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Bibliographia Humboldtiana Index

Bibliographia Humboldtiana

I. Publications by Humboldt Research Fellows from abroad in 2017

Aesthetics, art studies, musicology

Dugga, Prof. Dr. Victor S.

Federal University Lafia, Nigeria
Field of research: Drama, dramatic art, theatre studies
Host: Prof. Dr. Susan Arndt Universität Bayreuth
  • Victor S. Dugga: Tracking the Absence of Theorizing Applied Theater in Africa. In: Re-Writing Pasts and Reimagining Futures: Critical Explorations of Contemporary African Fiction and Theater.. (Ed. Victor N. Gomia and Gil S. Ndi ) Denver: Spears Media Press, 2017, [Literary theory,Africa, applied theatre, practice, scholarship ].

  • Victor S. Dugga: Where Have all the Flowers Gone’? Literary Theory and the ‘Radical’ Movement in African Theatre. In: Theory of Literature and Theory of the Arts and Humanities: Wiener Slawistischer Almanach Sonderbach. 92, 2017, [Literary theory, marxism, drama, Africa].

Fowler, Dr. Michael David

Universität der Künste Berlin, Germany
Field of research: Musicology, music
Host: Prof. Dr. Stefan Weinzierl Technische Universität Berlin
  • Michael Fowler: Architectures of Sound - Acoustic Concepts and Parameters for Architectural Design. Basel, Schweiz: Birkhäuser Verlag GmbH, 2017, 202 pp.

Owens, Dr. Samantha

Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Field of research: History of music
Host: Prof. Dr. Peter Wollny Bach-Archiv Leipzig
  • Samantha Owens: The Well-Travelled Musician: John Sigismond Cousser & Musical Exchange in Baroque Europe. Woodbridge, Suffolk: Boydell Press, 2017, 401 pp.

  • Samantha Owens: “‘The Above Mentioned Aliens’: Rudolf Mersy’s German Band in New Zealand, 1913–19. In: Musicology Australia . 39, 2017, p. 1 - 14.

  • Samantha Owens: ‘Er kan zum Muster dienen’: Kapellmeister Johann Sigismund Kusser and the Performance Materials for the Opera Adonis. In: Transformationen und Metamorphosen. Bericht über die Symposien der Internationalen Händel-Akademie Karlsruhe 2011 bis 2013. (Ed. Thomas Seedorf ) Laaber: Laaber Verlag, 2017, p. 53 - 69.

  • Samantha Owens: Theatre and Stage. In: Early Modern Emotions: An Introduction. (Ed. Susan Broomhall ) Abingdon, UK: Routledge, 2017, p. 228 - 230.

Rajarajan, Dr. Raju Kalidos Kesava

The Gandhigram Rural Institute - Deemed University, India
Field of research: Art studies, art(s)
Host: Prof. Dr. Adalbert J. Gail Freie Universität Berlin
  • R.K.K. Rajarajan: The Liṅga and Bronzes of the Perunakar Temple. In: Nidān: International Journal for Indian Studies, Durban, South Africa. 2.1, 2017, p. 13 - 33 [Linga, Visual Studies, Hinduism].

  • R.K.K. Rajarajan: Tamil and Āriyam. In: Arimā Nōkku: International Journal on Language, Literature, Art, Culture, History, Philosophy and Science. 11.1, 2017, p. 19 - 23 [Tamil Literature, Aryan, Vaisnavism].

  • Rajarajan, R.K.K.: The Liṅga and Bronzes of the Perunakar Temple. In: Nidān: International Journal for Indian Studies, Durban, South Africa. 2.1, 2017, p. 13 - 33 [Hinduism, Linga, Iconography].

  • Rajarajan, R.K.K.: Vallavāḻ, the Abode of Viṣṇu: Formation and Transformation. In: Zeitschrift für Indologie und Südasienstudien, Dr. Ute Hempen Verlag, Bremen, Germany. 34, 2017, p. 215 - 246 [Hindu, Vaisnavism, Tamil literature, Kerala].