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Publications in 2018

Biosciences, life sciences

Bustamante, Dr. Claudia

CONICET, Argentina
Field of research: Plant physiology
Host: Prof. Dr. Alisdair Fernie Max-Planck-Institut für molekulare Pflanzenphysiologie
  • Claudia A. Bustamante, Yariv Brotman, Laura L. Monti, Julieta Gabilondo, Claudio O. Budde, María V. Lara, Alisdair R. Fernie and María F. Drincovich: Differential lipidome remodeling during postharvest of peach varieties with different susceptibility to chilling injury. In: Physiologia Plantarum. 163, 2018, p. 2 - 17 [Lipidome, postharvest, peach fruit, chilling injury].

Carstens, Prof. Dr. Eric Bruce

Queen's University at Kingston, Canada
Field of research: Molecular biology
Host: Prof. Dr. Johannes A. Jehle Julius Kühn-Institut - Bundesforschungsinstitut für Kulturpflanzen (JKI)
  • G Gueli Alletti, E. B. Carstens, B. Weihrauch, JA Jehle: Agrotis segetum nucleopolyhedrovirus but not Agrotis segetum granulovirus replicate in AiE1611T cell line of Agrotis ipsilon. In: Journal of Invertebrate Pathology. 151, 2018, p. 7 - 13 [baculovirus, host range, virus replication, Agrotis].

Chakrabarti, Dr. Sutapa

Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
Field of research: Biophysics
Host: Prof. Dr. Elena Conti Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie
  • Manjeera Gowravaram, Fabien Bonneau, Joanne Kanaan, Vincent D. Maciej, Francesca Fiorini, Saurabh Raj, Vincent Croquette, Hervé Le Hir, Sutapa Chakrabarti: A conserved structural element in the RNA helicase UPF1 regulates its catalytic activity in an isoform-specific manner. In: Nucleic Acids Research. 46(5), 2018, p. 2648 - 2659 [RNA helicase, alternative splicing, X-ray crystal structure, single-molecule studies].

Colombo, Prof. Dr. Jorge

CEMIC-CONICET Unidad de Neurobiologia Aplicada, Argentina
Field of research: Neurobiology
Host: Prof. Dr. Karl Zilles Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf
  • Colombo Jorge A.: "A critical view of the quest for brain structural markers of Albert Einstein’s special talents" (a pot of gold under the rainbow). In: Brain Structure and Function 223, 2018, p. 2515 - 2518 [Interlaminar glia -Cerebral cortex -Corpus callosum- Aging -Cognition -Brain autopsy and cognitive inferences- Corpus callosum- Mind and brain ].

  • Colombo, Jorge A.: "Cellular complexity in subcortical white matter: a distributed control circuit?". In: Brain Structure and Function DOI 10.1007/s00429-018-1609-1. 223, 2018, p. 981 - 985 [Subcortical white matter · Subcortical glial cells and neurons · Interstitial cells · White matter cells · Primate white matter · Ranvier node. Subcortical networks distributed . White matter celularity].

Cox, Prof. Dr. Dr. Murray

Massey University, Germany
Field of research: Genetics
Host: Prof. Mark Stoneking Max-Planck-Institut für evolutionäre Anthropologie
  • N. Brucato, V. Fernandes, S. Mazières, P. Kusuma, M.P. Cox, J.W. Ng’ang’a, M. Omar, M.-C. Simeone-Senelle, C. Frassati, F. Alshamali, B. Fin, A. Boland, J.-F. Deleuze, M. Stoneking, A. Adelaar, A. Crowther, N. Boivin, L. Pereira, P. Bailly, J. Chiaroni, F.-X. Ricaut: The Comoros show the earliest Austronesian gene flow into the Swahili corridor. In: American Journal of Human Genetics. 10, 2018, p. 58 - 68.

Das, Dr. Malay

Presidency University, India
Field of research: Pure research in plant biology
Host: Dr. Anton Schäffner Helmholtz Zentrum München, GmbH Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Gesundheit und Umwelt
  • Smritikana Dutta, Prasun Biswas, Sukanya Chakraborty, Devrani Mitra, Amita Pal, Malay Das*: Identification, characterization and gene expression analyses of important flowering genes related to photoperiodic pathway in bamboo. In: BMC Genomics . 19, 2018, [flowering genes, bamboo, photoperiodic pathway, Flowering Locus T, Constans].

Falfushynska, Dr. Halina

Ternopil V. Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University, Germany
Field of research: Biochemical analysis
Host: Prof. Dr. Inna Sokolova Universität Rostock
  • Falfushynska H., Gnatyshyna L., Ivanina A., Sokolova I.M., Stoliar O.B. : Detoxification and cellular stress responses of unionid mussels Unio tumidus from two cooling ponds to combined nano-ZnO and temperature stress. In: Chemosphere. 193, 2018, p. 1127 - 1142 [Eco-exposome, Nanoparticles, Heating, Mollusks, Cytotoxicity, Molecular chaperones, Cellular thiols].

Hulley, Dr. Percy Alexander

Iziko - South African Museum, South Africa
Field of research: Animal systematology and evolution
Host: Dr. Gerhard Krefft Bundesforschungsanstalt für Fischerei
  • M.P. OLIVAR, T. CONTRERAS, P.A. HULLEY, M. EMELIANOV, C. LóPEZ-PéREZ, V. TUSET, A. CASTELLòN : Variation in the diel vertical distributions of larvae and transforming stages of oceanic fishes across the tropical and equatorial Atlantic. In: Progress in Oceanography. 160, 2018, p. 83 - 100.

  • M.P. OLIVAR, T. CONTRERAS, P.A. HULLEY, M. EMILIANOV, C. LÓPEZ-PÉREZ, V. TUSET, A. CASTELLÓN: Variation in the diel vertical distributions of larvae and transforming stages of oceanic fishes across the tropical and equatorial Atlantic. In: Progress in Oceanography. 160, 2018, p. 83 - 100 [Mesopelagic fishes, early life stages, vertical distribution].

Ibanez Ricoma, Dr. Alejandro

Jagiellonian University, Poland
Field of research: Evolution
Host: Dr. Sebastian Steinfartz Technische Universität Carolo-Wilhelmina zu Braunschweig
  • Alejandro Ibáñez, Corinna Klein, Galo Quezada, Marcus Krüger, Susanne Brodesser, Sebastian Steinfartz: Characterization of lipid structures in femoral secretions of Galápagos marine iguanas by shotgun lipidomics. In: Chemoecology. 28, 2018, p. 21 - 28 [Shotgun lipidomics, Mass spectrometry, Femoral secretions, Marine iguanas].

Igbinosa, Prof. Dr. Etinosa O.

University of Benin, Nigeria
Field of research: Microbiology
Host: Dr. Charles Franz Max Rubner-Institut, Bundesforschungsinstitut für Ernährung und Lebensmittel
  • Etinosa O. Igbinosa, Jana Rathje, Diana Habermann, Erik Brinks, Gyu-Sung Cho, Charles M.A.P. Franz: Draft Genome Sequence of Multidrug-Resistant Strain Citrobacter portucalensis MBTC-1222, Isolated from Uziza (Piper guineense) Leaves in Nigeria. In: Genome Announc. 6, 2018, p. e00123 - 18.

Karanovic, Dr. Ivana

Hanyang University, Republic of Korea
Field of research: Animal systematology and evolution
Host: Dr. Dietmar Keyser Universität Hamburg
  • Ivana Karanovic: A new Candonopsini (Ostracoda) genus from subterranean waters of New South Wales (Australia). In: Zootaxa. 4379, 2018, p. 247 - 267 [Australia, biodiversity, cladistics, stygofauna, taxonomy, zoogeography].

  • Jeungho Kim, Marina Malyutina, Wonchoel Lee, Ivana Karanovic: Incongruence between morphological and molecular diversity in Coxicerberus fukudai (Ito, 1974) (Isopoda: Microcerberidea) from East Asia. In: Journal of Crustacean Biology. 2018.

Kumar, Prof. Dr. Ashwani

University of Rajasthan, India
Field of research: Molecular biology
Host: Prof. Dr. Sven Schubert Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen
  • Kumar Ashwani S. Ogita and Yay. Y-Y : Biofuels:Greenhouse gas mitigation and global warming Next generation biofuels and role of biotechnology . Heidelberg Germany: Springer, 2018, 432 pp. [Global warming Climate change biofuels biotechnology next generation biofuels].

Lujan, Prof. Dr. Hugo Daniel

Universidad Catolica de Cordoba, Argentina
Field of research: Parasitology
Host: Prof. Dr. Tim Sparwasser TWINCORE
  • Hugo Dr. Lujan, Tim D. Sparwasser, Lis Noelia Velasquez, Philipp Stüve, Maria Virginia Gentilini et al.: Targeting Mycobacterium tuberculosis Antigens to Dendritic Cells via the DC-Specific-ICAM3-Grabbing-Nonintegrin Receptor Induces Strong T-Helper 1 Immune Responses. In: Front Immunol - Frontiers in Immunology. 9, 2018, p. 471.

  • Hugo D. Lujan, Tim Sparwasser, Marianela C. Serradella, Pablo R. Gargantinia et al. : Cytokines, antibodies and histopathological profiles during Giardia infection and VSP-based vaccination. In: Infection and Immunity. 86, 2018.

Meseko, Dr. Dr. Clement Adebajo

National Veterinary Research Institute, Germany
Field of research: Virology, virus and bacteriophages
Host: Dr. Anja Globig Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut Bundesforschungsinstitut für Tiergesundheit
  • Binod Kumar, Kumari Asha, Madhu Khanna, Larance Ronsard, Clement Adebajo Meseko, Melvin Sanicas: The emerging influenza virus threat: status and new prospects for its therapy and control. In: Archives of virology. 163, 2018, p. 831 - 844 [Influenza virus, epidemiology, pathogenesis, antiviral drugs and vaccines].

  • Agnes Laleye, Tony Joannis, Ismaila Shittu, Clement Meseko, Gianpiero Zamperin, Adelaide Milani, Bianca Zecchin, Alice Fusaro, Isabella Monne, Celia Abolnik: A two-year monitoring period of the genetic properties of clade 2.3. 2.1 c H5N1 viruses in Nigeria reveals the emergence and co-circulation of distinct genotypes. In: Infection, Genetics and Evolution. 57, 2018, p. 98 - 105 [HPAI; Full-genome sequencing; Co-circulation; Reassortment; Mutation; Evolution].

  • Poonam Sharma, Lindsay F Killmaster, Jeremy D Volkening, Stivalis Cardenas-Garcia, Ismaila Shittu, Clement A Meseko, Lanre K Sulaiman, Tony M Joannis, Patti J Miller, Claudio L Afonso: Draft Genome Sequences of Five Novel Ochrobactrum spp. Isolated from Different Avian Hosts in Nigeria. In: Genome announcements. 6 (11), 2018, p. doi: 10.1128/genomeA.00063-18 [Genome sequences, multidrug-resistant, novel Ochrobactrum strain, avian hosts, Nigeria.].

  • Clement Meseko, Anja Globig, Jeremiah Ijomanta, Tony Joannis, Chika Nwosuh, David Shamaki, Timm Harder, Donata Hoffman, Anne Pohlmann, Martin Beer, Thomas Mettenleiter & Elke Starick: Evidence of exposure of domestic pigs to Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N1 in Nigeria. In: Scientific Reports. 8:5900, 2018, p. DOI:10.1038/s41598-018-24371-6 [Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N1; interspecies transmission; Domestic pigs; pandemic risk; Nigeria.].

Morera Cordova, Prof. Dr. Vivian

Yachay Tech University, Ecuador
Field of research: Biochemistry
Host: Prof. Dr. Michael Wink Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
  • Vivian Morera: Amino acid analysis: an old technique with novel applications. In: Bionatura. Accepted for publication. 2018.

Ntini, Dr. Evgenia

Max-Planck-Institut für molekulare Genetik, Germany
Field of research: Molecular biology
Host: Prof. Dr. Ulf A. Orom Max-Planck-Institut für molekulare Genetik
  • Ntini E, Louloupi A, Liz J, Muino JM, Marsico A, Ørom UAV.: Long ncRNA A-ROD activates its target gene DKK1 at its release from chromatin. In: Nature Communications. 9, 2018, [lncRNA; transcription].

  • Louloupi A, Ntini E, Conrad T, Ørom UAV.: Transient N-6-Methyladenosine Transcriptome Sequencing Reveals a Regulatory Role of m6A in Splicing Efficiency. In: Cell Reports. 23, 2018, p. 3429 - 3437 [RNA modifications, m6A, nascent RNA, splicing dynamics].

Nunez, Dr. Rayner

Instituto de Ecologia y Sistematica, Cuba
Field of research: Zoology
Host: Dr. Axel Hausmann Staatliche Naturwissenschaftliche Sammlungen Bayerns (SNSB)
  • Carlos Prieto, Rayner Nuñez, Axel Hausmann: Molecular species delimitation in the genus Rhamma Johnson, 1992 (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae, Theclinae). In: Mitochondrial DNA Part A. 2018, p. 1 - 18 [Biodiversity; Colombia; mtDNA; DNA barcoding; mitochondrial introgression].

  • Leydis Murillo-Ramos, Renzo Hernandez-Torres, Rayner Núñez, Roger Ayazo: New insights on the taxonomy and phylogenetic relationships of the Neotropical genus Phoebis (Pieridae: Coliadinae) revealed by molecular and morphological data. In: Zootaxa. 4457, 2018, p. 179 - 188 [ Lepidoptera, ancestral states reconstruction, phylogeny, Aphrissa, Rhabdodryas].

Osman, Prof. Dr. Alaa

Al-Azhar University, Egypt
Field of research: Environmental protection, environmental toxicology
Host: Prof. Dr. Werner Kloas Leibniz-Institut für Gewässerökologie und Binnenfischerei (IGB)
  • Sahar Mehanna, Alaa Osman, M. Farrag, Y Ahmed: Age and growth of three common species of goatfish exploited by artisanal fishery in Hurghada fishing area, Egypt. In: Journal of Applied Ichthyology, . 34, 2018, p. 917 - 921 [Age and growth, goatfish, Res Sea, Egypt. ].

  • Alaa Osman, A. El-Ganainy, E. Abd-Allah: Some reproductive aspects of the areolate grouper, Epinephelus areolotus from the Gulf of Suez. Egyptian. In: Egyptian. Journal of Aquatic Research. 44, 2018, p. 51 - 56 [Sex ratio, Spawning season, Fecundity Epinephelus areolatus, Gulf of Suez].

  • Alaa Osman, K. AbouelFadl, A. Abd El Reheem, U. Mahmoud, Werner Kloas,M. Moustafa: Blood Biomarkers in Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus niloticus and African Catfish Clarias gariepinus to Evaluate Water Quality of the River Nile. In: Journal of 12, 2018, p. 1 - 10 [Blood biomarkers; Water pollution; Erythron profile; River Nile; African catfish; Nile tilapia].

  • Alaa Osman, M. Farrag, S. Mehanna, Y. Osman: Use of otolithic morphometrics and ultrastructure for comparing between three goatfish species (Family: Mullidae) from the northern Red Sea, Hurghada, Egypt. In: Iranian Journal of Fisheries Sciences . in press, 2018, [Otolithic morphometrics, goatfish, Red Sea, Hurghada, Egypt].

  • Alaa Osman, M. Farrag, S. Mehanna, Y. Osman: Use of otolithic morphometrics and ultrastructure for comparing between three goatfish species (Family: Mullidae) from the northern Red Sea, Hurghada, Egypt. In: Iranian Journal of Fisheries Sciences . in press, 2018, [Otolithic morphometrics, goatfish, Red Sea, Hurghada, Egypt].

Ponte-Sucre, Prof. Dr. Alicia

Universidad Central de Venezuela, Venezuela
Field of research: Parasitology
Host: August Stich Missionsärztliche Klinik Würzburg
  • Anthony Febres, Oriana Vanegas, Michelle Giammarresi, Carlos Gomes, Emilia Díaz, Alicia Ponte-Sucre: Is the activity of CGRP and Adrenomedullin regulated by RAMP (−2) and (−3) in Trypanosomatidae? An in-silico approach. In: Infection, Genetics and Evolution. 61, 2018, p. 197 - 206 [Leishmania (Viannia) braziliensis Adrenomedullin Calcitonin-like receptor Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide Chemotactic response Hypothetical Leishmania protein Leishmania folylpolyglutamate synthase Predicted proteome Receptor Activity Modifier Pro].

Raimondi, Dr. Francesco

Universita degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy
Field of research: Informatics in biology, computer science in biology
Host: Prof. Dr. Robert B. Russell Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
  • Juan Carlos Gonzalez-Sanchez, Francesco Raimondi, Robert Bruce Russell: Cancer genetics meets biomolecular mechanism—bridging an age-old gulf. In: FEBS Letters. 2018, [Bioinformatics Cancer genomics Molecular and Structural Biology Precision Medicine].

Ruiz, Dr. Jimena Alicia

Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnicas, CONICET, Argentina
Field of research: Bacteriology, single celled or unicellular organisms
Host: Prof. Dr. Kirsten Jung Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU)
  • Ester Simonetti, Irma Roberts, Marcela Montecchia, Flavio Gutierrez-Boem, Federico Gomez and Jimena A. Ruiz: A novel Burkholderia ambifaria strain able to degrade the mycotoxin fusaric acid and to inhibit Fusarium spp. growth. In: Microbiological Research. 206, 2018, p. 50 - 59 [Microbiology, fusaric acid degradation, fungal antagonism. Burkholderia ambifaria].

Santos de Freitas, Prof. Dr. Monica

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil
Field of research: Biochemistry
Host: Prof. Dr. Hartmut Oschkinat Leibniz-Institut für Molekulare Pharmakologie (FMP)
  • Mônica Santos de Freitas, Raheleh Rezaei Araghi, Enrico Brandenburg, Jork Leitererd, Franziska Emmerling, Kristin Folmert, Ulla I.M.Gerling-Driessen, Benjamin Bardiaux, Christoph Böttcher, Kevin Pagel, Anne Diehl, Hans v.Berlepsch, Hartmut Oschkinat, Beate Koksch: The protofilament architecture of a de novo designed coiled coil-based amyloidogenic peptide. In: Journal of Structural Biology. 2018, [Amyloid fibrils, Electron microscopy, Solid-state NMR].

Scheepens, Dr. Johannes Fredericus

Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Germany
Field of research: Plant ecology
Host: Prof. Dr. Oliver Bossdorf Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
  • J.F. Scheepens, Robert Rauschkolb, Rebekka Ziegler, Veronica Schroth, Oliver Bossdorf: Genotypic diversity and environmental variability affect the invasibility of experimental plant populations. In: Oikos. 127, 2018, p. 570 - 578 [Plant population biology, Ecological genetics, Invasion biology].

Spallek, Dr. Thomas

Universität Hohenheim, Germany
Field of research: Plant pathology, parasitology
Host: Prof. Dr. Ken Shirasu RIKEN Plant Science Center
  • Thomas Spallek, Pamela Gan, Yasuhiro Kadota, Ken Shirasu: Same tune, different song — cytokinins as virulence factors in plant–pathogen interactions?. In: Current Opinion in Plant Biology. 44, 2018, p. 82 - 87.

Stoynov, Dr. Stoyno

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria
Field of research: Molecular biology
Host: Prof. Dr. Adrian Francis Stewart Technische Universität Dresden
  • Radoslav Aleksandrov, Anton Dotchev, Ina Poser, Dragomir Krastev, Georgi Georgiev, Greta Panova, Yordan Babukov, Georgi Danovski, Teodora Dyankova, Lars Hubatsch, Aneliya Ivanova, Aleksandar Atemin, Marina Nedelcheva-Veleva, Susanne Hasse, Mihail Sarov, Frank Buchholz, Anthony Hyman, Stephan Grill, Stoyno Stoynov: Protein Dynamics in Complex DNA Lesions. In: Molecular Cell. 69, 2018, p. 1046 - 1061 [BER; DNA damage tolerance; DNA repair dynamics; DSB repair; NER; PARP inhibition; anticancer drug evaluation; live-cell imaging; mathematical modeling; translesion synthesis].

Vicario, Prof. Dr. Carmelo

Bangor University, Germany
Field of research: Neurophysiology
Host: Prof. Dr. Michael A. Nitsche Leibniz-Institut für Arbeitsforschung an der TU Dortmund (IfADo)
  • Vicario C M, Nitsche, M A: tDCS in Pediatric Neuropsychiatric Disorders. In: Neurotechnology and Brain Stimulation in Pediatric Psychiatric and Neurodevelopmental DisorderEdition: FirstChapter: 9Publisher: . (Ed. Lindsay Oberman, Peter Enticott) Elsevier, 2018.