Information for hosts

Become a host for a Hezekiah Wardwell Fellow

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s Hezekiah WardweIl Fellows require academic support and a point of contact at their host institution during their stay in Germany. You can act as a host for highly talented musicians and musicologists from Spain if you work in Germany and belong to one of the following groups of people:

  • You are a music teacher at an academy of music or conservatory.
  • You are a musicologist at a university or non-university research institution.

The Humboldt Foundation awards up to 10 Wardwell Fellowships per year for the purpose of completing further training or an advanced degree programme in Germany. Please refer to our website or the Hezekiah WardweIl Fellowship programme information to find out exactly what is required of applicants.

Your statement

First, applicants must contact you and discuss whether they can be taken on as a student at your institution or whether you can provide them with academic support.

Your statement on the applicant is crucial for the Selection Committee.

In drawing up your assessment please refer to the list of questions for the statement by the host (PDF, in German | in Spanish) and answer these questions in detail in the order given, where possible.

Upload the completed document to a secure area associated with the application; the applicant will send you the corresponding link to this area by email. Your statement will, of course, be treated as confidential.

Please note

The applicant cannot submit an application online until your statement and the signed confirmation of research facilities and support have been provided. We therefore recommend that you upload the necessary documents as soon as possible once you have been notified by the applicant. The closing date for applications is 10 January of each year.