ComLab#5 winners selected

The best projects from the fifth Communication Lab, “The New Global – cooperation for the future”, were honoured at a virtual award ceremony on 2 September 2022.

A Boost for Germany as a Science Base

More than 100 Humboldt Professors are now working at German universities and research institutions – four of them report on their experiences

Weitere Nachrichten

“It takes the entire network”

An interview with Andrea Löther who led a study commissioned by the Humboldt Foundation to analyse the potential and needs of female scholars and scientists around the world.

“The poor deserve the best”

Interview with sociologists Jessé Souza and Boike Rehbein about the access to education, people’s self-esteem and creating local opportunities.

“Europe should have acted sooner”

Interview with the Ukrainian scientist Dmytro Leontyev about the current situation, further options for international cooperation and the West’s naivety

Another world is possible

Two archaeologists from Iran are digging deep into their country’s past. Why gender archaeology can enrich the present.