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Bibliographia Humboldtiana

III. Publications by Research Awardees in 2008

Biosciences, life sciences

Bjorkman, Prof. Pamela Jane

California Institute of Technology, United States of America
Field of research: Cell biology, cytobiology

  • Elizabeth R. Sprague, Henrike Reinhard, Evelyn J. Cheung, Alexander H. Farley, Robin Deis Trujillo, Hartmut Hengel, Pamela J. Bjorkman.: The human cytomegalovirus Fc receptor gp68 binds the Fc CH2-CH3 interface of IgG. In: J. Virology . 82, 2008, p. 3490 - 3499.

  • Pamela Jane Bjorkman, E.R. Sprague, H. Reinhard, E.J. Cheung, A.H. Farley, R.D. Trujillo, H. Hengel: The human cytomegalovirus Fc receptor gp68 binds the Fc CH2-CH3 interface of IgG. In: Virology. 82, 2008, p. 3490 - 3499.

Buchanan, Prof. Dr. Bob B.

University of California, Berkeley, United States of America
Field of research: Plant biochemistry
Host: Dr. Stefan Kempa Max-Delbrück-Centrum für Molekulare Medizin (MDC) Berlin-Buch
  • M. Balsera, T.A., Goetze, E. Kovács-Bogdán, P. Schürmann, R. Wagner, B.B. Buchanan and J. Soll, B. Bölter: Characterization of TIC110, a channel-forming protein at the inner envelope membrane of chloroplasts, unveils a response to Ca2+ and a stromal regulatory disulfide bridge. In: Journal of Biological Chemistry. 284, 2008, p. 2603 - 2316 [Protein import, redox regulation, thioredoxin].

  • P. Schürmann and B.B. Buchanan : The ferredoxin/thioredoxin system of oxygenic photosynthesis. In: Antioxidants and Redox Signaling. 10, 2008, p. 1235 - 1274 [Redox regulation, light regulation, chloroplasts, cyanobacteria ].

Engel, Prof. Dr. Felix

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany
Field of research: Cell biology, cytobiology
Host: Prof. Dr. Thomas Braun Max-Planck-Institut für Herz- und Lungenforschung
  • Simonides WS, Mulcahey MA, Redout EM, Muller A, Zuidwijk MJ, Visser TJ, Wassen FWJS, Crescenzi A, da-Silva WS, Harney J, Engel FB, Obregon MJ, Larsen PR, Bianco AC, Huang SA. : Hypoxia-inducible factor induces local thyroid hormone inactivation in hypoxic-ischemic disease. In: J Clin Invest. 118(3), 2008, p. 975 - 983 [Hif-1, thyroid hormone, T3, DIO3, hypertrophy, cardiac failure].

  • van Amerongen MJ and Engel FB: Features of cardiomyocyte proliferation and its potential for cardiac regeneration. In: J Cell Mol Med. 12(6a), 2008, p. 2233 - 2244.

Gunsteren, Prof. Dr. Wilfred Frederik

ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Field of research: Biochemical analysis

  • Daan P. Geerke, Stephan Thiel, Walter Thiel, Wilfred F. van Gunsteren: QM-MM Interactions in Simulations of Liquid Water using Combined Semi-Empirical/Classical Hamiltonians. In: Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 10 , 2008, p. 297 - 302.

Hare, Dr. Brian

Duke University, United States of America
Field of research: Population biology and genetics of higher primates and man
Host: Prof. Dr. Michael Tomasello Max-Planck-Institut für evolutionäre Anthropologie
  • E. Herrmann, J. Call, M. Hernández-Lorreda, B. Hare, M. Tomasello: Humans are valid experimenters for human-nonhuman ape comparisons. In: Science. 319, 2008, p. 570.

High, Prof. Dr. Stephen

University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Field of research: Biochemistry
Host: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Dobberstein Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
  • Cornelia M. Wilson Quentin Roebuck Stephen High: Ribophorin I regulates substrate delivery to the oligosaccharyl-transferase core. In: PNAS USA. 105, 2008, p. 9534 - 9539 [Endoplasmic reticulum N-glycosylation Protein synthesis].

  • Catherine Rabu Peter Wipf Jeff L. Brodsky Stephen High: A precursor specific role for Hsp40/Hsc70 during tail-anchored protein integration at the endoplasmic reticulum. In: Journal of Biological Chemistry. 283, 2008, p. 27504 - 27513 [Small molecule inhibitors Membrane proteins Protein biogenesis].

Koene, Dr. Joris

VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands
Field of research: Zoology
Host: Prof. Dr. Nicolaas Michiels Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
  • Mathieu J.Loose, Joris M. Koene: Sperm transfer is affected by mating history in the simultaneously hermaphroditic snail Lymnaea stagnalis. In: Invertebrate Biology. 127, 2008, p. 162 - 167 [pulmonata; sex allocation; sperm competition].

  • Karel A.C. De Schamphelaere, Joris M, Koene, Dagobert G. Heijerick, Colin R. Janssen: Reduction of growth and haemolymph Ca levels in the freshwater snail Lymnaea stagnalis chronically exposed to cobalt. In: Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety. 71, 2008, p. 65 - 70 [metal toxicity; risk assessment; water-quality criteria; calcium homeostasis; cobalt ].

  • Joris M. Koene, Mathieu J. Loose & Loes Wolters: Mate choice is not affected by mating history in the simultaneously hermaphroditic snail, Lymnaea stagnalis. In: Journal of Molluscan Studies. 74, 2008, p. 331 - 335.

  • Nico M. van Straalen, Joris M. Koene & Jacintha Ellers: Foreword. 58, 2008, p. 337 - 339.

Mayorga, Prof. Dr. Luis S.

Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Argentina
Field of research: Cell biology, cytobiology
Host: Dr. Gareth Griffiths EMBL Heidelberg - European Molecular Biology Laboratory
  • Jordao, L., Bleck 1, C.K.E., Mayorga, L., Griffiths, G., and Anes, E. : On the killing of mycobacteria by macrophages. In: Cellular Microbiology. 10, 2008, p. 529 - 548 [intracellular parasites phagocytosis Mycobacterium macrophages modeling].

  • Mark Kühnel, Luis S. Mayorga, Thomas Dandekar, Juilee Thakar, Roland Schwarz, Elsa Anes, Gareth Griffiths, and Jens Reich: Modelling phagosomal lipid networks that regulate actin assembly. In: BMC Systems Biology. in press, 2008, [phagosome, lipid network, actin nucleation, modelling].

Moss, Prof. Dr. Frank E.

University of Missouri-St. Louis, United States of America
Field of research: Biophysics of sensory cells
Host: Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Voigt Philipps-Universität Marburg
  • Lon A. Wilkens and Frank E. Moss: Mechanoreceptors and stochastic resonance. In: Scholarpedia. 3(2), 2008, p. 1635 - 1641 [mechanoreceptor neurons, stochastic resonance in biology].

Myers, Prof. Dr. Eugene W.

Max-Planck-Institut für molekulare Zellbiologie und Genetik, Germany
Field of research: Informatics in biology, computer science in biology
Host: Prof. Dr. Kai L. Simons Max-Planck-Institut für molekulare Zellbiologie und Genetik
  • F. Long, H. Peng, X. Liu, S. Kim, and E. Myers: Automatic recognition of cells (ARC) for 3D images of C. elegans. In: Proc. 2008 Conf. on Computational Molecular Biology Also published as Springer-Verlag LNCS #4955. . 2008, p. 128 - 139.

Soreq, Prof. Hermona

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Field of research: Neurophysiology
Host: Prof. Dr. Jörg Vogel Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg
  • Gabriel Zimmerman, Marleisje Njunting, Sebastian Ivens, Else A. Tolner, Christoph J. Behrens, Miriam Gross, Hermona Soreq, Uwe Heinemann, Alon Friedman: Acetylcholine-induced seizure-like activity and modified cholinergic gene expression in chronically epileptic rats. In: European Journal of Neuroscience. 27, 2008, p. 965 - 975 [acetylcholine, acetylcholinesterase, epilepsy research].

Vierling, Prof. Dr. Elizabeth

Field of research: Plant biochemistry
Host: Prof. Dr. Mark Stitt Max-Planck-Institut für molekulare Pflanzenphysiologie
  • Jane Larkindale, Elizabeth Vierling: Core genome responses involved in acclimation to high temperature. In: Plant Physiology. 146, 2008, p. 748 - 761 [stress, Arabidopsis, plants, programmed cell death, chaperones, microarrays].