Research with a family: the sound of diversity

With her research in Oldenburg, neuroscientist and Humboldtian Hanin Karawani Khoury wants to make her voice heard - for older people worldwide and for more diversity in science.

From Cameroon to Karlsruhe: forging ahead

The Georg Forster Fellow and taxonomist, Jeanne Agrippine Yetchom Fondjo, is conducting research on grasshoppers and biodiversity at the State Museum of Natural History Karlsruhe. She hopes her work will be a source of inspiration and attract more women to science.

All the rights in the world

Through her work, the Venezuelan lawyer and professor for international private law María Julia Ochoa Jiménez wants to help de-colonise legal thought and reinforce the rights of Indigenous communities.

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A common history

The Argentinian historian Walter Ludovico Koppmann is working on the Jewish working class in Buenos Aires.