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Abgebildet sind Fotos von fünf Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern. Diese sind verbunden durch grüne Fäden und den Slogan / Leitsatz der Stiftung als Arbeitgeberin: Exzellenz verbindet – von Humboldt bis zu Dir.

You and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation – an excellent connection.

We sponsor outstanding researchers, regardless of their specialism and nationality, financed by the German government. Our global network is an important base for collaboration and thus for excellent research – including Nobel Prizes. And our internal teamwork is also outstanding. Characterised by a family spirit, a diverse team and a great sense of pragmatism. Connect with our network of over 30,000 sponsorship recipients. Multicultural and intercontinental. Work with us to build bridges for a better society and a better world. So that everyone can benefit from our long history and experience – in the spirit of our namesake.

Search our job opportunities page for our current vacancies. If you would like us to keep you updated with our new jobs, you can register for our job opportunity emails.

Variety and diversity are core issues in my eyes. I am grateful that I can work in a non-discriminatory environment. As part of our Diversity Task Force I was also able to help the Foundation continue along this path and sign the Diversity Charter, for instance.
Frank Albrecht, Programme Director, Philipp Schwartz-Initiative

We are looking for committed employees

You’ll be perfect for us: if you don’t regard working for us as just any other job but want to make a meaningful contribution to the lives of others, if you want to help promote science and researchers around the world and strengthen our network and if you have excellent communication skills and enjoy intercultural exchange.

Do you want to advance an entire team? As a manager, you help your staff feel like they can make a difference to the world and give them the freedom to do so. Your actions, decisions and leadership help shape our foundation’s culture.

Does this appeal to you? We look forward to receiving your application.

And what do our employees say about us?

That was the theory, now for the practice. Watch our video portraits (in German) to find out what it’s really like to work for us.


"What it’s like to work here,” reports PR Officer, Mareike, from our Press Office in discussion with colleagues.
"Always advancing new ideas": Coordinator, Annika, provides the team with insights into digitalisation projects.
Head of Department, Monika, and her colleagues list the skills you must have to work for the Humboldt Foundation.
"Achieving more through diversity": Programme Advisor, Eva, and her colleagues explain the role of diversity in their day-to-day work.
"Working here is really fulfilling": Head of Department, Zoe, and her colleagues share first-hand accounts of our culture – freedom, security and reliable planning.
Advisor & Programme Director, Markus, and his colleagues talk about our global commitment, intercultural networking and our events.

Here are some more employee interviews: visit our Faces of the Foundation page to read which interests overlap in our colleagues’ everyday private and professional lives and which fascinating hobbies they pursue! From tango, to motorbikes, to science fiction...

"At meetings, I always feel that in the Humboldt Network, the values of science form a connection beyond the notion of the homogeneous national state."
Rebecca Großmann, Programme Director, Divison Europe

Excellent reasons to join us.

You gain worldwide connections.
A network of 30,000 “Humboldtians” in more than 140 countries. Over 700 prestigious international research fellowships and awards every year. We bring together researchers from a wide range of disciplines and nations. From selecting sponsorship recipients, to individual support and international networking: you can make an impact from Bonn or Berlin and promote international, interdisciplinary cooperation. Get involved in our international scientific exchange work.

Your work is meaningful.
Your work at the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation makes a real difference. Your network of leading researchers strengthens Germany as a research location while promoting creative freedom and scientific exchange.

Excellent remuneration? Of course!
We provide secure employment with fair pay in accordance with the collective wage agreement (TVöD Bund), annual bonuses and an occupational pension.

Our working environment is cosmopolitan, as was Alexander von Humboldt.
Our corporate culture is dominated by openness, direct communication, a motivating atmosphere and diversity. We welcome all applicants regardless of their ethnic, cultural or social background, sexual identity, age, religion or ideology. We have also signed the Diversity Charter and created an equal opportunities plan.

Your work is excellent and in touch with reality.
Promoting science is not a science. You don’t need to be excellent every day, but you must have high standards for your own work and communication with your colleagues. We support and respect one another.

We promote your strengths.
Regardless of whether you are an employee or manager, we challenge you while developing your knowledge and skills through training, workshops, IT courses, events and an extensive training and development programme that includes project and quality management, presentation and facilitation techniques, conflict management and more.

We want you to feel at home.
We encourage a good work-life balance and adopt family-friendly policies, certified by the ‘audit workandfamily’ quality seal. To maintain your work-life balance, we offer flexible working hours with part-time options, a flexitime system and remote working. You can expect even more from us – such as 30 days’ holiday (based on a 5-day week); a job, Deutschland or DB ticket for concessionary travel on public transport; bicycle parking; occupational health management and a sports club offering everything from strength and endurance sports to team sports to meditation.

Are you about to leave school? We’ll get your career off to an excellent start!

As we’ve already explained, our day-to-day work is anything but routine. We offer a varied dual apprenticeship as an office management assistant.

As we’ve already explained, our day-to-day work is anything but routine. We offer a varied dual apprenticeship as an office management assistant.

  • Three-year dual apprenticeship focusing on HR, PR and event management
  • We optimally combine academic knowledge and practical experience.
  • We focus on expertise, exchange, creative freedom, individual support and outstanding encouragement. 
  • Weekly attendance at college  focusing on English
  • Rotations lasting several months in each of the Foundations departments
  • Extended final exams: part 1 after 1.5 years and part 2 at the end of your third year
  • Fair pay via TVÖD
  • Part-time apprenticeships available (min. 25 hours/week)
  • Flexitime and company laptop

As you can see, we offer a great package so that you can fully develop your everyday skills in order to promote science.
You will be directly involved in tasks and projects from day one. This will allow you to become familiar with both our network and the prospects we can offer you.

Wir bilden aus!

You will be directly involved in tasks and projects from day one. This will allow you to become familiar with both our network and the prospects we can offer you.


How to connect with us: our step-by-step application process.

  1. At the end of every job advert on our job opportunities page, you will find a link to our online application form and privacy policy. You can complete the online form quickly and easily. You will be able to access your application or add attachments at any time using the personal login that you will receive from us. Specific information is included on the form itself.
  2. You will receive an email confirming that we have received your application.
  3. If you are shortlisted for a position, we will send you an invitation by email. At the Humboldt Foundation, all applications are subject to a standardised selection process, which means we can guarantee that candidates are chosen professionally and carefully.

  • Cover letter of maximum one page
  • Detailed CV
  • Relevant training and study certificates and employment references

Do you have any questions? We’ll be happy to help!

Management, special staff & Divisions 3.3-3.5

Gerald Will

Department 3 (without Div. 3.3-3.5) & Div. 4.3

Christine May

Department 4 (without Div. 4.3) & Div. 2.5

Kirsten Heinrich

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