Turning vocations into occupations – Mentoring Programme for Humboldt Alumni

Alumni of the Humboldt Foundation now have the opportunity to be advised by a member of the German Society of Humboldtians (DGH) when planning their careers.

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Humboldtians have already proven their professional competence and excellence by successfully completing a fellowship from the Foundation. However the manifold options available do not make it easy to find the right direction when looking for a profession. For a professional career to be successful, this decision has to take not only the individual’s strengths into consideration, but also current conditions. 

Which is why experienced members of the German Society of Humboldtians stand ready to assist you as mentors when planning your career! If you are interested in being mentored, please send an e-mail with your name, e-mail address and the Humboldt funding period to humboldt-vorstand[at]mathematik.uni-kassel.

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The German Society of Humboldtians
Mentoring for career options
Pinboard High Potentials

And what if your career goal is not employment at a university or university of applied science? The German Society of Humboldtians also provides support for this scenario – with the new DGH Pinboard High Potentials initiative. The private sector is always looking for experts with potential for management positions. These positions require high levels of motivation, flexibility, agility and the ability to cope with pressure – qualities that Humboldtians have already proven they have. 

Interested alumni can fill out the Profile DGH Pinboard form on this website and send it together with their personal data (name, Humboldt funding period) to Lutz.cleemann[at] The profile will be publicly posted for up to three months (anonymously and free of charge).

The German Society of Humboldtians is the German association of Humboldt Foundation alumni. With its regional groups, the Society offers a forum and meeting place for Humboldtians in Germany. It also offers Humboldt alumni assistance with their professional orientation and integration in Germany. More information here here.  

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