International Advisory Board

The Humboldt Foundation’s International Advisory Board is an international body of experts who advise the Humboldt Foundation on strategy issues.

Members of the International Advisory Board 

The IAB’s mission

In a world that is becoming ever more geopolitically complex, the International Advisory Board contributes to the Humboldt Foundation’s internationalisation and strategic development. In order to act effectively in academia, politics and society, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is at pains to continuously question itself as an organisation. The IAB supports the Foundation by providing a sounding board. It meets once a year to discuss current challenges within the global science system and the Foundation’s core areas of activity as well as to generate ideas. This covers, for example, science diplomacy, transfer of science to society, and quality assurance in research. The aim is to benefit from the diverse perspectives of the IAB members, all of whom are internationally renowned experts with experience in academia, science management, academic cooperation and communications, and channel them into strategy and programme development.

Forum on the Internationalisation of Sciences and Humanities

On the history of the IAB

The Humboldt Foundation’s International Advisory Board was established in 2007 against the backdrop of the increasing internationalisation of science and research. It emerged from the “Advisory Board of the Transatlantic Science and Humanities Program” (TSHP), which was founded in 2001 to create a binational network of leading experts in the field of transatlantic academic relations.
From 2008-2022, the IAB's Forum on the Internationalisation of Science (later: Humboldt Academia in Society Summit) was an annual event that provided a forum for discussing current research policy issues.


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