Alexander von Humboldt Professorship 2010

Matthias Wessling

Matthias Wessling is recognised as one of the most productive and influential experts in membrane technology and polymer research.

  • Nominating University: Aachen University of Technology, RWTH
Prof. Matthias Wessling

Chemical process engineering

Matthias Wessling has an outstanding reputation as a basic researcher who knows how to combine theory and practice. This is a result of the experience he gained and contacts he made during three years working in industrial research. His work is seminal for future technologies in the fields of energy and environment, such as membranes for fuel cells and high performance batteries for water treatment and desalination. At RWTH Aachen it is planned to use his expertise to forge close links between engineering, natural science and medicine. The location should become a top international address for membrane research.

Brief bio

Prof. Dr. Matthias Wessling, born in Germany in 1963. Studies in Germany and the USA, doctorate in chemical process engineering at Twente University, Enschede, Netherlands. 1993 to 1994 Senior Research Scientist at Membrane Technology and Research Inc., California. Subsequently, Assistant Professor at Twente University, Netherlands, followed by a two-year period working in research for Akzo Nobel, Arnheim, Netherlands. Since 1999, Professor and head of the Membrane Technology Group at Twente University. Numerous awards and memberships in scientific bodies.
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Prof. Matthias Wessling
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