl Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
  • Manfred Diehl: Subjective Aging and Awareness of Aging: Toward a New Understanding of the Aging Self. In: Annual Review of Gerontology and Geriatrics. 35, 2015, p. 1 - 29.

  • Manfred Diehl: The Role of Subjective Aging Within the Changing Egologies of Aging: Perspectives for Research and Practice. In: Annual Review of Gerontology and Geriatrics. 35, 2015, p. 211 - 245.

Dzuka, Prof. Dr. Jozef

Presov University, Slovakia
Field of research: General psychology
Host: Prof. Dr. Manfred Schmitt Universität Koblenz-Landau
  • Jozef Dzuka: Wellbeing in Slovakia. In: Global Handbook of Quality of Life. Exploration of Well-Being of Nations and Continents. (Ed. Wolfgang Glatzer and Laura Camfield, Valerie Moller, Mariano Rojas) Dodrecht Heidelberg New York London: Springer, 2015, p. 663 - 684 [Quality of life, Well-Being, Slovakia].

Kühn, Prof. Dr. Thomas

International Psychoanalytic University Berlin gGmbH, Germany
Field of research: Industrial psychology, occupational psychology
Host: Prof. Dr. Jesse Jose Souza Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora (UFJF)
  • Thomas Kühn: Kritische Sozialpsychologie des modernen Alltags - Zum Potenzial einer am Lebenslauf orientierten Forschungsperspektive. Wiesbaden: Springer VS, 2015, 328 pp. [Critical Psychology Social Psychology Qualitative Methods National Identity Culture Brazil Germany].

Margraf, Prof. Dr. Jürgen

Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany
Field of research: Clinical psychology
Host: Prof. Dr. Axel Schölmerich Ruhr-Universität Bochum
  • J. Hoyer, J. Velten, C. Benecke, M. Benking, N. Heinrichs, T. In-Albon, T. Lincoln, W. Lutz, A. Schlarb, H. Schöttke, U. Willutzki, J. Margraf: Koordination der Forschung an Hochschulambulanzen für Psychotherapie. Status quo und Agenda. In: Zeitschrift für Psychologie und Psychotherapie. 44, 2015, p. 80 - 87.

  • B. Kleim, F.H. Wilhelm, I. Temp, J. Margraf, B. Wiederhold, B. Rasch : Simply avoiding reactivating fear memory after exposure therapy may help to consolidate fear extinction memory – a reply. In: Psychological Medicine. 45, 2015, p. 887 - 888.

  • A. Machulska, A. Zlomuzica, A. Adolph, M. Rinck, J. Margraf: "A cigarette a day keeps the goodies away": Smokers show automatic approach tendencies for smoking – but not for food-related stimuli. In: PLoS ONE. 2015.

  • A. Maercker, X.C. Zhang, Z. Gao, Y. Kochetkov, S. Lu, Z. Sang, S. Yang, S. Schneider, J. Margraf: Personal value orientations as mediated predictors of mental health: A three-culture study of Chinese, Russian and German university students. In: International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology. 15, 2015, p. 8 - 17.

  • J. Margraf, A. Zlomuzica: Changing the future, not the past: Towards a translational paradigm shift in treating anxiety disorders. In: EMBO Reports. 15, 2015, p. 8 - 17.

  • J. Margraf: Zur Lage der Psychologie. In: Psychologische Rundschau. 66, 2015, p. 1 - 30.

  • J. Margraf, A.H. Meyer, K.L. Lavallee: Psychological health and aims of aesthetic surgery seekers. In: Clinical Psychological Science. 3, 2015, p. 877 - 891.

  • M.C. Pfaltz, V. Kolodyazhniy, J. Blechert, J. Margraf, P. Grossman, F.H. Wilhelm: Metabolic decoupling in daily life in patients with panic disorder and agoraphobia. In: Journal of Psychiatric Research. 68, 2015, p. 377 - 383.

  • A. Wannemüller, G. Sartory, H.-P. Jöhren, J. Margraf: Ein Fünf-Sitzungsprogramm zur Behandlung von Zahnbehandlungsangst. In: Verhaltenstherapie & Verhaltensmedizin. 36, 2015, p. 177 - 196.

  • A. Zlomuzica, F. Preusser, S. Schneider, J. Margraf: Increased perceived self-efficacy facilitates the extinction of fear in healthy participants. In: Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience. 9, 2015, p. 270.

Ogasawara, Prof. Dr. Michio

Hiroshima University, Japan
Field of research: General education(al) science, general pedagogy
Host: Prof. Dr. Dieter Schulz Universität Leipzig
  • Michio Ogasawara: Pädagogik in Japan und in Deutschland - Historische Beziehungen und aktuelle Probleme. Leipzig: Leipziger Universitätsverlag, 2015, 222 pp.

Parise, Dr. Eugenio

University of Lancaster, United Kingdom
Field of research: Development psychology
Host: Prof. Dr. Tricia Striano Max-Planck-Institut für Kognitions- und Neurowissenschaften
  • Christine Michel, Manuela Stets, Eugenio Parise, Vincent Reid, Tricia Striano, Stefanie Hoehl: Theta- and alpha-band EEG activity in response to eye gaze cues in early infancy. In: NeuroImage. 118, 2015, p. 576 - 583 [Infancy; Eye gaze cues; Theta synchronization; Alpha desynchronization].

  • Estefania Domínguez-Martínez, Eugenio Parise, Tommy Strandval, Vincent Reid: The Fixation Distance to the Stimulus Influences ERP Quality: an EEG and Eye Tracking N400 Study. In: PLoS ONE. 10(7), 2015, p. e0134339 [Infants, Eye tracking, ERPs].

  • Dora Kampis, Eugenio Parise, Gergely Csibra, Ágnes Malinda Kovác: Neural signatures for sustaining object representations attributed to others in preverbal human infants. In: Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences. 282(1819), 2015, p. 20151683 [infant cognitive development, social cognition, object representation, theory of mind, metarepresentation].

Stefanucci, Dr. Jeanine

University of Utah, United States of America
Field of research: Psychology
Host: Prof. Dr. Heinrich H. Bülthoff Max-Planck-Institut für biologische Kybernetik
  • Kyle T. Gagnon, Michael N. Geuss, Jeanine K. Stefanucci, Brian R. Baucom, Sarah H. Creem-Regehr: The influence of social context and body size on action judgments for self. In: Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance. 41, 2015, p. 1385 - 1395 [psychology virtual reality].

  • Michael N. Geuss, Jeanine K. Stefanucci, Sarah H. Creem-Regehr, William B. Thompson, Betty J. Mohler : Effect of Display Technology on Perceived Scale of Space. In: Human Factors . 57, 2015, p. 1235 - 1247 [perception psychology computer graphics virtual reality].