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Bibliographia Humboldtiana

II. Publications by Humboldt Research Fellows from Germany in 2014

Materials science

Otto, Dr. Frederik

Infineon Technologies AG, Germany
Field of research: Materials science and metallurgy
Host: Prof. Dr. Easo P. George University of Tennessee
  • Zhenggang Wu, Hongbin Bei, Frederik Otto, George M. Pharr, Easo P. George: Recovery, recrystallization, grain growth and phase stability of a family of FCC-structured multi-component equiatomic solid solution alloys. In: Intermetallics. 46, 2014, p. 131 - 140 [Alloy design; Solid-solution hardening; Recrystallization and recovery; Microstructure; Diffraction].

  • Frederik Otto, Nikki L. Hanold, Easo P. George: Microstructural evolution after thermomechanical processing in an equiatomic, single-phase CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloy with special focus on twin boundaries. In: Intermetallics. 54, 2014, p. 39 - 48 [High-entropy alloys; Twinning; Recrystallization and recovery; Thermomechanical processing; Microstructure; Electron backscatter diffraction].