Georg Forster Research Award

Information for Nominators

Any established academic actively working at a research institution in Germany (university, non-university research institute) may initiate the procedure for granting a Georg Forster Research Award. Direct applications are not accepted.

If the award is granted, the Humboldt Foundation assumes that the nominator will invite the award winner for an extended stay in Germany. Thus, the nominator should clearly state his or her motivation for initiating the nomination as well as the expectations he or she associates with the award winner's potential stay in Germany. A detailed presentation of a joint project, on the other hand, is not required. The Georg Forster Research Award is granted to leading researchers from transition or developing countries (excluding the People's Republic of China and India; cf. detailed list of countries)) in recognition of their entire achievements to date. Apart from academic publications, the curriculum vitae (e. g. previous awards) and expert reviews, your statement on the scientific significance of the nominee's fundamental discoveries, new theories and insights as well as on the nominee's previous and expected contribution to research-based solutions to the specific challenges facing transition and developing countries form the most important basis for the Selection Committee's assessment of the nomination.

Please observe the hints in the online nomination form, when preparing your personal statement and deal with all the points in detail, if possible in the order given. You can rest assured that your statement will be treated confidentially by the Humboldt Foundation administration and the Selection Committee.

Please bear in mind that you cannot submit the online nomination unless the required nomination documents are complete.

The following additional documents have to be uploaded by you to the online nominations form:

  • Personal statement by the nominator
    (laudation, academic appraisal; two pages minimum)
  • Information on the invitation to Germany
    (two pages max)
  • List of the nominee’s key publications
    (two pages max)
  • List of the nominee's publications

The following additional documents must be uploaded by others:

  • Two expert reviews from internationally renowned colleagues: one from abroad and one from an academic based in Germany
    (see hints in the online nomination form)

In your role as academic host integrating the guest academic in your working group, you undertake to observe both the principles of scientific ethics and the regulations to prevent the transfer of armaments-related technology as well as to pay heed to the danger of any other illegal or undesirable transfer of knowledge. Furthermore, the Rules of Good Scientific Practice must be observed.


Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
Selection Department
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Fax: 0228-833 212

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