Humboldt Academia in Society Summit

The Humboldt Academia in Society Summit seeks to generate new ideas on current topics and challenges in civil society from within science.

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Inka Löck
Head of Division
Berlin Office of the
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Email: inka.loeck[at]
Phone.: +49 30 204 547 17

Every year, outstanding members of the worldwide Humboldt Network will get together with representatives of the political sphere, civil society, business and the media to discuss a different topic.

In this way, the Humboldt Foundation will be fulfilling its role as an internationally oriented science organisation, contributing to science’s social responsibility across the world and resolutely considering international perspectives and discourse.

Information on the 2022 Humboldt Academia in Society Summit: Facing the AI Revolution will follow. Please find the latest news in our newsroom.

How will we travel, transport goods and get around in cities and rural areas more sustainably in the future? How do new mobility technologies affect society? Around 150 participants from the science community, society and the political sector discussed this issue on 13 and 14 September at the international virtual 2021 Humboldt New Mobility Conference hosted by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Video of the conference opening

The Humboldt Academia in Society Summit is the successor to the Forum for the Internationalisation of Science and Humanities. From 2008 to 2019, the Forum was an annual event at which the Humboldt Foundation’s International Advisory Board created an opportunity to discuss current research policy topics.