The German Chancellor Fellowship for tomorrow's leaders

Launch your career in Germany – become part of a worldwide network

Send an application, if you

  • are a prospective leader from Brazil, China, India, Russia or the USA and have already acquired initial leadership experience
  • work in a sector such as politics, economics, the media, administration and culture
  • would be interested in spending a year working on a project you have developed yourself with a host of your choice in Germany

We offer you

  • a monthly fellowship of 2,150 EUR, 2,450 EUR or 2,750 EUR, depending on your qualifications
  • individual mentoring during your stay in Germany
  • additional financial support for items such as family members accompanying you, travel expenses or a German language course
  • a study tour of Germany and a number of events during which you can make contact with other fellows and representatives of German companies and institutions
  • extensive alumni sponsorship, particularly to help you sustain contact with collaborative partners in Germany during your entire professional career

Please consult the Programme Information (PDF) for details of the application requirements and fellowship specifications.

The Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany is the patron of this fellowship programme. The Foundation grants up to 50 German Chancellor Fellowships annually – up to ten for each country.

“I loved the idea of a programme that encouraged curiosity and growth and would give me the creative freedom to pursue a project I was passionate about.“

Jason MannixJason Mannix
German Chancellor Fellow 2009/2010 from the USA

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“Misunderstandings can be created through the images conveyed by the media. Thus, the German Chancellor Fellowship is very necessary in order to promote understanding between peoples.“

Dandan WangWang Dandan
German Chancellor Fellow 2011/2012 from China

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“I really got a lot of information about the German mentality and how to work together with Germans.“

Sergey VolchenkovSergey Volchenkov
German Chancellor Fellow 2010/2011 from Russia

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“I have been back to Germany twice since my Fellowship ended and I am always looking for reasons to return.“

Erin TaylorErin Taylor
German Chancellor Fellow 2005/2006 from the USA

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“Though I travelled often to Germany for projects, I never had a ‘real life impression’. I was interested to know more about Germany and German people beyond work.“

Bing WanWan Bing
German Chancellor Fellow 2010/2011 from China

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Information for hosts and references

This programme is financed by the:

  • Federal Foreign Office