Network and Events for German Chancellor Fellows

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The Network of the German Chancellor Fellowship

“Once a Humboldtian, always a Humboldtian” – by receiving a German Chancellor Fellowship you become part of the Humboldt family.

We believe that for Germany, the network of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is the most important international network of globally leading individuals from research and research-related, societally relevant fields. Our aim is to establish a space for creativity, trustful mutual collaboration and a spirit of free thinking in the Humboldt Network in order to motivate all Humboldtians to take action for the benefit of the global community, above and beyond scientific issues.

Find out more about the Humboldt Network: Humboldt geography of knowledge
We invite you to participate actively in this global network of trust and cooperation and contribute with your interests and your commitment.

What fellows associate with the network of the German Chancellor Fellowship

The network of the German Chancellor Fellowship is characterised by:

  • Vibrancy and initiative – creative, inspiring, supportive
  • Exchange – within and across disciplines, personal, intercultural
  • Shared values – mutual respect, appreciation, trust
  • Sustainability – contacts that endure beyond your time together in Germany
  • Together for a better world – act cooperatively and co-creatively for the benefit of the global community
  • Ties to Germany – the members of the network are connected by their shared experience of fellowship stays in Germany

Discover the network at the joint events for the German Chancellor Fellowship! Meet talented, dedicated and interesting young leaders from six different countries and form connections that will further your career. Support each other in peer groups, collaboratively plan agenda items for events, and organise additional network activities on your own initiative. Build your network, launch cooperations and establish ties that can endure far beyond your shared time in Germany

“Above all, the opportunity to step outside of my specialization and build relationships with an extraordinarily talented and diverse group […] is what made my fellowship experience so phenomenal. The result was more than just a very good time – unusual friendships and networks that I believe will last a lifetime.”
Daniela Gerson, German Chancellor Fellow 2006/2007

Events for the German Chancellor Fellowship:

Joint programme events for the German Chancellor Fellowship allow you to network with other fellows and gain insights into contemporary issues in Germany. The joint events consist of an opening conference, a half-time conference and a meeting in Berlin. At these events we offer you opportunities to contribute your individual skills, support each other in small groups and independently organise further network activities. You are also invited to attend the Humboldt Foundation’s annual meeting and take part in a study tour, where you can meet fellows from other fellowship programmes.

The dates for the programme events can be found in your fellowship documents.

Opening conference

The one-week opening conference for German Chancellor Fellows takes place in November in Bonn and the surrounding area. It begins with an opening event to which the hosts are also invited. During the opening conference you can

  • Network with the other German Chancellor Fellows and their hosts, and meet representatives of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation;
  • Discuss your projects with fellow experts;
  • Gain insights into contemporary issues in Germany;
  • Participate in discussions of societally relevant topics across disciplines;
  • Contribute your skills and interests and take advantage of opportunities to self-organise;
  • Find out more about the German Chancellor Fellowship and the sponsorship opportunities offered by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Half-time conference

The one-week half-time conference in the spring builds on the opening conference, allowing fellows to intensify their networking and reflect on their stay in Germany so far. Together with other German Chancellor Fellows you will organise some programme elements independently and co-creatively and discuss the progress of your projects. The conference also includes a day on which your hosts are invited to attend and representatives of the Humboldt Foundation are present.

Meeting in Berlin

The three-day meeting in Berlin in the summer underlines the political significance of the German Chancellor Fellowship programme. The schedule usually includes a meeting with the German Chancellor, conversations at the German Chancellery and the Federal Foreign Office, and an opportunity for further exchange. 

Peer Groups

At the start of the fellowship you will be invited to form independent small groups with some of your peers. You will remain in especially close contact with your peer group during your year in Germany, supporting and accompanying each other and implementing joint projects.

Annual meeting of the Humboldt Foundation

The annual meeting takes place every summer. All the fellows of the Foundation’s various fellowship programmes who are in Germany at the time are invited to attend together with their families, as are the Foundation’s research award winners from all disciplines and countries. The event provides opportunities for Humboldtians to network amongst themselves, exchange views with representatives of diplomatic missions, and engage in discussion with members of the executive board, the selection committees of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and Foundation staff. The highlight of the annual meeting is a traditional reception given by the president of the Federal Republic of Germany for all participants.

Study tour

During the second half of August each year, a study tour of approximately fourteen days is arranged for fellows of various fellowship programmes and their spouses.. This journey will take you to areas of Germany that are a little further away from your host location. The programme includes guided tours of various cities, visits to museums, concerts and businesses, and meetings with representatives of various fields, allowing you to gain a realistic impression of cultural, societal, political and economic issues in Germany. Your travel group of around 30 people will also include Humboldt Research Fellows. In the course of the tour, each group is invited to attend a reception at the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Bonn.