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Bibliographia Humboldtiana

II. Publications by Humboldt Research Fellows from Germany in 2018

Earth sciences

Bechtold, Dr. Michel

Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut Bundesforschungsinstitut für Ländliche Räume, Wald und Fischerei, Belgium
Field of research: Geophysics
Host: Prof. Dr. Dirk Roose Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
  • Michel Bechtold, Stefan Schlaffer, Bärbel Tiemeyer, Gabrielle De Lannoy: Inferring Water Table Depth Dynamics from ENVISAT-ASAR C-Band Backscatter over a Range of Peatlands from Deeply-Drained to Natural Conditions. In: Remote Sensing. 10, 2018, p. 1 - 20 [SAR; peatland; bog; fen; wetland; drainage; water table depth; soil moisture; backscatter; cross-over angle].

Iturrizaga, Prof. Dr. Lasafam

Universidad Andres Bello, Chile
Field of research: Physical geography
Host: Prof. Dr. Reynaldo Charrier Universidad Andres Bello
  • Iturrizaga, Lasafam: Glacial landform assemblages and pedestal moraines in the Cordillera Blanca (Peru). In: Geomorphology. 318, 2018, p. 283 - 302 [Glacial geomorphology, Cordillera Blanca, Peru].

Kruhl, Prof. Dr. Jörn H.

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU), Germany
Field of research: Structural geology
Host: Prof. Dr. Volker Höck Universität Salzburg
  • Jörn H. Kruhl, Rameshwar Adhikari, Uwe E. Dorka: Earthquakes as events of inter- and intra-disciplinary character – with special reference to the Gorkha 2015 Earthquake in Nepal. In: Living Under the Threat of Earthquakes -- Short and Long-term Management of Earthquake Risks and Damage Prevention in Nepal.. (Ed. Jörn H. Kruhl, Rameshwar Adhikari, Uwe E. Dorka) Heidelberg: Springer, 2018, p. 1 - 24 [Earthquake, natural catastrophe, disaster preparedness, disaster management, Nepal ].