ComLab#3: Fair for all? Sustainability and Social Justice


The third Humboldt Communication Lab took place digitally on June 4-5 and June 11-12, 2021.

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Humboldt Communication Lab

A conversation between science and the media: twice a year, ten Humboldt Fellows and ten early-career journalists get together with the aim of learning from one another.

ComLab at a glance

Sustainable transformation also means social transformation. In the Agenda 2030, policy-makers worldwide defined important goals: the end of poverty and hunger in the world, access to quality education for all as well as the promotion of decent work and sustainable economic growth. Yet, how are the costs and benefits of sustainable development distributed at the local, regional and global level? What role do gender, social and ethnic background play in participation in sustainable development? And how can science and journalism help to communicate the complex social dimensions of sustainable transformation?

Programme ComLab#3 (PDF, 2 MB) 

The third ComLab addressed the field of tension between sustainability and social justice; the potential of sustainable innovations and the conflicting goals that (can) ensue from the economic and social interests of the Global North and the Global South. During a four-day workshop, the participants discussed the conditions under which a fair, sustainable transformation of the world is possible with international experts from the political, scientific, media and civil society arenas.

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Collage of the speakers at the third Humboldt Communication Lab
The speakers of the third Humboldt Communication Lab

Vitus Besel (Simu Group Helsinki), Dr Damian Carrington (The Guardian), Dr Mathieu Casado (Alfred Wegener Institute), Vito Cecere (German Federal Foreign Office), Dr Moustapha Kamal Gueye, (International Labour Organization), Katarina Gulan, (freelance radio journalist), Dr Heide Hackmann (International Science Council), Prof David Hulme (University of Manchester) Dr Katja Hujo (UNRISD), John Mark Jacinto (Online SDG Youth Action Forum), Inga Janiulytė-Temporin (LRT Radijo dokumentika), Alok Jha (The Economist), Lise Josefsen Hermann (freelance journalist), Varun Kashyap (LetsEndorse), Jakub Kubecka (Simu Group Helsinki), Dr Denise Matias (Institute for Social-Ecological Research, ISOE), Dr Mette Morsing (PRME), Ivo Neefjes (Simu Group Helsinki), Anika Nicolaas Ponder (IKEM), Dr Mele Pesti (ICDS Tallinn), Dr Eduardo Queiroz Alves (Alfred Wegener Institute), Prof Boike Rehbein (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), Asumi Saito (Waffle), Anuradha Sharma (freelance journalist), Monika Shukla (LetsEndorse), Dr Diana Stanciu (Director of the Romanian Young Academy), Heike Vowinkel (freelance journalist), Prof Arjen Wals (Wageningen University), Dr Judith Wellen (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation), Rebecca Winkels (Wissenschaft im Dialog).


Collage of the participants in the third Humboldt Communication Lab
The participants in the third Humboldt Communication Lab

Humboldt Fellows: Alice de Moraes Amorim Vogas, Fabio Fornari, Dr. Khondokar Humayun Kabir, Chandapiwa Molefe, Camila Nobrega Rabello Alves, Valentine Opanga, Deeneaus Polk, Dr. Rine Christopher Reuben, Dr. Natalia Ruiz Morato, Dr. Miri Yemini

IJP Alumni: Albert Steinberger, Claudia Wiggenbröker, Zarka Radoja, Caroline Haidacher, Sören Kittel, Jen Stout, Katja Lihtenvalner, Hazel Sheffield, Jenny von Sperber, Sofie Syarief

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