Humboldt Residency Programme 2023

The second cohort of the Humboldt Residency Programme addressed the question of how a different approach to our use of natural resources could pave the way for a more sustainable – and thus more secure – future. With emphasis on the interface between global ecological pressure, political volatility and societal conditions, actors from the science community, the arts, the media and civil society discussed potential solutions to the most pressing issues facing humankind today.

Portraitfoto Mann vor grünem Gebüsch
The former Humboldt Research Fellow Pratyush Shankar is architect and professor of urban history and design at Navrachana University in Vadodara, India. He heads this year’s Humboldt Residency Programme.
Portraitfoto einer Frau vor grünen Sträuchern
Evelyn Araripe is an environmental educator with expertise in climate education for youth in international projects. She is a PhD Candidate in the Green Chemistry, Sustainability and Education Research Group at the Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil, as well as a visiting lecturer and researcher at Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany.
Portraitfoto von einem Mann vor grünen Sträuchern
Biologist Santos Chicas is assistant professor at Kyūshū University, Japan. With the help of machine learning and methods deriving from social science he searches for solutions to environmental problems like deforestation and forest fires. He conducted research at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin on a Georg Forster Research Fellowship until February 2023.
Portaitfoto einer Frau vor grünen Sträuchern
Magdalena Hart translates the language of nature using virtual reality and creative coding. The artist from UK/Uruguay creates interactive installations and wants her art to make the signals sent by nature audible and perceptible.
Portraitfoto einer Frau vor grünen Sträuchern
Antonia Krefeld-Schwalb is a consumer researcher with a background in cognitive psychology. She is an Assistant Professor at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University in the Netherlands.
Portraitfoto einer Frau vor grünen Sträuchern
Lucy Ombaka is a chemist with a focus on the production of green hydrogen at Technical University of Kenya in Nairobi, Kenya. As a Georg Forster Research Fellow she conducted research at the Institute of Technical Chemistry at Leibniz University Hannover from 2018 to 2021.
Portraitfoto einer Frau vor grünen Sträuchern
Hlengiwe Radebe works as Civil Society and Youth Engagement Officer at WWF South Africa. She is the Chairperson of the Climate Action Network South Africa’s board of directors and a board advisor at Mukuru Clean Stoves.
Portraitfoto von einem Mann vor grünen Sträuchern
Christopher Schrader has been a freelance journalist specialising in climate research since 2015.
Portaitfoto von einem Mann vor grünen Sträuchern
Sociologist Stephen Woroniecki is an assistant professor in the Environmental Change Unit of the Department of Thematic Studies at Linköping University, Sweden, and researcher at the Nature-based Solutions Initiative at Oxford University, United Kingdom.
Portraitfoto von einem Mann vor grünen Sträuchern
The waste management expert Lou Ziyang is Professor at the China Institute for Urban Governance at Shanghai Jiaotong University in Shanghai, China. As an International Climate Protection Fellow of the Humboldt Foundation, he conducted research at the TU Dresden in 2010.
Impressions of the residency in Berlin
Sechs Personen sitzen um einem Tisch in einem Garten und diskutieren.
Participants of the 2023 cohort at the Schloss Wiepersdorf residency location in Brandenburg
Menschen sitzen um einen großen weißen Tisch und diskutieren.
Discussion round on the topic of "Local approaches to sustainable living" with representatives of local and state politics in Brandenburg
Gruppenfoto mit 20 Personen: 7 Personen sitzen auf Stühlen nebeneinander, 13 Personen stehen dahinter.
Humboldt Residency Cohort 2023 with representatives of sponsoring and partner organisations
Gruppenfoto mit drei Frauen und vier Männern in einem großen Raum
The Humboldt Residency cohort 2023 as visiting guests at the Einstein Center for Digital Future: in the centre of the photo Robert Schlögl, President of the Humboldt Foundation, and Henry Marx (State Secretary for Science, Senate Department for Higher Education and Research, Health and Long-Term Care)
Drei Frauen und zwei Männer sitzen vor einem Publikum nebeneinander auf einem Podium und diskutieren.
Panel discussion on "Green Hydrogen" with Stefan Kaufmann, Lucy Ombaka (Humboldt Residency Programme), Anika Ponder (moderator, IKEM), Robert Schlögl (Humboldt Foundation), Anne Wasike-Schalling (Reiner Lemoine Institute)
Drei Personen auf einer Bühne vor Publikum: Ein Mann und eine Frau erhalten ein Geschenk von einem weiteren Mann.
Late summer reception and Kosmos Lecture 2023 with Pratyush Shankar, Antonia Krefeld-Schwalb (Participants of the Residency Programme) and Robert Schlögl (President of the Humboldt Foundation)
Gruppenbild mit feiernden Menschen, die ihre Hände ich in die Luft strecken
Late summer reception 2023: Residency cohort with families and the Humboldt Foundation's organisation team

The Residency

Following an intensive two-week familiarisation and work phase at the Cultural Foundation Schloss Wiepersdorf in Brandenburg, the participants set off to explore the urban diversity of Berlin.

The New Urban

Working together with the Climate Change Center Berlin Brandenburg, the Humboldt Residency Programme produced a 12-page supplement on the subject “The New Urban” that was distributed with the Tagesspiegel newspaper. This supplement contains articles on and by members of the 2023 Humboldt Residency cohort.


What can we personally do to fight climate change? How can we bring about a more sustainable and socially responsible society? With the help of a manual, this year’s Residency cohort shows the potential we all have for driving necessary change as "change makers" or "choice architects".

Make the Invisible Visible

Things that are invisible to the eye can still cast shadows. An interactive presentation shows the unseen consequences of the resource consumption involved in the production of smartphones.

Sustainable Living in the City

What can cities learn from rural areas when it comes to sustainability? A conversation between Enno Aufderheide, Secretary General of the Humboldt Foundation, and Pratyush Shankar, creative head of the 2023 Humboldt Residency cohort.