Frontiers of Research Symposia

The bi-national and tri-national Frontiers of Research Symposia bring together outstanding young scholars and scientists from Germany and the United States, Japan, United Kingdom, China, India, Israel, Brazil, and Turkey. The symposia challenge them to rethink the boundaries of their disciplines. Together, they strive to reach new frontiers of understanding as they discuss recent advances, cutting edge research, and budding opportunities across disciplinary lines. At the same time, the symposia serve to establish and strengthen ties among future leaders of partnering countries. The symposia create avenues for an exchange of knowledge that is both international and interdisciplinary.

Each symposium is conducted by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation under bilateral or trilateral agreements with partner organizations in the United States, Japan, United Kingdom, China, India, Israel, Brazil and Turkey. The locations of the symposia alternate between Germany and the partner country.

Participation is by invitation only!

Frontiers of Research Symposia


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Gabriela Celani/Olfa Kanoun: Frontiers of Science and TechnologyGabriela Celani /
Olfa Kanoun:

Frontiers of Science and Technology
Automation, Sustainability, Digital Fabrication – Selected extended Papers of the 7th Brazilian-German Conference, Campinas 2016 Brazil