The 2021 Annual Meeting – “Best of”

With more than 1,000 participants from nearly 80 countries, this year’s Annual Meeting of the Humboldt Foundation was once again a highlight among the many meetings and encounters in the Humboldt Network.

Why we reach for the *** (stars)

Diversity of perspectives is the precondition for excellence. So, for us, excellence starts with indicating diversity in our language.

Doing research with a family in tow

No one knows yet how the pandemic will impact the careers of young researchers. In this three-part series, we profile Feodor Lynen Research Fellows and show how they are dealing with the challenges facing them.

“Diversity of perspectives makes all the difference”

Interview with Judith Wellen, head of the Humboldt Foundation’s Strategy and External Relations Department, on the search for international talent, the power of diversity and the Foundation’s network of excellence.

Konrad Adenauer Research Award 2021

Adele Reinhartz to receive this year’s research award for strengthening scientific and cultural relations between Canada and Germany.

Weitere Nachrichten

Conference: Gender Equality, Diversity, Inclusion post-Corona: Quo vadis?

International experts from the research community, the political sector and research funding organisations - including Humboldt Foundation President Hans-Christian Pape - will be taking part in the discussions at the Gender Summit 2021. It is still possible to register for the virtual conference.

Artificial Intelligence for Psychiatry

The benefit of knowledge exchange: Alexander von Humboldt Professor Peter Dayan on how he wants to link machine learning with psychiatry resesarch.

Science Selfies 1 – Research made in Africa: Francine Ntoumi

What is day-to-day research like in times of pandemic? In our series Science Selfies, Humboldtians from various African countries are allowing us to look behind the scenes in their offices and labs. In video diaries they describe the challenges they face and how they master difficulties. Francine Ntoumi from the Republic of Congo launches the series.

Stable connections

Molecular chemist Florian Mulks had planned his stay in the USA in 2020 as a Feodor Lynen Research Fellow. Then the corona pandemic came. But a solution was found in the Humboldt Network.

Protests at Boğaziçi University

In early January, Turkey’s President Erdoğan appointed a new rector at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul. Since then, the campus has seen protests, violence and arrests. Comments on this from the Humboldt Network