International Advisory Board

The Humboldt Foundation’s International Advisory Board is an independent, international body of experts who advise the Humboldt Foundation on strategy issues.

Members of the International Advisory Board 

The Humboldt Foundation’s International Advisory Board was established in 2007 against the backdrop of the increasing internationalisation of science and research. It developed from the Advisory Board for the Transatlantic Science and Humanities Program (TSHP) that was set up in 2001 for the purpose of creating a bi-national network of leading experts in the field of transatlantic academic relations. Today, the International Advisory Board discusses current developments on the global science markets and addresses topics that are of particular strategic relevance to the Foundation. The Board contributes, for example, to the conceptual design of the annual Humboldt Topic X Conference.

Humboldt Topic X Conference: generating new ideas on current topics and challenges in civil society from within science 

The Humboldt Topic X Conference is the successor to the Forum for the Internationalisation of Science. From 2008 to 2019, the Forum was an annual event at which the Humboldt Foundation’s International Advisory Board created an opportunity to discuss current research policy topics.

Publications (2008-2019)