Methodological notes

How are the calculations done?

In order to achieve a proper, comparative examination, all significant stays undertaken by Humboldtians are counted in the Humboldt Rankings, including stays undertaken by an individual Humboldtian at several different host institutions. Further stays in connection with alumni sponsorship are also taken into account.

However, guest researchers are only counted once per host institution, unless they have chosen different facilities, in which case they appear in the statistics several times. All stays lasting one month or longer are included, whereby the rankings pertain only to stays undertaken in connection with a research fellowship or a research award. Stays in the context of programmes which focus on conducting a project (German Chancellor Fellowship Programme, International Climate Protection Fellowship Programme) or partnerships are not taken into account.

How is the weighting calculated?

With reference to the tables for universities:

The results of the weighting in the final column of the tables (if a weighting was possible) show the number of guest researchers per 100 professors and are based on the figures provided by the Federal Statistical Office of Germany for the number of W3/C4-grade professors at the respective universities in 2014.

Only universities with at least five W3/C4-grade professors were included in the weighting. In some cases, the personal data provided by the Federal Statistical Office of Germany for certain academic areas at some universities had been blackened out for reasons of data protection. These figures could not be included in the weighting.

The absolute rankings are calculated on the basis of all institutions.

In general, it should be noted that the weighting factor refers to a certain key date in the year whilst the stays are calculated over a period of five years.

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