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10 April 2019, updated on 24 June 2019

A total of 66 research award winners from 26 countries honoured by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at three-day meeting with alumni and hosts.

Once a year Bamberg becomes the place to be for top researchers from throughout the world. This year, 61 winners of research awards granted by the Humboldt Foundation received their award certificates at this meeting in Bamberg. Five other award winners received their official awards prior to the meeting. “As we honour your scientific and scholarly achievements, we acknowledge the passion, the curiosity and the perseverance every one of you brings to your field of research. This is what excellence is made of!” President of the Humboldt Foundation Hans-Christian Pape said at the formal presentation of the awards.


Humboldt Research Award winner Ananya Jahanara Kabir at the award presentation with Humboldt Foundation President Hans-Christian Pape. (Photo: Humboldt Foundation/Barthel Bamberg)

The award ceremony on 29 March constituted the highlight of the symposium which brought the award winners, alumni and 25 hosts together in Bamberg. Whether it be regarding changes in our understanding of knowledge in the digital age or the anticipated change in biodiversity ‒ a supporting programme with presentations on topical issues from science and research offered food for discussion and opportunities to share knowledge and information.

Against the backdrop of the Humboldt Year 2019, President Hans-Christian Pape also directed attention to the importance of Alexander von Humboldt ‒ after whom the Foundation was named ‒ and his dedication to communicating science in an open, transparent way. “Humboldt was a role model for today’s researchers who talk, write or tweet about their research. There is much to be gained from transparent, open discourse, for everyone, including the researchers themselves”, said Hans-Christian Pape in his address at the award ceremony.

The Humboldt Foundation grants up to 100 Humboldt Research Awards every year. Humboldt Research Awards are granted on the basis of the individual recipient's overall work to date, to scientists and scholars from abroad whose fundamental discoveries, insights or new theories have had a lasting impact on their discipline and who are expected to continue to produce outstanding achievements in the future.


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