Reimar Lüst Award for International Scholarly and Cultural Exchange

For whom
Highly respected humanities scholars and social scientists
From where
all countries (excluding Germany)
For what
€60,000 award money (research stay of up to 12 months in Germany possible)
Bücherwand, Symbolbild Reimar-Lüst-Preis

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the Fritz Thyssen Foundation jointly present up to two Reimar Lüst Awards a year to highly respected humanities scholars and social scientists from abroad. All award winners have acted as multipliers making exceptional contributions in and through science to the long-term advancement of bilateral relations between Germany and their home countries. The award bears the name of astrophysicist and former president (1989–1999) of the Humboldt Foundation, Reimar Lüst (1923–2020).

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