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Support the Humboldt Foundation

Your donation is our room for manoeuvre: You will be supporting international researchers who are working in Germany on the most urgent questions of our time; together with German science institutions these bright minds are taking their ideas and innovations out into the world and putting their expertise at the disposal of decision-makers.

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With their intellectual creativity and cos­mo­pol­i­tanism Humboldtians enrich universities and research institutions throughout Germany and across the world. They are part of a worldwide network that now connects more than 30,000 Humboldtians with each other and with Germany - valuable partners for researchers in Germany, and excellent ambassadors for German science and research in the world.

What is your money used for?

By making an open donation you are enabling us to use your money where it is needed most. This may be fellowships for researchers, material resources provided for researchers or our work with the vast network of sponsorship-recipients and alumni in Germany and their own countries.

Of course, you can also make a dedicated donation:

  • We specifically promote women and marginalised groups with actions like the Henriette Hertz Scouting Programme.
  • We offer endangered researchers from war zones and crisis areas a safe haven to continue their research in Germany under the Philipp Schwartz Initiative.
  • The American Friends of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation with its team in Washington supports what is currently our largest network of Humboldtians in the United States.
  • Our innovative programmes, like the Residency Programme, encourage ideas-sharing with civil society and political decision-makers.

What types of donation can you make?


As a foundation we have several ways of accepting your donation.

You can contribute to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s assets.
In this case, you have two alternatives:

An endowment means that your donation is transferred in full to the Foundation's assets. We guarantee that your donation will retain its value. The annual interest earned on the Foundation's capital can then be used to finance measures in accordance with the Foundation's statutes. You can state the purpose for which the funds are to be used. The amount of funds depends on the amount of the annual dividend.

You can also invest your donation with us as part of a so-called consumption donation (Verbrauchsstiftung) to preserve its value. In contrast to the first option, your funds will be used completely in a period of ten years. The annual income is offset against your funds. You can determine the relevant consumption amounts as they do not have to be spent annually. In other words, this option gives you the greatest possible scope for decision-making over a period of ten years.

You can donate an inheritance or an estate and specify this in your will. We will work with you to draw up your own estate agreement.

Is there a special occasion for which you want to ask for donations instead of gifts? Whether it's a birthday, wedding, company farewell or Christmas party - would you like to combine a personal celebration with an appeal for donations for scientists in need, for example? Donations on death can also be an opportunity to do good and give hope in mourning.

Would you like to commemorate a loved one? In special cases, it may be possible to establish a named fellowship. A research fellowship of this kind for academics from all countries and all subject areas is financed from the proceeds of your donation, can bear a name - or your name - in the title and is granted in accordance with the Alexander von Humboldt Foundationt’s stipulations.

We will be happy to help you implement your plans. Please get in touch with us!

Donating money by transfer:

Account holder: Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung
IBAN: DE03 3708 0040 0266 3971 04

Please inform us of your name and address and tell us whether you would like to be mentioned by name in our Annual Report – this is possible for donations of 500 euros and above.

Donations of up to 300 euros can be set against tax by submitting a deposit slip or bank statement. For donations of 300.01 euros or more, an official donation receipt is required, in which case we will send you one automatically at the beginning of the following year. If you make several donations, you will receive an annual donation receipt for the entire amount.

You may also foster the links between Germany and alumni in North America by supporting the work of our partner organisation, American Friends of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. This is of particular interest to Humboldtians based in the United States as donations to the American Friends can be offset against US income tax. For additional information visit


If you would like your donation to be used for the Philipp Schwartz-Initiative, please note this as reference of your donation.

Account holder:
Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung
IBAN: DE03 3708 0040 0266 3971 04
Reference: Philipp Schwartz Initiative