Humboldt Kollegs

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Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
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The programme

Initiatives of Humboldt Alumni Associations and individual Humboldtians to organise regional and interdisciplinary conferences (Humboldt Kollegs) can be supported financially. The aim is to strengthen regional and interdisciplinary networking of Humboldtians. The organisers are responsible for the content of the conference. Detailed information can be found in the programme information.

The funds that are available to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation to support Humboldt Kollegs are tightly constrained. Only about half of all the qualified applications can be considered for support. The Foundation aims at enabling Humboldtians in as many countries as possible to organize a Humboldt Kolleg in intervals of several years. Thus, the selection decision takes into account the interval from the last sponsorship of a Humboldt Kolleg with a similar group of participants in the respective country.

The Humboldt Kolleg programme is financed by the Federal Foreign Office.


Before preparing or submitting an application, please, contact the Foundation via kollegs[at]

Due to the global covid-19 pandemic, some supplementary rules must be observed until further notice when applying for a Humboldt Kolleg.

Online application

If you are a Humboldtian and would like to submit an application, please log in first. You will be given access to an online form which has been partially filled in with your personal details. You can then complete and submit this form.
In your personal area "My Humboldt" you can access and continue processing saved online applications at any time.

Covid-19 pandemic: supplementary rules

Applications for a Humboldt Kolleg may be submitted only when the restrictions aimed at containing the pandemic that are in force in the respective country and at the planned venue will not hinder or significantly restrict conducting a Humboldt Kolleg. Proof of this must be provided when the application is submitted.


  • The Humboldt Foundation strongly recommends permitting participants from Germany and other countries to take part in Humboldt Kollegs only via digital means for the time being. If necessary, funds provided for the Humboldt Kolleg can be used to cover costs arising in this connection.
  • Assistance cannot be provided to cover the cost of participants’ travel to countries classified as “high-incidence areas” as well as to those countries classified as “areas of variants of concern” (the latest list can be accessed at (an English-language version in PDF form is also available here).
  • It is generally possible to provide assistance to help cover the cost of participants’ travel from Germany or other countries to Humboldt Kollegs being held in basic risk areas (the latest list can be accessed at (an English-language version in PDF form is also available here). The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation cannot cover costs incurred in connection with quarantining that might be required (when the individual enters the country where the Humboldt Kolleg is held and/or when the individual returns to their country or when they continue on to a third country) and for all other pandemic-related costs incurred to participants. Ticket cancellation fees, such as for cancellations made when a country is reclassified from basic risk area to high-incidence area, must be borne by the participants.


  • Humboldt Kollegs are being approved for the time being on the condition that the event can be conducted at the planned time in compliance with the regulations and laws aimed at containing the covid-19 pandemic. Applicants are required to keep the Humboldt Foundation continually informed about any measures to contain the pandemic which could jeopardize holding the Humboldt Kolleg.
  • For the time being, advance payments can be made two months prior to the planned start of the Humboldt Kolleg at the earliest. Funds cannot be transferred when measures to contain the pandemic (particularly local bans on meetings and other restrictions on freedom of movement) are in place at or have been announced for the Kolleg’s location two months before the planned Humboldt Kolleg. In such cases, the Humboldt Kolleg must be postponed to a later date.
  • In the event that measures to contain the pandemic go into effect after the receipt of the advance payment and these measures would prevent the Humboldt Kolleg from taking place, you are to notify the Humboldt Foundation of this immediately. You are to make the necessary cancellations as promptly and at as little cost as possible.
  • Should the pandemic situation in the area of the planned Humboldt Kolleg worsen, it is possible under certain conditions to convert the Humboldt Kolleg being applied for into a hybrid or virtual event (see below). This is to be coordinated as soon as possible with the Humboldt Foundation.

  • The Humboldt Foundation suggests that, especially given the conditions arising in connection with the pandemic, you consider organising your Humboldt Kolleg as a virtual event, particularly when it is a smaller conference that will have a narrowly defined specialist focus. In such cases, financial support will be based on a straightforward calculation of the estimated costs (for programme licenses, technical support, etc.).
  • Furthermore, there is the possibility of applying for assistance for a hybrid Humboldt Kolleg where some of the participants meet on location (observing the pandemic-related hygiene rules in place there) while other participants from other parts of the country or from Germany or other countries take part on a virtual basis.
  • If you are interested in organising a virtual or hybrid Humboldt Kolleg, please contact kollegs[at]