Prof. Dr. Rong-Jun Zhang


Academic positionFull Professor
Research fieldsQuantum Optics,Atomic Physics, Molecular Physics, Laser Physics
KeywordsSpectroscopic Ellipsometry, Luminescence, Optoelectronics, Si nanocrystals, Optical Properties

Current contact address

CountryPeople's Republic of China
InstitutionFudan University
InstituteDepartment of Optical Science and Engineering

Host during sponsorship

Prof. Dr. Ulrich M. GöseleMax-Planck-Institut für Mikrostrukturphysik, Halle (Saale)
Prof. Margit ZachariasMax-Planck-Institut für Mikrostrukturphysik, Halle (Saale)
Start of initial sponsorship01/11/2004


2004Humboldt Research Fellowship Programme

Publications (partial selection)

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