Mobility allowance

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Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung
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During the research fellowship (not during the language course) research fellows receive a mobility allowance in the amount of €100 per month with each fellowship payment. The mobility allowance constitutes a supplement for expenses in connection with necessary conference attendance and/or research travel, archive and library visits, etc. in Germany and abroad. Additional travel and/or conference allowances cannot be granted. Please coordinate all of your travel plans with your scientific host. In addition, keep in mind that an accumulated absence from the host institute may not exceed 14 days. Circumstances, which require a longer absence from the host institute, must be reported immediately in writing to the Humboldt Foundation.

If you participate in scientific conferences with financial support from the Humboldt Foundation, we would like to ask you to present the following transparency at the end of your talk:

We recommend that you save the PowerPoint transparency on a data carrier and then open it with MS PowerPoint. This is to guarantee that you do not encounter problems when using it or printing it out. Please do not change the transparency.