Evaluation of the Georg Forster Research Fellowship Programme (2013)

Alle Evaluationen von Förderprogrammen der Humboldt-Stiftung 

Georg Forster Research Fellowships allow scientists and scholars of all disciplines from developing countries and transition states to conduct a research project of relevance to the continuing development of their own countries together with an academic host at a research institution in Germany.

The evaluation has revealed the following: The stay in Germany is of great academic benefit to the fellows sponsored, who go on to pursue impressive scientific careers. Through this programme the Foundation has managed to promote excellently qualified academics, who demonstrate outstanding commitment to research and teaching, and are also prepared to take on leadership positions in academia. Thus the programme makes a significant contribution to promoting education in the context of development policy.

One central objective is to develop long-term research collaborations and promote the global circulation of knowledge. Internationally visible publications and research projects produced by the fellows demonstrate that this objective has been achieved. Students and young researchers from the Forster alumni’s own countries are often integrated in this academic exchange, which continues well beyond the sponsorship period. Last but not least, the first-class, visible research and dedicated teaching increase the innovative and competitive competence of the science systems in the respective countries.

In addition to these and other outcomes, the evaluation of the Georg Forster Research Fellowship Programme also generated some recommendations for the further development and optimisation of the programme.