Humboldt Residency Programme 2022

In its pilot year, the 2022 Humboldt Residency Programme brought together a unique constellation of 15 individuals from academia, journalism, philosophy, and the arts to jointly reflect on the topic of social cohesion. The aim was to stimulate new perspectives on the issue of eroding social cohesion and rising populism as well as extremism. In the form of media formats, events and publications, the participants have generated tangible new impetus in academia, society and politics.

Porträts der Teilnehmenden
Creative Lead of the Cohort: Cynthia Miller-Idriss // Alumni of the Humboldt Foundation: Julia Elad-Strenger, Cristóbal Rovira Kaltwasser, Richard Mole, Mala Pandurang, Christa Rautenbach // Junior Researchers: Meili K. Criezis, Pasha Dashtgard, Nikola Karasová, Lea Kuhar, Alexander Stagnell // Journalists, Authors, Artists: Amina Atiq, Gayatri Parameswaran, Angela Saini, Ronen Steinke

The Humboldt Residency Programme Podcast

In a four-part podcast series, members of the Humboldt Residency Programme discuss how aspects of diversity, nationalism and populism, technology, and the power of arts and culture contribute to the (un)making of communities.

Video clip: Impressions of the residency in Berlin
People sit around a table and discuss
Working meeting of the 2022 Residency Cohort at the co-working space in Berlin-Wedding
About 30 people in a group photo in a garden
Networking event: Humboldt Residency Cohort 2022 and German Chancellor Fellows 2021/2022
A man and a woman sitting at a beer garden table discussing
Conversation in the Co-Working Space: Ronen Steinke and Mala Pandurang
Four people on deckchairs around a garden table discuss with each other.
The working group “Democracy” meets for their lunch talk
Seven people sit on chairs on a stage and discuss.
Panel discussion on the topic of right-wing extremism with the Leopolina, among the panellists Pasha Dashtgard and Julia Elad-Strenger (Humboldt Residency Programme)
Five people are sitting around a table with cutting boards and knives on it, preparing a meal.
Polis kocht! Cooking event and discussion with Christa Rautenbach and Julia Elad-Strenger (Humboldt Residency Programme)
People sit in groups around tables in a room and discuss.
Networking event with members of the Berlin University Alliance, Grand Challenge Social Cohesion
A woman gives a lecture in a hall with an audience.
Kosmos Lecture 2022: Keynote by Cynthia Miller-Idriss
Woman with headscarf giving a lecture
Kosmos Lecture 2022: Performance by Amina Atiq
People on rows of chairs in an audience
Kosmos Lecture 2022: Amina Atiq (Humboldt Residency Programme), Ronen Steinke (Humboldt Residency Programme), Ralf Beste (German Federal Foreign Office) and Enno Aufderheide (Humboldt Foundation)
Two signs held by two people in a park with inscriptions:  “What brings people together?” and “What keeps them apart?”
Residency in the Park: Discussion with Berliners in Treptower Park: “What brings people together?” and “What keeps them apart?”
Three people sit on armchairs in a room with many framed black and white pictures on the wall.
Pub Event: Humboldt Residency Programme at Berlin Science Week 2022, with Cynthia Miller-Idriss, Richard Mole, and Julia Elad-Strenger

The residency

A panel discussion at the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, a pub talk at Berlin Science Week, various networking meetings, amongst others with the Berlin University Alliance and non-profit organisations such as More in Common or Polis kocht! and many other encounters enriched the residency in Berlin. Check out our video, picture gallery and diary!

Discussion paper "Social Cohesion"

What are the most important findings from the discussions within the cohort? We asked the members of the 2022 Humboldt Residency Programme to comment on the following question: "What aspects of social cohesion do we need to consider that – in your opinion – are often neglected in current discussions?"

Kosmos Lecture

The creative lead of the Humboldt Residency Cohort 2022 Cynthia Miller-Idriss gave a lecture on "Social Cohesion, Social Justice and Democratic Resilience: Pathways through Polarization and Crisis" at the Humboldt Foundation's late summer reception.

News from the Humboldt Residency Cohort 2022

Documentary film

You Destroy. We Create. The war on Ukraine's culture.

VR documentary film, 30. November 2022, NowHere Media, Direction: Gayatri Parameswaran (participant of the residency cohort 2022), Felix Gaedtke

New book publication

Populism and The People in Contemporary Critical Thought

Editor of the anthology:

Alexander Stagnell (participant of the residency cohort 2022), David Payne und Gustav Strandberg

London: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2023