Promote the Humboldt Foundation

The best ambassadors for the Humboldt Foundation are those who have participated in its programmes. They are the ones who have received support as a fellow or an awardee - who have come to know the programmes first-hand. Humboldtians such as you can help the Humboldt Foundation achieve its goals by raising awareness about Humboldt Programmes among qualified candidates in your area.

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Presentation about the Foundation and its programmes

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Ways to Share Information

There are many ways to share information about the foundation's sponsorship opportunities, and some are very individual. They vary from country to country, field to field, and institute to institute. Those who have been sponsored by the foundation are familiar with the circumstances of their respective region and discipline. They can best judge which methods would be most effective for sharing information. The following are some possible scenarios:

Informal Conversations

Speak to students or colleagues in your home country and make them aware of the opportunities offered by the Humboldt Foundation.

Academic Conferences

When you attend an academic conference, mention the Humboldt Foundation to your colleagues there. Display informational materials or posters from the Humboldt Foundation. Mention your own Humboldt experience at the conclusion of your lecture at the conference. Or offer to give a presentation on the foundation's programmes.

Visits to Universities or Other Research Institutions

When you visit other universities or research institutions, mention the Humboldt Foundation in various contexts (see "academic conferences" above).

Your Own Institution

Hang the Humboldt Foundation's poster in your office or institution, display informational materials, or give a presentation about the sponsorship opportunities.

Your Website

Make a link on your institution's or university's web site to the home page of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Also, make a link from your personal homepage.

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Order form for information material

You can open the order form, complete it on your computer screen, safe it and then forward it by email to presse[at] You can also print the form, complete it by hand, and send it by fax (+49 228 833-441) or mail to the Humboldt Foundation.

Order form (PDF, 560 KB)

Information brochures

In case you have opportunities to distribute informational materials about Humboldt Programmes to potential applicants, to display them at your institution or university, or to send them to appropriate individuals, we are happy to make the materials available.

Overview of available brochures: