1st Turkish-German Frontiers of Humanities Symposium 2013

Conference Information

Hotel Accommodation and Meeting Site

The Symposium will take place at Koç University which is located in İstanbul. The hotel for the symposium is located close to the campus. There will be a shuttle bus running between the hotel and the campus throughout the conference days.

Kececizade Fuat Pasha Yali, one of the most beautiful waterfront houses in Bosporus, has been serving since 1991 with the name of Fuat Pasha Hotel. After having been a quiet witness of Istanbul’s history for two centuries Kececizade Fuat Pasha Yali is now combining Ottoman architecture and modern hotel management to put this combination into service of tourism.

Fuat Pasha Hotel
Çayırbaşı Caddesi No. 148
Phone: + 90 (212) 242 98 60


A block of rooms has been reserved for the symposium participants at the Fuat Pasha Hotel. To avoid duplicate reservations, please do not contact the hotel directly. Room charges of all participants will be billed directly to Koç University. However, individuals will be responsible for any incidental charges upon check-out. Visa and Master Card are accepted by the hotel.
Costs for meals as indicated in the conference program will also be covered by Koç University for all participants.

Koç University was founded in 1993 as a non-profit private university in Istanbul, Turkey. In the twenty years since its establishment, Koç University has become one of the leading universities in Turkey, distinguished by notable contributions to the elevation of education, knowledge and service both domestically and beyond.

Koç University

Rumelifeneri Yolu
34450 Sarıyer
Phone: + 90 (212) 338 1000


Location of the hotel

Road Map to Rumelifeneri Campus

Coming to Campus from Taksim

From Taksim to Koç University you have various options:

  • You may choose to take the taxi from Taksim directly to our campus. Providing the driver with the address will be enough. It will cost approximately 55 TL.
  • If you choose to take a bus, you will use line 25T which will take you to Sarıyer. However, our campus is not in Sarıyer center. From the last stop of 25T you may take a taxi or use a dolmuş (minibus). Dolmuş operates across the street from Sarıyer Cultural Center. The dolmuş you will take will have Koç University written on its front sign. Details about bus schedule can be found at: http://harita.iett.gov.tr/en/
  • If you choose to use the metro from Taksim you will get off at Hacıosman station. From there you may take a taxi to our campus, which is approximately 25 TL or you take the bus from the bus station next to metro station. Please visit: http://ogs.ku.edu.tr/facilities-management/shuttles for the Bus Schedule from Hacıosman to KU Campus.

There are three taxicab companies that operate close to the campus: Martı Taxi: +90 (212) 341 1184
, Sarıyer Taxi: +90 (212) 242 3748 and 
Kumsal Taxi: +90 (212) 218 3267
After calling for a taxi, it usually takes about 5-10 minutes for the taxi to arrive. Most of the taxicab operators are unable to understand and speak English, so it is beneficial to have a Turkish person make the call for you.

The best way to reach Taksim (downtown Istanbul) is to take a taxi to the first Metro stop (Haci Osman), and then use the Metro until Taksim station. The taxi ride to Haci Osman should be 25-30 TL, while the Metro costs 3 TL, or 1.70 USD.

Be careful when hailing taxis outside the campus. Even though they are very few in number, some taxi drivers may try to take advantage of foreigners. The best way to keep it safe is: 

Ideally, wherever you are have called a cab for you.

If hailing a cab, then look for a company logo or insignia on the car, meaning that the taxi is formally affiliated with a central entity. We advise against riding in cabs with no logo on the side.

Minibus or Dolmuş
Dolmuşes are minibuses, usually blue in color, and are a very popular way to get around town in Istanbul because they are a fast, efficient and a cheap mode of transportation. Dolmuş drivers only accept Turkish Liras in cash. To take a dolmuş, you simply get on the side of the street in the direction in which you are headed and flag one down. Dolmuşes can stop at any convenient point in the street, both for picking up passengers and dropping them off. If you are on a dolmuş and want to get off, using the phrase (pronounced phonetically is close enough) “burada dur” should suffice.

Every dolmuş has a small sign in the passenger-side corner of the windshield that indicates the various districts of Istanbul that it will pass through. Dolmuşes come up to the Koç University campus in 15-20 minute intervals, depending on traffic and the time of day. The last ones permitted to come on campus are at 11:00 PM.

To return to campus with a dolmuş:
1. If you are further than Sarıyer (the district of Istanbul in which Koç University is located), then you must first take a dolmuş that says Sarıyer in its window, and tell the driver to let you out in Sarıyer at the Hüseyin Kalkavan Lisesi or the Sariyer Kultur Merkezi. From there you will cross the street to get on another dolmuş that says, Koç Üniversitesi.

2. From Sarıyer, you simply take any dolmuş that says Koç Üniversitesi.
 Depending on where you are going, dolmuşes will cost between 1,50 - 6 TL and only take cash.

City Bus
City buses do not take cash. You must buy a ticket from a vendor, usually located in a kiosk near the bus stops (if not, you can always ask around, or ask somebody on Koç University campus for directions to a local place selling tickets).

To go to/come from the downtown (Taksim) conveniently, there are three bus lines. Here you can find time schedules for each line (schedules due to change, so please frequently check online schedules from www.iett.gov.tr/en/
You can download the daily schedules of the buses to and from Koç University here.

The closest Metro stop to campus is Haci Osman Metro Station (15 minutes by car, 30-45 minutes by dolmuşes, 20-25 minutes by bus). The Metro stops all along the European side; and is fast, safe and easy.
One way ride costs 3 TL or $1.70. You need to purchase a token (JETON) from either an attendant at the station, or from a coin dispenser machine either with Turkish Lira or a credit card in order to ride the Metro.
Official Operating hours: Weekdays: 6:00 am-00:15 am, Saturdays: 6:00 am-00:15 am, Sundays: 6:25 am-00:15 am

Additional Transportation Resources
www.iett.gov.tr/en/ is the English page of the central transportation authority in Istanbul. It will also have information about water transportation options.
www.mydestination.com/istanbul/usefulinfo/6175721/how-much-does-it-cost is a quick way to check cost of travel.
Koç University also runs shuttles that are free of charge and operate both to and from campus. The shuttles do have stops directly at the Haci Osman Metro stop that take you to campus. For the time schedule please follow the link: http://ogs.ku.edu.tr/facilities-management/shuttles

Official Conference Language

The official conference language is English. It will be used for all printed materials, presentations, and discussions.

Audio-Visual Support

The meeting room will be equipped with a windows computer and data projector. If you will require any additional audio-visual support for your lecture please inform Ms Arzu Kircal (akircal(at)ku.edu.tr). All presentation files should be sent to her in advance. This should be in an IBM compatible format and should also be brought on a memory stick.

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