Communication Lab for Exchange between Research and Media #6


The sixth ComLab will take place on 29–29 October and 4–5 November 2022.

Saturn-ähnliches Dekortationsbild
The Communication Lab

Dwindling Resources – Growing Conflicts  
New solutions in the fight against resource scarcity 

Rising oil and grain prices, dwindling wood and water reserves: Current geopolitical developments and climate change are making it increasingly clear how dependent we are on stable resources and reliable trade routes. Resource scarcity has far-reaching economic, social and political consequences. What is striking is that the repercussions of the current energy and food crises are being primarily discussed from a national perspective. Yet, they are subject to global interdependencies and have a particularly severe impact on the world’s poorest regions.  

ComLab#6 will examine the following questions: Which ecological, political and economic aspects do we have to take into account when dealing with resource scarcity? What alternatives are available with respect to the cultivation, use and transport of resources that are currently overexploited? Which trailblazing, innovative methods have been generated by international research that could help us to cultivate our planet in sustainable ways and establish fair trade conditions?  

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