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Due to limited financial resources, we are no longer accepting Humboldt Kolleg applications for the year 2024. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. For any inquiries, please contact kollegs[at] without hesitation.

The programme

Initiatives of Humboldt Alumni Associations and individual Humboldtians to organise regional and interdisciplinary conferences (Humboldt Kollegs) can be supported financially. The aim is to strengthen regional and interdisciplinary networking of Humboldtians. The organisers are responsible for the content of the conference. Detailed information can be found in the programme information.

The funds that are available to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation to support Humboldt Kollegs are tightly constrained. Only about half of all the qualified applications can be considered for support. The Foundation aims at enabling Humboldtians in as many countries as possible to organize a Humboldt Kolleg in intervals of several years. Thus, the selection decision takes into account the interval from the last sponsorship of a Humboldt Kolleg with a similar group of participants in the respective country.

The Humboldt Kolleg programme is financed by the Federal Foreign Office.

Online application

If you are a Humboldtian and would like to submit an application, please log in first. You will be given access to an online form which has been partially filled in with your personal details. You can then complete and submit this form.
In your personal area "My Humboldt" you can access and continue processing saved online applications at any time.

Frequently asked questions

Alumni of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation fellowships and award programmes (Humboldtians) are eligible to apply. The application can also be made on behalf of a Humboldt Alumni Association. Alumni who apply for Humboldt Kollegs in a country where they are not academically active on a permanent basis submit applications together with alumni who are academically active on a permanent basis in the respective country. The latter act as funding recipients and assume sole responsibility for the planning, content and financial and organisational implementation of a Humboldt Kolleg.

As we want to give as many Humboldtians as possible the chance to organise a Humboldt Kolleg, it is advisable to contact us before submitting an application to check whether it is currently possible to organise a Humboldt Kolleg.

To process your application, you must submit various documents outlining the concept and content of your planned Humboldt Kolleg. It is very important that the documents are submitted completely, otherwise your application cannot be processed. Below you will find detailed information on the required documents.

Curriculum vitae (CV) Please provide a current CV.
Conference concept Please provide a conference concept including a description of the content and objectives (1–2 pages). The general theme of a Humboldt Kolleg should, if possible, cover the full spectrum of a scientific subject area or be transdisciplinary in order to give Humboldtians from different disciplines and fields of research the opportunity to report on their most recent research results in relation to the general theme of the conference. Moreover, it is also possible for Humboldt Kollegs to be organised on themes within a narrower scientific subject area.
Preliminary programme The preliminary programme should include:
  • An informational presentation on the Humboldt Foundation's programmes (a PowerPoint presentation can be found here)
  • The names of all speakers and the titles of their papers;
  • Details on the timetable (at least six hours of scientific programme per day)
  • Active involvement of junior researchers in the programme, in particular with their own presentations. Please indicate the participation of junior researchers in the programme in colour.
List of participants (see form) One third of the participants in a Humboldt Kolleg should be Humboldtians, one third junior researchers and one third other researchers.
Please include both speakers and audience members in the list. Please fill in all columns.

It is possible to submit an application to host a virtual or hybrid Humboldt Kolleg. If you have any questions, please contact kollegs[at]

The funds provided by the Humboldt Foundation can be used to cover all the costs of organising and running the Humboldt Kolleg. This includes hiring premises, catering for participants, travel expenses, printing and technical costs. The payment of fees to speakers and other participants is excluded.