Inviting academics from Germany

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Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
Sponsorship and Network Department
Jean-Paul-Str. 12
53173 Bonn


Humboldtians and their academic hosts or collaboration partners in Germany can apply for a subsidy to sponsor guest visits by academics from Germany to the Humboldtian's institute abroad. The guest visit should be used for lectures and academic contacts at the Humboldtian's institute and possibly at other institutes in the country. Priority will be given to journeys undertaken by academic hosts or collaboration partners from Germany to countries with limited foreign currency reserves. The subsidy is intended to cover or partially cover the travel expenses incurred by the academic from Germany. The Humboldt Foundation expects the institute visited to bear the costs of the stay locally.

Applications should include the following documents:

  • informal application by the Humboldtian or the academic from Germany giving details of the schedule, contents, and objective of the journey;
  • estimate of expected travel expenses;
  • invitation from the Humboldtian abroad.