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Dossier Alexander von Humboldt Professorship

Humboldt Professorship Germany’s most valuable research award brings top international researchers to German universities. Here are some of them.

Angela Schoellig | Robotics and artificial intelligence

How can we push back the limits of machine learning? And what limits do we need to set to robots’ autonomous decision-making?. Angela Schoellig is searching for the answers. more

Henning Walczak | Biochemistry / Immunology

As a Humboldt Professor at the University of Cologne, Henning Walczak pursues the “from bench to bedside” approach to amalgamate pre-clinical and clinical research to a greater extent. more

Andrea Bréard | History of science

Mathematician, science historian, sinologist and philosopher Andrea Bréard investigates the history of mathematics in China. more

Kou Murayama | Psychology

What motivates us? What increases our motivation and what dampens it? Kou Murayama explores these questions with a particular eye to learning processes. more

Joacim Rocklöv | Epidemiology and Public Health

Is there a link between climate change and the spread of disease? Joacim Rocklöv informs this controversial discussion by delivering important data and analyses. more

Alexander von Humboldt Professorships for Artificial Intelligence
Coming to Change: 10 years of Alexander von Humboldt Professorships

About the Humboldt Professorship

How many Humboldt Professorships are being awarded? What is the purpose of the award funds? Can Germans receive the award? Who can nominate candidates for the Humboldt Professorship? When are decisions made, negotiations conducted and awards granted?



Coming to Change: Humboldt Professors

Great flexibility, exemplary freedom of research and, last but not least, a vast amount of money: since 2008, the Alexander von Humboldt Professorship has been attracting top international researchers to Germany.


Humboldt Professor Elisabeth Décultot

If you want to trace the history of knowledge transfer in the aesthetics of the 18th century, you need old books – and they exert a particular fascination on Elisabeth Décultot.


We Need Fearless Universities

A conversation with Enno Aufderheide, Secretary General of the Humboldt Foundation, on recruiting research luminaries and the benefits they bring German universities.

Multimedia report

Humboldt Professor Margaret Crofoot

The behavioural ecologist Margaret Crofoot describes her research methods and talks about her role as a model for women in science.

Brief Enquiries

Humboldt Professor Jochen Guck

The Director of the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light emphasises: "In my experience, academia is the ideal environment for diversity. Research continuously scrutinises established patterns of thought."


Humboldt Professor Sharon Macdonald

“Museums are extremely important for our societies because that is where people decide which things will play a role in the future,” says British ethnologist Sharon Macdonald.