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The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the Max Planck Society and the National Scientific and Technical Research Council in Argentina (CONICET) are bundling their support for Argentinian junior researchers returning to their home country.

The Humboldt Foundation, Max Planck Society and the National Scientific and Technical Research Council in Argentina - CONICET - want to work even more closely together to make the return home to Argentina even more attractive for researchers. During the next three years the three partners will combine their existing funding instruments: the Humboldt Foundation will expand its support for returning Argentinian alumni, complementarily to the funding provided by CONICET. Consequently, the Humboldt Return Fellowship will be extended to two years with a total of €800 per month in funding. In addition, Argentinian returnees will have the option of applying for an equipment subsidy of up to €20,000.

“We are happy that we can help ensure that excellent young researchers are able to continue their research work upon their return to Argentina”, said Hans-Christian Pape, President of the Humboldt Foundation regarding the increase in funding for alumni following their return home.

Humboldt alumni who have conducted research at a Max Planck Institute (MPI) can benefit from the instrument known as Max Planck partner groups: “After returning to their home country, Argentinian junior researchers can continue their exchange with their MPI - provided that they have spent at least one year with us”, said Max Planck President Martin Stratmann. To this extent, there is the possibility of being nominated to head a Max Planck Partner Group. Partner groups receive €20,000 in funding a year for up to five years.

The Argentinian cooperation partner also provides support: for example, the National Council for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICET) offers returning Humboldtians access to the research infrastructure in CONICET centres. Further, CONICET encourages Argentinian researchers to apply for a CONICET or university position in Argentina while still being funded in Germany. “This is another important initiative in the framework of a long-term scientific cooperation between Germany and Argentina, in which the Max Planck Society and the Humboldt Foundation play an essential role”, added Alejandro Ceccatto, President of CONICET and Humboldtian.

This joint funding for returning researchers aims to systematically increase the willingness of Argentinian postdocs and experienced scientists to find a follow-on position following their initial funding through the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and a stay at an MPI.

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