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From Argentina to Sri Lanka, from South Africa to Turkey: For ten years now, researchers from developing and transition countries have been chosen to receive a prestigious Georg Forster Research Award. These awards − which come with €60,000 each − turn a special spotlight on researchers’ contributions to achieving the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals and, at the same time, give the award winners’ countries the opportunity to push forward developments of their own in collaboration with the German research community. In addition, the selection of recipients sends a signal for gender equality: This year, the award went to more female researchers than ever before.

Gender equality and freedom are also two of the central demands of the people currently demonstrating in Iran. In an interview, the Humboldtian Raika Khorshidian explains why she is raising her voice against the repressive system − despite the risk to her own personal safety − and the role that the art and culture scene is playing in the protests.

You can also discover in this issue of our newsletter which two Humboldtians were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics, what the Humboldt network has to say about the German government’s planned budgetary cuts, and how the new Bench Talks podcast brings current world affairs and science communication together.

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Nobel Prize in Physics for two Humboldtians

Congratulations to Alain Aspect and Anton Zeilinger on being awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics which they will receive jointly with John F. Clauser. The Humboldt Network now counts 59 Nobel laureates among its members.

Budgetary cuts: “We are losing an advantage”

Antje Schwalb, member of the foundation's selection committee, on possible consequences of the Federal Government’s cuts to the Humboldt Foundation’s budget.

New fellowships for researchers from Ukraine

MSCA4Ukraine is now open for applications! The programme will enable displaced researchers from Ukraine to continue their work in EU Member States and Horizon Europe Associated Countries.

Protests in Iran: Using art to fight the system

The Humboldt Foundation strongly condemns the violence by security forces in Iran and stands in solidarity with peaceful protesters. An interview with Humboldtian Raika Khorshidian, who raises her voice against the repressive system.

Awards for researchers from developing and transition countries

Five female and five male researchers will receive the 2022 Georg Forster Research Awards. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the award.

International Climate Protection Fellowship – How do I best go about applying?

Online event with first-hand information for young climate protection experts. The current round of applications for the International Climate Protection Fellowship is open until 1 February 2023.

New Podcast: Bench Talks – A Conversation between Science and Media

Two people on a bench. Somewhere in Berlin. A researcher and a journalist discuss current world events and the state of science communication.

Max Planck-Humboldt Research Award presented

The Award 2022 goes to political scientist Margaret Roberts. In her research, she has uncovered how the Chinese state uses information technologies for censorship. Vanessa Ogle and Wim Decock receive the Max Planck-Humboldt Medals.

Advent Concert

After two years of digital Advent concerts, the Humboldt Foundation invites you to another #HumboldtConcert via livestream on 8 December. Enjoy chamber music by Biber, Kreisler, Saint-Saëns and Sarasate.

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