Magazine Humboldt Kosmos

Title page Kosmos 115 in English. The picture shows a child looking through a door gap into a bright room.

Kosmos 115/2023

What’s next?
The Humboldt Foundation looks ahead.

Cover of the magazine with symbolic image for advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence: A human being, between an angel and a devil figure, touches a tablet PC with his hands.

Kosmos 114/2022

By courtesy of
How artificial intelligence is changing our lives

Kosmos 113/2021

Communicating science
Between preprint and shitstorm: ways out of the communication crisis

Kosmos 112/2021

Why science needs more diversity

Kosmos 111/2020

Better Connected!
How cooperation benefits research

Kosmos 109/2018

Humboldt today
The secret of an eternal idol

Humboldt Kosmos – the Humboldt Foundation’s magazine

What are Humboldtians around the world working on? What are the issues in science, diplomacy and international affairs that move us? We report in our magazine.