About the Humboldt Foundation

About us

The Humboldt Foundation

We sponsor scientists and scholars, irrespective of academic discipline and nationality. We strengthen Germany as a research location through international research exchanges. We support our sponsorship recipients during their entire lifetimes and actively promote international understanding, scientific progress and development.

2019 – 2023

Our strategy

Mission, vision, opportunities and challenges: these goals and guidelines shape our work.

Our history

Chronology of the Humboldt Foundation

Early adopter: Alexander von Humboldt am Fluss Orinoco in Venezuela, porträtiert 1806 von Friedrich Georg Weitsch
About the man behind the name

Who was Alexander von Humboldt?

From our network

Humboldtian and Nobel laureate

Equal opportunities

Tapping academic potential – irrespective of gender

We are strongly committed to equal opportunities in research.

With whom do we work together?

Partners and Sponsors

The Humboldt Foundation’s activities are chiefly financed from resources deriving from government and non-government funders.

Alumni and networking strategy

Consistent development and greater utilisation of potential within the Humboldt Network.

Our statutes

Statutes of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation of 10 December 1953 (as last revised on 11 May 2017, in German only)

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Your donation to the Humboldt Foundation helps to promote the next generation of outstanding researchers worldwide.