Information event: German Chancellor Fellowship

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Get to hear personal experiences and impressions from German Chancellor Fellowship alumni and current fellows. Ask questions to the Foundation’s programme directors. Learn more about the Selection Committee!

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation cordially invites interested individuals and potential hosts to find out about the German Chancellor Fellowship for prospective leaders. The online information session is open to interested individuals from all countries where the programme is offered. This event will focus on the programme country USA to ensure that the largest possible number of potential applicants can be reached with testimonials from relevant alumni at a time of day that fits the respective time zone.

If you would like to find out more about the German Chancellor Fellowship for university graduates with initial leadership experience, come to the online event and get first-hand information on the programmes and the application procedure!


The meeting will be held in English. It is not necessary to register. Please do not hesitate to contact info[at] if you do have any questions in advance.

German Chancellor Fellowship 

Fellowship for prospective leaders

We are searching the leaders of tomorrow. Are you a graduate with initial leadership experience? Do you come from Brazil, the People’s Republic of China, India, South Africa or the USA? Would you like to implement a self-chosen project that supports your career development, is societally relevant and has a lasting public impact? Are you interested in actively participating in an international network of dedicated leaders? Then come to Germany with a German Chancellor Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation to take the next step of your career.

Humboldt Discoveries is a series of events offering potential sponsorship recipients, hosts and those interested the opportunity to get specific information about the Humboldt Foundation’s various programmes. Proven experts present the respective programmes and answer questions. Current sponsorship recipients and alumni report on their experiences.

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