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Hezekiah Wardwell Fellowship

musicians or musicologists
up to two semesters of an advanced degree programme or further training at an academy of music or a conservatory in Germany
Young woman playing the violin, symbolic image Hezekiah Wardwell Fellowship

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The closing date for applications has elapsed. Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to apply for this programme. The next application round is scheduled to begin in October 2021. If you register for the next application round now, we will send you an email informing you when the next application round opens.

Fellowship for gifted musicians and musicologists from Spain

Gifted young musicians or musicologists from Spain are invited to apply for a Hezekiah WardweIl Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

In 1926–1928, Hezekiah C Wardwell (1877–1964) was one of the first ever fellowsof the previous Humboldt Foundation. On his passing, Wardwell left a significant sum of money to the Foundation that was to be used “to aid worthy Spanish students in gaining a musical education.” The philanthropist is said to have made this bequest to express his gratitude both to the Humboldt Foundation and to Spanish musicians who had helped him recover after an accident.

Our sponsorship

The Wardwell Fellowship enables you to attend further training or an advanced degree programme at an academy of music or a conservatory in Germany. You may apply for funding for one or two semesters of study (from October to either February or July of the following year). The Humboldt Foundation awards up to ten Wardwell Fellowships a year.

You may spend part (up to five months) of a ten-month (two-semester) fellowshipin a different European country (except Spain) if this is necessary to pursue advanced studies.

The monthly fellowship grant is 900 euros. We additionally offer an initial lump sum of 250 euros and a travel allowance if you travel to Germany from Spain.

What is required of you

We invite you to apply for a Wardwell Fellowship if you

  • are a Spanish citizen, must have been predominantly living in Spain or were educated in Spain
  • study or have studied music or musicology and are about to transition into a career
  • completed your musical or musicological studies no more than three years ago
  • have made arrangements with a recognised music teacher or musicologist in Germany for a place to study or academic mentoring to be provided to you at her/his institution

How to apply

Before applying, you should discuss your plans with your chosen host. In addition to a binding mentoring agreement, we will need a confidential written host’s statement from her/him. These documents, as well as two expert reviews from music experts, should be sent by e-mail to info[at] Alternatively, you can also upload the expert reviews as attachments to your online application.

Please apply online only. We will send you a confirmation e-mail as soon as we have received all the required documents. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact us before submitting your application. We are happy to help.

Please note

The closing date for applications is 10 January of each year.

We preferentially sponsor individuals who have not previously had the opportunity to study in Germany.

The Selection Committee will select suitable candidates from all submitted applications, who will then be invited to a prelude. Short-listed candidates will be informed by the end of April. The prelude and the final selection session usually take place at the end of May/beginning of June in Madrid. The entire process – from receiving your application to notifying you of the selection decision – takes around five months.

All the best for your application!

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